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Getting Your Cosmic Order



The universe has always stunned man by the way it works and manipulates to carry out the just for its superior inhabitants; humans. It may be not wrong to state that human beings are the caption of the existence of the entire universe. Whatever unfolds under this heading serves the rationale of human existence. We as humans have found ways to manipulate and exploit whatever this universe has to offer, be it for pleasure or purpose


The universe works under certain laws. People for centuries have strived to unlock the secrets of the universe by deciphering certain codes and evidences the universe has had to offer. The quest continues to this day. The most astounding of the laws can truly be the ‘the law of attraction’. It may be overlooked by stating that every (cosmic) being attracts another by some force of attraction. But what does it do next? What connection it has to offer its superior inhabitants?


To understand, you may think of the universe as an online shop which has to offer a lot of exploitable substance. All you need to do is place an order. The universe is sure to respond to you in three ways; yes, no, and may be. It is to be understood that it is the matter of how you reflect; positivity is the key, patience is always rewarded.


Cosmos responds in mysterious ways. If you believe you are going to have it, you will have it no matter what. The key to place an order is to be positive; positive about your thoughts, positive about the response, and positive about the fact that nothing is going in vain. Inner purity is also a must. People may find it hard to have their desires fulfilled with negativity in their hearts. It’s a simple rule, since you reflect; you will get back what you reflect.


Next comes clarity about what you need. Desires are always endless. The moment a desire is fulfilled, next is soon to follow. A greedy man is never rewarded. Likewise, an unclear mind is sure to deviate from its own course. It is advisable that one must keep in mind the difference between needs and desires. Question yourself if you really need this, or is it something you just want to have because it looks classy. Is it something you will be satisfied having or will it urge you for more?


Patience is also a helpful tool in carrying out a cosmic order. Humans are impatient creatures. And to top it off, recent technological advancements have added to this characteristic. We want things to happen with a flick of a wand. Like you insert a coin and the vending machine drops down a chocolate bar. No, it does not work like that. Place a Cosmic order. And wait. After all, snail mail has its own charm.


Cosmic order may be seen as a tool dispatched for your help. It is nothing to play with. This is something which in actuality helps heighten your faith. And it turns out that it is all a game of faith. Cosmic order is sure to respond if you have faith in it. It’s like a credit you have in your bank account. The more you have, the more you are sure to enjoy out of it.


So, feel to free to ask the cosmos for you unfulfilled needs, be patient and have faith. After all, universe is meant for you. Cosmic order is sure to respond.

Take Advantage Of Cosmic Ordering


The belief that people can use the desires they have to make a link with Universe and get their wishes granted is called cosmic ordering. ‘Law of Attraction’ is one of the imperative belief associated with this procedure and it has purportedly worked for some people whose cosmic ordering corresponds with their fruitful profession. With positive thinking and this cosmic ordering secrets, achievement is almost an assurance.

Requesting what you don’t need is simply educating cynicism, therefore request and ask what you do need. Negativity reverberates in your subconscious and raises attraction, bringing about the Universe allowing these false wishes thus bringing about the things you needed the least. Undesirable results make an endless loop and can demolish endeavors at a psychology.

A positive personality is vital to achievement . Staying positive in both body and mind decreases resistance when the time comes. Resistance is the state in which you ask for your wishes granted, however still in doubt whether they will be granted or not. By getting rid of this uncertainty, you can locate a positive perspective by completely relaxing and avoiding negativity. Applying this, resistance you have will be impressively lessened.

Askings yourself reasons why you need a wish to be conceded and giving a justifiable reason is essential. Consider three positive answers in respect to why your wishes would make you more satisfied or have any kind of effect in your life. Some great reasons might be joy, happiness and security, every single legitimate reason. Through the action of questioning your desires and wishes, a new aspect of your life opens up and this will go far in helping find more about yourself as well as help in your wish satisfaction.

