Astral Projection – The Experience



Anecdotes from different people all over the world have been narrated about the conscious mind leaving the physical body especially in one’s death bed. These out-of-body experiences are called Astral Projections.

Astral projection has been a common theme for different forms of literature since this idea has rooted from ancient origins. The depiction of the soul traveling through a lucid dream is usually seen in films wherein the characters get the chance of viewing their loved ones crying over their unconscious body or drawing revenge among those who have caused them harm. The out-of-body experience gives them the chance to do what they were not able to do in their lifetime as well as to change what could be in the future.

This theme involving astral projection has become universal for claims of soul consciousness apart from the body reflect from different cultures and religions. The Westerns believe that the individual’s body is a “small world” called microcosm while the universe is a “great world” called macrocosm. They associate the astral projection in the attempt of these subtle bodies to traverse each realm.

In China, such phenomenon is attributed on the transfer of energy through meditation wherein energy is being circulated, thus, separating the soul from the body. They believe that this happens when a person goes to a sound sleep that sets off the soul from the physical self.

In Japan, the astral projection serves as an evil eye. The phenomenon provides an opportunity for the person to exact revenge to those who harmed them. This is in contrast with the Inuit belief that the phenomenon serves as a special ability enabling them to foresee and to warn the community for any forthcoming bad luck or misfortune.

Astral projection is said to be done through meditation or lucid dreaming. Both claim that a person who undergoes this process is totally aware of his or her environment. The spirit has its own way of separating from the physical body to move in another dimension where the concepts of death and after-life are associated. The normal attributes of a human being are not given to astral bodies such as floating, flying, and passing through concrete walls. This is where the idea of ghosts springs from. It is even believed that the feeling of like falling or walking though quicksand while dreaming is already a manifestation of astral projection. Thus, it reflects the various ongoing mental activities even while sleeping.

While most people claim this phenomenon during sleep or hypnosis, some takes this activity by merely relaxing. Through concentration, they tend to deviate their spirit from the physical world. Theories claim that these people still find their way back to reality through a metaphorical silver cord connecting the traveling consciousness to its physical body.

At present, science cannot still provide an objective explanation on this phenomenon. Hence, the awakening of one’s consciousness is quite fascinating giving us the opportunity to travel, to discover the after-life, to deal with invisibility, and to explore the power of the mind.