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Remote Viewing Techniques

remote viewing techniques

Remote viewing is the ability to see objects and situations that are away from the current location of the person. Remote envisioning is achieved by projecting your vision through the astral realm of dream and back into the physical world in a remote location. Many psychics have used their paranormal visualization capabilities to help police solve crimes and certain psychic specialists have been credited with performing government sponsored espionage.

The main difference between an astral out-of-body adventure and remote viewing dream is that the astral dreamer is limiting which senses they will use. For example suppose you want to know what a ride on a roller-coaster is like, but you know your stomach is queasy even on a bus. You might see a 3D projection of a video shot from the roller coaster instead. This way you can appreciate the sight and sound sensations without the stomach upset strongly that the physical reality of the roller coaster would bring.

Remote viewing techniques and training does not concern the evolution and development of consciousness of the viewer. It is carried out in a very rigid environment under predetermined conditions. It is possible for anyone to use their higher senses that way, but unless the focus is on becoming awakened by the release of the ego, there will be very little real progress in overall ability.

Remote viewing techniques are generally limited due to the fact that they are made from the wrong perspective of a separate I, me, me. It is seen as the ability of an individual to access a flow of information that is readily available. Remote Viewing is considered a way for a person to reach out and receive information that is “beyond themselves.”

As one progresses to higher states of consciousness, it becomes very clear that this is an incorrect perspective. Everything and everyone exists as an indivisible whole in the multiple dimensions of the resonant energy. These dimensions increase in their subtlety and interdependence they reach the eye or inner calm core that lies at the center of the entire space-time. Everything is an expression of this silent emptiness of infinite potential and that literally everything is expressed.

This is how the mechanics of remote viewing is possible. At the heart of everything lies the reason for everything. Remote viewing techniques simply guide someone awakening to this within themselves. The best psychic training allows the person to become absorbed in the matrix of this infinite expression and reappear transformed and awakened to the greater reality of their existence.

When you learn to Remote view, you gain a valuable skill. The ability to transform your subconscious mind to specific information models, located anywhere in the Universe, in a period of time is something powerful. There is no need for previous experience or be gifted in any way. The only tools are pen, paper and a brain of normal functioning brain. Whether young or old, skeptical or simply curious, it is a skill you can easily learn and benefit from immensely.

Deciding to learn remote viewing is an important life choice. When you see for yourself that it really works, and realize that you have access to the incredible powers of your mind, you will be forever changed.