Introduction on How to Meditate

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How to meditate 

Meditation is a great thing. It can be relaxing, insightful, and help us to think positive thoughts that will bring inner peace and contentment. By practicing correct posture, learning the way to breathe, and finding the best music, then learning to channel negative thoughts away, positive meditation can being and you’ll find just how smashing meditation can be.People today engage in meditation to reduce stress levels, make themselves feel better, etc. Learning how to meditate is not that hard. Anyone can do it. Below are several meditation tips and tricks or techniques for meditating that you can apply in order to meditate successfully:

First and foremost, you should not be in haste to experience successful meditation. For some people, the process may be quick, but for some, it may take some time. That is okay. You have to be patient. You just need to ensure that you’ll be serious about the activity and that you’ll have the commitment to it. Remember that you want to gain knowledge on the subject of how to meditate because you want to relieve anxiety or fear, you wish to reduce stress levels, etc, and if you’re stressing yourself out while in the process of learning, you’ll surely fail.

Included in meditation tips and tricks is to ‘follow the breath’ or utilize the so called mantra. By doing breathing exercises combined with uttering a word or a sentence (the mantra), your mind becomes more calm and peaceful, which is very important when meditating. Breathing in and out – breathing in while thinking ‘I am’ in your mind, and then breathing out while thinking ‘peaceful’ in your head, several times, is one of the recommended techniques for meditating that you should try. At first, the mind will still keep on wandering, but, eventually, it will remain in one place which means that you’re ‘good to go’ for meditation.

Another tip on how to meditate is to eliminate all distractions. You should turn off your mobile phone or turn it to silent mode while in the session. Telling the other members of the household to refrain from knocking at your door, calling you, etc, while you’re trying to do the activity of meditating is also part of the list of meditation tips and tricks. The room or spot where you’ll do meditation should also be quiet enough and if possible, soundproof.

Lying or sitting in a comfortable position is also included in the techniques for meditating. It is important, therefore, to do some stretching first to avoid having cramps or muscle pain while you’re doing meditational activities. Stretch your arms, legs, your body trunk, for several minutes before you start performing meditative activities.

These are some of the best pointers on how to meditate effectively. It is best for you to read books or articles on the topic first; you may also want to take group meditation classes to make the activity more fun and more motivating. When you follow the meditation tips and tricks that you’ve learned, you’ll be able to more easily reduce stress levels, transform your weak body into something stronger and healthier, among others.

Understanding Powers of Clairvoyance


Clairvoyance Powers – 3 FAQs You Should Know.

Every now and then, people come across events in their lives where they need more than just logic and facts, to explain the ‘whys’ and the ‘hows’ of their day-to-day living. There are those who seem to have everything a mate could ever want, yet they still haven’t found their perfect someone. There are people whose families have experienced unresolved tragedies, and they still don’t know the person responsible for their suffering; And there are still many others, who simply just want to know why they are unhappy with their current careers, despite the numerous achievements they have received.

Questions like these are never-ending. Unless you find the exact answers, history will keep repeating itself. If you happen to be one if these unfortunate ones, do not fret. Because when logic eludes you, you can do what other people do — turn to clairvoyants for help… clairvoyants with real, natural abilities, to give accurate and precise readings for you.

What is a clairvoyant reading? Where does one get the ability? Does a person have to be born with it, or can it be learned over time? What if there are no clairvoyants in my community?

First, please note that a clairvoyant reading is an ability that a person, gifted with extreme intuition, has. He can foretell the future, and sense vibrations all around him. In order to read energies or vibrations properly, a clairvoyant may turn to the following tools to make accurate clairvoyant readings: an astrology chart, aura reading, a numerology table, hand reading, reading of your past life, psychometry, Tarot cards, Reading of energy using voice vibration and Fortune telling based on information given by your guardian angels and guides

Energy and future readings are the types where you will get the most authentic and precise clairvoyance readings.

Second, people can develop clairvoyance abilities over time. For example, enhancing their sheer intuitive skills, honing their supernatural gifts, and practicing meditation, people can become clairvoyants. There are however, true clairvoyants who are actually born with the ability, whether they like it or not.

