Out of Body – OBE


What is Astral Projection?

Astral projection also called astral travel is an experience that involves a feeling of floating outside one’s body and is usually perceived as an out of body experience. The OBE (Out Of Body Experience) is based on the assumption that, there exists an Astral Body which is unconnected from the physical body and can travel outside it.

The Out of body experience can also be defined as an experience of leaving the physical body in astral body form and observing the world from a position where you can see the physical body.

Astral Projection Techniques

. The Rope Technique

This method was formulated by Robert Bruce and it entails an imaginary, invisible rope which is hanging from a ceiling. The imaginary rope is used to employ dynamic pressure at one point of the astral body to force separation from the physical body.

One has to reach out the imaginary hands and pull him or herself up the imaginary invisible rope. Slight dizziness will be felt as you do this and the feeling will intensify as you pull on the rope. The feeling of coming free of the body will be noted and one can exit the body in the direction of the imaginary rope hence hovering above the body.

. Out Of Body Experience from lucid dreams

A lucid dream is a dream whereby the dreamer is conscious that he is dreaming. A person is already out of the body in a lucid dream.

. Watch yourself going to sleep

One has to lie down on his back facing the roof, relax the body, and clear the mind of unwanted thoughts. You should tell yourself that in the act of sleeping you will watch yourself. You are going to sleep with your mind alert and the body asleep. Consciousness should be retained even when the body is going into complete trance.

When relaxed completely, a rather strange, distinctive sensation will be felt as the body moves into sleep state. One must conscious as this unfolds and at a particular point, the feeling that the body is heavy and numb will felt.

. Displaced-awareness technique

In this technique one has to close the eyes and enter into trance state. Feel yourself just over your shoulders, sense the room and what is going on all around.

Then assume that the astral body is rotating slowly by 180 degrees such that when finished the astral head should be in the position of the physical feet. The goal to this is to forget where you really are and depose your sense of direction.

Imagine yourself floating and rising towards the roof and make it as real as possible. You will eventually find yourself out of the physical body.


Why should we Astral Project?

Astral projection experience helps people to realize that they are more than just the physical body. This realization helps people be more at peace with the many changes that affect their physical being over time. Plenty of things will still affect people, but those who astral project will not be deeply affected as they know that they are more than just their physical bodies.

The experience also makes people learn about the vast universe and the inner dimensions of the universe within them that they are unaware of when they are conscious.