Chakra Balancing Healing


Anyone familiar with Eastern or “mystical” healing arts such as yoga, meditation, metaphysics, energy fields and so on will know immediately that the two words one associates most with healing and balance are breath and energy. Breathing relates to our life force, our energy or our chi and there are many different breathing techniques available to stimulate balance through our breathing. To those who are unfamiliar with such practices this simply sounds like a lot of mumbo-jumbo and they may argue their case vociferously with you or walk awake shaking their heads in disbelief.

The fact remains that breathing means life; breathing deeply means abundant life and shallow breath therefore means compromised health. Shallow breathing is often a result of stress, the “fight-or-flight” reaction and/or an increase in anxiety. Diet, exercise, emotional and spiritual well-being or otherwise will inevitably determine our stress levels. This imbalance will in turn affect our chakras. These will become blocked, temporarily damaged, spin unevenly – too fast or too slow and cause dis-ease in related areas in combination with other chakras. It is important to realize that if one chakra is affected – this will cause a domino effect to one extent or another over a period of time.

Another important element of the 7 major chakras is the Vagus nerve – seldom mentioned in articles related to chakra energy centers. This nerve is vitally important to health and begins at the brain stem and flows past all the major organs in the body to the colon – supplying nerve fibers to each area along the way. The Vagus nerve clearly performs a vital physical and electrical function in the body and disturbances at any point along this nerve or at any of the chakra points, will affect function in that area. Remember that the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are all inextricably interrelated and constantly interacting with the external environment. This means that you affect your environment just as much as it affects you.

This is where knowledge of Eastern practices is so important to the healing process. knowing more about chakras and how your breathing affects these and vice versa, is a good starting point. The quality of your breathing also affects your Vagus nerve, your entire nervous/electrical system and by association, your entire body. Learning a few valuable breathing techniques, combined with visualization will assist in re-balancing your entire system.

Use aromatherapy oils or incense in your meditation space to create an atmosphere of peace and calm prior to starting your meditation practice for the day. Sit quietly, breathe deeply through your nose into your abdominal area and out through your mouth. Allow your inhalations to be shorter than your exhalations. Draw in light with each breath and expel darkness with each exhalation. Visualize this method cleansing your chakras in the process and restoring them to balance. Imagine them spinning evenly and their colors being clear and bright. This simple practice will oxygenate your body, detoxify it and calm your Vagus nerve while helping to restore balance to your chakras. Over time you will feel more peaceful and relaxed and your body will reap the benefits.