They are supernaturally gifted people who see things normal people don’t. Things like angels, souls, elementals, spirit guides, etc.

If at some point in your life, you have been in contact with a real clairvoyant, you might have noticed how confident they are with their gift that they actually don’t need any tools to give accurate readings. All they need is your participation and willingness to open yourself up. You can do this even over the phone if distance seem to be a problem for you. By doing so, your privacy and comfort is better assured.

Third, trusting your own instinct can lead you to the right path of finding someone with powers of clairvoyance. Once you get in contact with one, which can happen in person, via phone, through email, etc., you will feel a certain positive energy emanating from your conversation with him. The reason for this is that clairvoyants are gifts from God. They are placed here on Earth to help those who are in need of answers and enlightenment. So trust in your gut feeling when choosing a persons with powers of clairvoyance who you want to work with. And in time, you will find that one clairvoyant that is perfect for you.

How to Use the Law of Attraction to Get What You Want


How to Use the Law of Attraction to Get What You Want in Your Life. written by: boni111 Once you come across a movie like “The Secret” then the next question that often crops up is how to use the law of attraction? It’s all very well thinking about things but is there a way to short cut that and actually make them happen. Ideally fast! Check out these ideas on using the law of attraction to manifest things into your life.

Be clear about what you want

You have to be crystal clear about what you want when you use the law of attraction. The universe takes things literally. So if you’re vague, you’ll get vague results. For instance, if you decide you want a new car then the universe could take this to mean a toy car or a car that’s new to you but been round the block with other people. It could also be a compact when you really wanted something closer to a Hummer.

So take the time to work out precisely what you want and be 100% clear. Visualise it or write about it. Go down to the smallest details so that it’s described as if it was already present in your life. Our minds can’t tell the difference between something that’s vividly imagined and something that’s real. Which is why movies work so well and you find yourself jumping out of your seat when that dinosaur thuds its foot down. The same happens with the things you want to attract into your life.

So take the time to be as detailed as possible without making the task impossible: that house of your dreams may never come onto the market in your lifetime but describing all its features will help manifest something exceptionally close or even better.

Help the universe attract things for you

It’s very easy to sit back and dream. Most of us can do that without too much effort. But that is rarely enough for the law of attraction to work its wonders. We have to do something as well.

Going back to that new car: once you’ve specified it in detail, start looking! Go for a test drive (you may need to smarten up if it’s as pricey as I hope it is), get the brochures, stick photos up on your walls at home and at the office. Maybe even get a new car smell air freshener!

Make the dream as close to reality as possible to give it the maximum chance of turning into reality.

And don’t ignore things…

It’s very easy to ignore seemingly minor details but they can make all the difference between just idly dreaming and actually using the law of attraction to do what it’s good at – attracting what you want into your life.

Be positive

The universe really does take things literally. And as part of that process, it rules out any negative words as it can’t process them accurately.

This means that you have to phrase what you want to attract in the present tense and positively.

It also explains why so many of us attract rubbish into our lives because we focus on what we don’t want rather than what we do want.

If you’re serious about how to use the law of attraction then you need to focus clearly on what you do want to happen.

How To Develop Your Own Psychic Powers


Many people have heard the claims of various psychics while driving down a street; you may find a sign of a local psychic. Then again, you may find the advertisements of psychic hotlines. You may wonder if it is possible to be psychic. If you do, you are not alone, since many individuals wonder about the reality of psychic powers. Psychic abilities are rare, yet you can develop your psychic abilities.

Psychics are people who have perceptions that are beyond the norm of using the five senses. This may be called second sight. Second sight is the ability to see or sense spirits, objects, people or events. Having and using these psychic abilities are mysterious and fascinating.

Everyone has such gifts, although many may consider that either you have it or you do not. Nevertheless, this is not so, since many gifts lie dormant and need fine-tuning. You can harness your full potential as a psychic by developing your knowledge and your sixth sense.
There are several ways to determine the level of psychic. First pay attention to dreams. Dreams tell you things that you have to consider a puzzle. You may dream that something happens, and then it does.

