Out Of Body Interpretation

According to Astral projection, the physical body is separate from the astral body that has the ability to travel without our physical bodies. The astral plane aids the astral body in mobility after being denoted from the physical body. Religion has a good account of astral travel where the spirit parts with the body to higher realms. Meditation and dreams are another way of experiencing astral travel. Doctors have reported that some patients explain such phenomenon after hypnotic and hallucinogenic experiences. There is no scientific backing for this situation apart from pseudoscientific.

There are various accounts of astral projection including those from India, Amazon, Inuit, China, Japan, the Bible, western and Ancient Egypt. These accounts are discussed below:

The Bible

The claim by Williams, Muldoon, Carrington and Peterson that physical and subtle body attachment is via psychic silver cord has Biblical backing. You can have a look at Ecclesiastes’ last chapter, the second letter of Paul to Corinthians. Scherman critiques the Ecclesiastes evidence but what Paul writes to Corinthians has a good acceptance.


Alchemical Taoist culture in China involves formation of an energetic body through breathing meditation. The drawn energy pearl is among the explanations of out-of-body experiences. The practice makes it possible for one to have two different bodies with the same facial appearance. The Chinese Daoist documentation has incidences whereby a sleeping Daoist can have two bodies that perform different functions such as sleeping and singing which later merge to form the original being.

Ancient Egypt

When you talk of religion it is hard for you to ignore Egyptians. Some traditional religions such as those in Ancient Egypt believe in soul travelling. Their teachings portray the ability of one’s spirit hovering out physical bodies in form of a subtle body.


The mythology in Japan has an ikiryo which is one’s soul manifestation outside his or her body. The traditional believes in Japan show the ability of ikiryo avenging on behalf of the real self. Your enemy can be dealt with in your absence by the travelling soul which also has the ability to announce a curse to their targets.


Yoga Vashishta-Maharamayana scriptures by ancient Hindu Valmiki have ideas like Lin’ga S’ari-ra. In modern India, Paramahansa Yoganada group holds this astral projection view from their experiences with Swami Prahabananda. We also have those who practice it like Osho. More so, astral travel is believed to be among the Siddhis achieved by practicing yoga.


Flying to consult cosmological beings for names, visiting mountains to the peccaries’ father, going underneath water and healing is possible via soul flight. This is a tradition among the Waiwai about the ability of the yaskomo.


Solution of problems among a few Inuit groups has been possible using out-of-body experiences. This is a special function of special people who sojourn mythological places to seek various answers.

In conclusion, astral travel is a phenomenon that has existed for ages. It was in the ancient religious societies; it is evident in Biblical writings and still exists in some modern societies in India, Japan among other regions. It is a situation that lacks scientific evidence but has enough historical backing.