Know the Importance of the Seven Main Chakras in Our Body


Chakra is one of the centers of spiritual power in a human body. In Hindu language, Chakra means disk or wheel; hence, it is a whirling power of energy inside the human body. Chakra is actually used in meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda. It is very important to know the seven main chakras in the human body because they play a vital role for a healthy life.

A chakra is like a swirling wheel of energy in the body where consciousness and matter collide. The energy being mentioned is called Prana (an invisible energy), which is a vital life force. The invisible energy keeps you healthy, vibrant, and alive.

The seven main chakras are the (1) Muladhara, (2) Svadhisthana, (3) Manipura, (4) Anahata, (5) Vishuddha, (6) Ajna, (7) Sahaswara. The first three chakras are more physical in nature; the Anahata is at the heart center (or the connection between the spirit and the heart); and the rest are called the chakras of spirit.

The seven main chakras have to be opened through awareness. Each chakra has major organs and bundles of nerves, emotional, physical, and spiritual states of being. These swirling wheels of energy represent the huge nerve centers in the human body. And since everything is moving, all chakras have to stay open, fluid, and aligned. If there is an obstruction, the energy cannot flow well.

Take the kitchen sink drain as an example. If the drain is filled with residues from foods and other things, the water cannot go through. If the remains stick there for a long period, it will create bacteria. The same goes for chakras in the human body.

Keeping each chakra open is no picnic but if you have awareness, you can do it. The body, soul, and mind are interconnected. If there is an imbalance in one of them, the others will be affected. If you are aware of the imbalance, it will then be fixed on its own, including the other affected aspects.

The chakras can be compared to a life of a woman whose husband recently died because of a disease. She suffered acute bronchitis after grieving for her husband’s sudden death. Her disease is located in her chest. Every time she coughs, she will feel pain her chest. For this matter, the chakra located in her heart is affected and thus there is an imbalance. After realizing the connection between her husband’s death and her sudden occurrence of her ailment, her bronchitis slowly heals on its own.

It is easy to indicate whether your chakras are open or not. For example, if you experience frequent constipation, there is a tendency that your first chakra is blocked. The first chakra is the Muladhara, covering the first vertebrae in your body, such as the colon and the bladder. If this chakra is open, you will not feel constipated and you will feel safe and healthy in nature.

Another example is when you feel frequent headaches. This means your sixth chakra has been affected. The sixth chakra is called Ajna, which is situated between your eyebrows. It is also known as the sixth sense or “third eye”, which is your center of intuition. Everyone has a sense of intuition but not all is paying attention to it. If you focus on opening the Ajna chakra, you will be able to use this ability to see things beyond ordinary. Each of the seven main chakras are very crucial to your life.