Some people doubt their own and others psychic abilities because those they have experienced have not been recognized strongly. However, taking an interest in small, weak signs as well as overwhelming signs will help them to develop. Accepting that you have such abilities, helps you enter the next higher level of conscious psychic powers.

Since being psychic is not so socially acceptable, it is best to keep your abilities to yourself and not brag about them to others. This can bring on unwelcome feelings of being criticized by others who do not understand. It can cause others to laugh at you or talk about you behind your back. It is much better to focus on developing your abilities so you can use them to benefit yourself and others.

To start developing your psychic powers is to start cleaning things up. Clean your house so your environment is peaceful and relaxing. Get rid of any substance be it objects or anything else in your home that bring a feeling of negativity.

By removing such blockages from your life and living space, you will be able to expand your senses.

Remember to select a comfortable corner of your room as your place to meditate. Apart from the place, your feelings and emotions also play a crucial role. Even the slightest hints of negativity will not let you concentrate.

Think happy, positive thoughts as you begin to visualize a peaceful and relaxing setting. You might feel comfortable sitting on a beach or under a tree. Meditate while you are there. This will help bring clarity and focus on attracting positive energy. While you meditate, you can mentally organize the various issues of your life. End your meditation by grounding your self.

Positive energy needs an open area free of any negative physical, mental or emotional energy. Once you achieve this, you may notice different signs of development. This may include knowing who is calling on the phone or knocking at the door. Knowing what someone is thinking, the next song to play or the next commercial of a broadcast are possible. Having visions of past, present or future is possible. Or a friend may contact you from out of the blue after thinking of him or her. Recognizing your dream scenes may happen upon you. It all depends on how open you are to developing onto the next higher level.

It takes work and dedication to practice the development of psychic powers. Perfecting any skill does not occur overnight, including the perfection of psychic abilities.

As you practice and develop your psychic abilities, you will need to set goals, while knowing that there is no need to rush. As you move forward, you should be proud all the small steps you take. Do not become discouraged by any difficulties or challenges you may face along the way to perfection.

Cosmic Ordering Possibilities


Ask, Believe, Receive; these are the basic principles of Cosmic Ordering. If you have never heard of Cosmic Ordering, you have probably come across the Law of Attraction. While somewhat similar, these two concepts differ in some sense.

If you have not only heard of Cosmic ordering but you have been putting the idea into practice and are failing miserably to achieve the results you so desire, you are not alone. There are a lot of people around the world for whom Cosmic Ordering has failed to deliver on the promises made by those persons that are constantly promoting the practice.

You might be surprised to learn how simple and straightforward Cosmic Ordering is; and the chances are quite high that, while you haven’t yet begun to receive the desires of your heart, it doesn’t take nearly as much work as you might presume to remedy your erroneous approach to cosmic ordering.

Most people that fail to make effective use of cosmic ordering often slip up in the smallest of places, failing in areas they probably haven’t given much thought to but which are crucial to their success, some considerations, and factors you must keep in mind in order to make effective use of cosmic ordering including the following:

-You need to know that you deserve the things you desire. If you are not making any headway with cosmic ordering, it might be because you are harboring dangerous ideas about how you do not deserve any of the things you wish for. You cannot afford to send confusing messages to the universe. Maintain the right mindset.

-Try to focus on the positive. Cosmic ordering, when used right, should help you get what you want. As such, ask for what you want rather than dwelling on what you do not want to happen.

-Do not get caught up in the details. While you are encouraged to ask for what you want, give the Universe an opportunity to fill in the details. For instance, while you can ask for money to make the purchases you want, realize that there are many ways through which a desire such as this can be achieved, ways you haven’t even thought about.

Do not worry too much about the details.

-Do not nurture doubt. Doubt is the enemy of cosmic ordering. It will debilitate all your hard work, and if it doesn’t prevent you from getting the things you want, it might slow down the process. If you do not want to wait for so long before receiving that which you desire, find a way of removing the doubt from your heart.

