Chakra Balancing Healing Article


The entire human body is a remarkable reflection of our emotions, ideas and beliefs. It is the physical expression of our inner selves about who we really are. After the onset of this current dream we call life, the process of awaking into the truth of our real selves continued from the point we paused at in our previous dream. The body and all we experience in ourselves is an image of our true beliefs about us.

What are chakras?

The Chakra system is made up of seven principal centers throughout the body. Each chakra is an energy motor within the mental, emotional and physical energy field. Generally, these fields are what you identify as “me”. Every feeling you experience is linked to a particular chakra.

Balancing your Chakras

Each chakra is connected to a certain aspect of our lives. For harmony of the mind, emotions and body, the chakras should be properly balanced. Balancing your chakras means penetrating your body’s energy fields; feeling your strength and weakness and taking control of your mental and emotional energy to free hindrances and bring harmony into the system. What creates imbalance in chakras? Chakras either become overactive or underactive as a result of energetic blockages. This brings mental, emotional, physical and spiritual problems in your life.

How chakras relate to our lives

The conventional belief is that whenever we get upset, it’s a result of an occurrence. But did you know it happens exactly the other way round? Remember the last time you experienced pain, discomfort, illness or even an ‘external’ upsetting such as breaking a relationship or losing your job. All these occurrences were a reflection of an upset that already was within you, usually beneath your conscious awareness.

For instance, if your partner separates with you, it comes as a manifestation that a part of you has been ‘separated’ from itself. Simply, you have pulled yourself away from a place. The experience of how someone treats you reflects on how you treat yourself which is the unconscious belief of how you think you ought to be treated.

The Energy Field

Everything can be transformed into energy, so perfecting the process of channeling life-force energy across your body means eliminating the negative energies in your feelings. Energy healing fully involves harmony and balance. When you listen to a song that enthralls you, it resonates in a manner that’s harmonic with your energy field. In the same way, a song which negatively touches on your nerves creates an energetic resonance against your energy. The body instinctively desires more of what resonates with its energy field and less of what doesn’t. Clearing the chakras allows clearing of negative energies in your energy field.

Constant negative thoughts like fear, range and sadness impact negatively on the mind, body and spirit at the energy field by acting as obstructers to free energy flow. This manifest itself as mental, emotional and physical disorders along with a sense of meaningless and spiritual disengagement.

Chakra meditation healing

All suffering comes from the belief that we are a separate part. Our beliefs grow inadequate and imperfect. However, if we experience ourselves as Pure Awareness, our beliefs, thoughts, emotions and lives start reflecting on the peace that we are. The chakra medication allows the chakras to balance and cleanse themselves. As we concentrate on the radiance that we already are, we initiate the natural release of all that’s in the path of our experience in love and desired wellbeing.