-DO not use cosmic ordering in a way that interferes with the free will of others. You are wasting your time. Orders that relate to other people are unlikely to deliver results. So, do not bother asking for specific people to fall in love with you.

Try to remember; cosmic ordering cannot substitute action. If you want something, take the necessary steps to try and acquire it. Do not simply sit back and relax, presuming that everything will fall into your lap just because you put out an order. Get off your backside and take action.

Mind Power In Achieving Success


The Mind Power Role in Achieving Success in Life

The mind assumes a critical part in making each sort of progress and objective, minor, regular objectives or real objectives. With minor or everyday objectives, one ordinarily realizes what he needs to do or get, yet when…

The Power of Imagination

Creative ability is the capacity to frame a mental picture of something that is not saw through the faculties. It is the capacity of the mind to fabricate mental scenes, items or occasions that don’t exist…

The Power of Your Inner Vision

Creative ability, which can likewise be called internal vision, is a gift that has numerous positive applications, however more than often it is not all around created or accurately utilized…

Who Controls Your Mind?

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Turning into the Boss of the Mind

The vast majority continue thinking the same sort of contemplations, and envision the same mental pictures in an oblivious programmed way. This implies they continue seeing the same film in their minds.

The Inner Powers

We all have different inward powers, however they are often in a lethargic state. Keeping in mind the end goal to stir these inward powers and begin utilizing them, exceptional preparing and internal work is required…

Mind Power – The Power of Thoughts

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Step by step instructions to Develop Mental Endurance and Strength

We all face different difficulties every day, at home, at work, at the store and in the city. A large portion of them are simply minor difficulties, with which we bargain consequently and effectively, however some of them require methodology, thinking and mental continuance…

The Psychic Powers

Each individual shows or encounters some psychic power from time to time, however frequently these encounters are rejected as immaculate incident. You absolutely have had a few hunches..

Criticism Hypothesis demonstrates that outward appearances illustrative of a feeling trigger changes in your body that are like those that happen when you encounter the real feeling. For instance, your mind can’t differentiate between a postured grin or a real grin. A postured grin will inspire, physiologically, the same joy or satisfaction reaction as a bona fide grin. Your facial muscles sign your cerebrum to experience that positive feeling. Paying heed to this, consider how this data can help you to direct some of your passionate responses by controlling your outward appearances.

Comprehend the physiology of passionate agony to create compassion

Social or passionate agony is as genuine and extreme as physical torment. The same cerebrum systems are enacted when a man encounters a physical damage as when they experience an agonizing enthusiastic ordeal. Your cerebrum can’t recognize physical and passionate torment.

Accomplish your objectives by keeping your mouth close

Brain research tests have demonstrated that when you tell somebody your objective, and they recognize it, you are less inclined to take the necessary steps to understand that objective. This is on the grounds that your cerebrum mix ups the talking for the doing—that is, the gratification that the social affirmation brings traps your mind into feeling that the objective has as of now been proficient. The fulfillment you involvement in the advising evacuates the inspiration to do whatever it takes to really get it going.

Past Life Mysteries


Past life is that the belief that a soul never dies and is born multiple times into new life forms. In several religions it’s believed that a soul travels on a continual path living in one body for a time, dying, and then coming into a brand new body to measure once more.

Too many individuals in our Western civilization, past life regression will appear far-fetched. I perceive this. Growing up, we have a tendency to do speak abundant regarding reincarnation, abundant less regarding past life regression. the aim of this text is to elucidate the method in a very approach that creates a lot of sense, not just for those whom the thought of reincarnation is new, however conjointly for those that area unit considering doing a past life regression sometime. this text is even for those that have already experienced it, as a result of anyone who has ever gone deep into a past life regression is aware of that its extraordinarily troublesome, if not possible, to totally describe it in words — and there’s an honest reason for that.

The body is free and you transition to a better vibration state, then you finally come back to a unique body to continue your soul’s mission (usually). Maybe the strongest proof of this is often the multitude of cases within which individuals bear in mind labyrinthine, personal details of past lives then later verify them. Another way to mention this is often to expertise the data that involves you by sensing and feeling it together with your body knowledge. As you are doing therefore, a slow unraveling of knowledge relating to that life can drop into awareness piece by piece within the variety of mental photos, emotions or intuitive insights because the journey of that life becomes more and more clearer. the data might alternately come back to you from the third-person or first-person purpose of read. The life might take sudden turns, however eventually you’ll get a control of the tip of that past life. this is often the purpose wherever you start to slowly determine with the lighter dimension of your soul-being that experiences a spread of lives for its own journey of growth, evolution and rousing.

Keep in mind that we have a tendency to area unit three-d beings. therefore past life regression is ultimately AN exercise in calibration into the non secular side of self that’s moving at a quicker rate, a rate that enables you to maneuver nearer in resonance with the non secular dimension of guides and departed admired ones, similarly as accessing data that may alter you to grow, evolve and awaken.

Imagination is that the entrance-way to the soul.” this is often true for past life regression. Your imagination launches this inner journey. The past life data then starts coming back to you slowly and appears like you’re creating it up. However, analysis shows that it’s going to be AN actual past life, a metaphor, or a mix of each. To the degree that you simply target no matter impressions your intuitive steerage shows you while not analytical mind comment, is to the degree that you’ll move deeper into the expertise. Roughly 10 minutes once the primary past life pictures begin to return, the session kicks into a “higher gear” and knowledge begins to drop into your awareness in this “telepathic download” of pictures in addition to “intuitive knowing” represented higher than. It later begins to feel “more real” as emotions might suddenly emerge out of obscurity, followed by the explanations behind the emotions 5 to thirty seconds later.


Paradoxically, even supposing the session begins by feeling like you’re creating it up, it always ends at A level of consciousness that feels a lot of “awake” and “aware” than your standard, everyday level of consciousness.

Getting deeper into past life

Trying to explain this state creates a brain-teaser. However does one describe a state of awareness that creates your traditional, everyday level of waking consciousness want it’s asleep? What goes together with the method of calibration in deeper together with your soul self is turning into more and more anchored within the present? As this happens, it becomes a lot of apparent that our standard states of waking consciousness seldom encompass being fully present; we’re typically lost within the world of our minds, subtly force into the long run or past, together with the mind’s endless comment, that per sages is strictly wherever all of the suffering resides. once you area unit free and become independent from all of the mind’s negative self speak, limiting beliefs, continual chatter, etc., a vast, calm clarity replaces it, together with a “knowing” on the far side words that you simply area unit ne’er become independent from this clear, awake, peaceful awareness.

Knowledge of Telepathy

Interplay of head outlines, lights and abstract design elements on the subject of intelligence, consciousness, logical thinking, mental processes and brain power

Interplay of head outlines, lights and abstract design elements on the subject of intelligence, consciousness, logical thinking, mental processes and brain power.

Telepathy refers to a type of communication between people who are able to read each other’s minds and provide feedback to them resulting into a good communication system. This form of communication divided into two parts, telepathic communication which refers to the ability of a person to send information from their mind to another person and the second part being telepathic perception which is the ability of a person to receive and understand another person’s mind. When two people with both the abilities engage in mind communication without any difficult then it is called telepathy and such people are known as telepaths also called mind readers.

There are various situations and places that may require one to apply the knowledge of telepathy; these can take part at basic levels of telepathy or at the advanced levels which might require a person with a lot of skills and knowledge regarding telepathy. This can be applied in tribal societies where people do not share the same verbal language and do not use the same signs and gestures to mean certain things. Telepathy can help people in such a society to communicate with each other by simply reading each other’s mind and providing feedback on the same.

There are a lot of benefits that come as a result of using telepathy as a means of communication both to the users and the people around them. Telepathy has the ability to exchange a large amount of useful data unlike the common written and verbal means that people often use. This enables the tow people communicating to understand each other more and provide the best feedback to the people that they are communicating to. Telepathy is also more accurate than the other languages that people use in communication. Different words may have different meanings in different contexts and this can affect the accuracy of the information sent because the recipient can interpret based on the meaning that they know. Telepathy does not use the words and hence provides much more accurate information to the recipient who also sends the most accurate feedback to the person they are communicating with.

Despite the many benefits that mind reading has as a means of communication, it also has some limitations that reduce its effectiveness. The first limitation is that this form of communication can only be used by two parties who are human beings and know how to read minds. In case one of the parties does not know how to read minds, then the communication process cannot take place because the sender may not be able to get feedback from the person he or she is talking to.

Through telepathy, one may also not be able to read impulsive actions by any of the parties that are taking part in the communication process. There are people who have impulsive responses to certain situations and one may not be able to read their minds hence rendering the communication process ineffective. People who use this type of communication find it very easy to pass information as long as they know how to read minds and provide feedback.

Remote Viewing Techniques

remote viewing techniques

Remote viewing is the ability to see objects and situations that are away from the current location of the person. Remote envisioning is achieved by projecting your vision through the astral realm of dream and back into the physical world in a remote location. Many psychics have used their paranormal visualization capabilities to help police solve crimes and certain psychic specialists have been credited with performing government sponsored espionage.

The main difference between an astral out-of-body adventure and remote viewing dream is that the astral dreamer is limiting which senses they will use. For example suppose you want to know what a ride on a roller-coaster is like, but you know your stomach is queasy even on a bus. You might see a 3D projection of a video shot from the roller coaster instead. This way you can appreciate the sight and sound sensations without the stomach upset strongly that the physical reality of the roller coaster would bring.

Remote viewing techniques and training does not concern the evolution and development of consciousness of the viewer. It is carried out in a very rigid environment under predetermined conditions. It is possible for anyone to use their higher senses that way, but unless the focus is on becoming awakened by the release of the ego, there will be very little real progress in overall ability.

Remote viewing techniques are generally limited due to the fact that they are made from the wrong perspective of a separate I, me, me. It is seen as the ability of an individual to access a flow of information that is readily available. Remote Viewing is considered a way for a person to reach out and receive information that is “beyond themselves.”

As one progresses to higher states of consciousness, it becomes very clear that this is an incorrect perspective. Everything and everyone exists as an indivisible whole in the multiple dimensions of the resonant energy. These dimensions increase in their subtlety and interdependence they reach the eye or inner calm core that lies at the center of the entire space-time. Everything is an expression of this silent emptiness of infinite potential and that literally everything is expressed.

This is how the mechanics of remote viewing is possible. At the heart of everything lies the reason for everything. Remote viewing techniques simply guide someone awakening to this within themselves. The best psychic training allows the person to become absorbed in the matrix of this infinite expression and reappear transformed and awakened to the greater reality of their existence.

When you learn to Remote view, you gain a valuable skill. The ability to transform your subconscious mind to specific information models, located anywhere in the Universe, in a period of time is something powerful. There is no need for previous experience or be gifted in any way. The only tools are pen, paper and a brain of normal functioning brain. Whether young or old, skeptical or simply curious, it is a skill you can easily learn and benefit from immensely.

Deciding to learn remote viewing is an important life choice. When you see for yourself that it really works, and realize that you have access to the incredible powers of your mind, you will be forever changed.


Understand Astral Projection


Have you ever thought of the possibility of your minds leaving your body? Well, it is hard to imagine; however, study shows that some people have encountered this rare state. The state is called astral projection or the out of body experience or even the OBE. Luckily, this condition usually last for only a few minutes. Truly, it is not imaginable how the soul can leave the body even for a second. There is no proven scientific evidence that tries to explain the secret behind this happening; however, no need to worry more about it; for in a few years to come, the reality to this will be revealed. As per now, our confidence relies on the ongoing research, which is trying to evaluate the insight of what really this situation entails.

For those who have experienced this, affirms that the experience can be terrifying and fascinating at the same time. Good thing is that this situation does not happen when a person is ill or has involved in an accident that leads to a coma; however, you can try to get the experience by yourself in your normality. The experience is evoking; and that is why many people are trying to understand the secret to archiving this situation. The generation fact regarding this is that, the situation can give a varied experience from an individual to another. To some, the feeling is spooky, but very frustrating to others, as it involves a good relaxation and patience for a total archive.

Do you need to experience?

Well, if you are among those fellows who need to experience this, follow the only thing you ought to do is to follow the how to guide study to the last word. The following simple guide can make you achieve your OBE desires in style. First, engage yourself in a strong meditational point. It is that state when you relax and get into a deep medication. On the negative side, too much trauma and stress can as well lead to this situation. The OBE can as well be caused by the induction of drugs into the body. Besides, it can also happen while you are in sleep, and this is the scariest thing that can happen to you.

Try it yourself

First, ensure your body is relaxed. Do this by stretching or lying thoroughly to drive away stress, then try to sleep. The only challenging thing here is that even though the above seems easy, it might be a big challenge since you will be anticipating something to happen. Ensure you do not have any fear or tensions, and do it patiently. Then develop a certain breath pattern. Try to make it in a way that you will manage to follow even without realizing. If you adhere to the above properly, a tingling sensation must appear, insinuating that OBE is about to happen. Keep good timing and at exactly this time, envision your mind leaving your body. Do this systematically from the head, and then gradually and progressively extend down to your toes. This is the best rolling out system, which is recommended. With a few touches, you will find yourself in the state and experience the situation just by yourself.

The 7 Base Chakras, and how to keep them in harmony

The 7 Base Chakras, and how to keep them in harmony


When considering Chakra meditation, the first principle to understand is that of the 7 base Chakras, what they are, and how to keep them in harmony. By doing so will help to remain free from illness and remain in balance. The chakras are found in the vertical centre of the body, and range from top to bottom, we will start from below and work our way upwards.

Root Chakra

This is found in the base of our spine, and is often symbolised in a red colour. This Chakra represents our grounding, and our love and loyalty to others (family and friends). Blocked energy in this Chakra is normally caused by anxiety around our basic survival instincts such as food, water or money. It also is impacted by our most basic sense of self, so by pain, pleasure and our sexuality.

Sacral Chakra

Moving up to the orange-coloured Sacral Chakra, found just below the navel. This Chakra is linked to our child-self. Resonating back to a time when we have a more vivid connection with others, and our willingness to be spontaneous, and accept new things and new people is high. As such it is also linked to innocence and being creative. Emotional issues with this Chakra normally centre on self-abundance and general well-being.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The third Chakra, given a yellow colour similar to its name is located in the upper abdomen, just below the heart. It focuses on our confidence and us taking control of our lives and any situations that arise. Essentially this is our parent-self (almost the opposite of the child-self from the Sacral Chakra), focussed on doing the right thing, self-esteem and our ego. As such it’s no surprise that anxiety around your sense of self such as low self-esteem or self-worth is what blocks the energy of this Chakra.

Heart Chakra

The fourth Chakra is found (unsurprisingly) just above the heart as is given a green colour. This Chakra focuses on our ability to love, and other positive emotions such as joy and peace. But it can also be extended to encompass broader feelings such as trust and openness within others. Naturally disruption in the balance of inner peace or love is what creates emotional issue for this Chakra.

Throat Chakra

Getting further up the body, we have the fifth Chakra, known as the Throat Chakra. In its name-sake throat area, and given a blue colour, this represents our ability to effectively communicate. But also our ability to speak the truth, express decisions and personal authority.

Brow Chakra

Also known as the Third Eye Chakra, the Brow Chakra is located on the forehead between the eyes. It is given an indigo colour and represents our inner vision, i.e our ability to focus on the bigger picture. As such it is also linked to our understanding of the divine, wisdom and intelligence.

Crown Chakra

This final Chakra is situated at the very top of the head – like a crown – and associated with the colour violet. This highest Chakra is about our ability to be linked spiritually and gaining total faith, alignment and devotion to the divine. Essentially to be at one with our spiritual awareness.