Be specific as to what your wishes are, details will be important. A car, for instance, may be of a specific model, color or even class. Remember to not ask again and again for the same wishes as this will unavoidably raise your resistance as a consequence of increased doubt. Your shouldn’t stress yourself even if you think that your request hast been heard yet, the universe hears all the wishes, where your wish is granted, then have no doubts, accept your wishes were eventually rewarded. When you see that promptness is insignificant, your resistance tend to drop and you will notice the flow of events that come before your wish is granted.

Have confidence in yourself as well as the cosmic ordering. Believe in yourself and have an open head, mind, attempt to envision yourself with what you crave. By making small strides while asking the Universe for small things at the beginning, it will be of benefit in long run. At the point when and how are not questions you ought to ask, due to the fact Universe knows the best time to grant your wishes and desires.

These points are vital to accomplishing realising your wishes, don’t forget them when taking after the procedure. Be positive, specific, have confidence in yourself and in the long run, in due time, your wishes will be a reality.

The Principles of Cosmic Ordering


Cosmic ordering is a magic formula that uses the law of attraction to make things happen. This process allows one to follow a well laid structured system that they can utilize to tap into the power of the universe and get their cosmic orders in ideal times. However one has to know the scientific art behind being a person who is able to attract what they want. The law of attraction shows that human beings always manifest or attract the things that they hold on to. Cosmic ordering therefore applies the laws of attraction to attract events into one’s life.

One does not need to read a lot so as to know how to cosmic order their lives. One is needed to just start imagining their future with detailed positive occurrences. Create a list of your wildest dreams, hopes, imaginations and desires. Put all your energy in imagining that all this is coming into reality.
Steps Involved in Cosmic Ordering.

Every person uses cosmic ordering even though they may not be consciously aware that they are doing so. Almost every happening in one’s life has been as a result of attraction by their good or bad imaginations. Here are some of the ideas on how cosmic ordering works and how one can incorporate it to make their lives better.

You Must Believe.

What one believes in plays a key role in the way cosmic ordering works in their life. For instance if one believes that they are not attractive to the opposite sex then, chances are that they will consciously and unconsciously send mixed signals regarding the same to their opposite sex. One may not consider dressing in a manner that will appeal them or hang out in places they are likely to hook up with the opposite sex or worse, have a bad attitude towards anybody of the opposite gender. Those signals are enough to tell the whole world that you are not in any position to get into a relationship. This by extension applies to anything that one believes in. This explains why some people are ever successful, it is because they do not believe in failure and therefore everything they do is geared towards success.

Take Action.

The moment you combine what you strongly believe in with action things begin to happen in your life. The whole universe starts taking notice and so do people.

Combining a strong belief with action is the basis of how cosmic ordering works.This is a powerful combination that can get anything to be done. Dreaming about something is not enough but turning your dream into a series of small steps transforms the dream into a reality.

Be detailed and organized.

The more detailed and precise you are in laying down the structures that need to drive you towards achieving your goal. This may take some time before the realization of your dream but you have to hang on. Specifying everything about your wish and desire is important since it helps one to walk through the different steps that they need to achieve. This makes the realization of their dreams to come faster.

Cosmic Ordering- Ask and You Shall Receive!


Life would be so beautiful if what we “desired” for was given to us, wouldn’t it? What if you have consistently received in your life what you have “asked” the Cosmos, the Universe for ! Hard to believe, right? It is true though.

The new age theorists have postulated a scientific theory as to how this happens based on Quantum Physics. Everything in this world is made of atoms. According to the theorists, everything that we experience in life is controlled by electro-magnetic signals emitted by these atoms. Our brain itself emits electric charge through our thoughts and magnetic charge through our emotions. If a person is able to attune his thoughts and emotions to an electric charge and emit a frequency or vibration to the Universe, the entire Cosmos, which is also made up of such electro-magnetic signals organizes itself to help you achieve your dreams.

Knowingly as well as unknowingly we have emitted vibrations into our universe, and our life has become what it is, today! The Cosmos gives you what you truly, undeniably believe you will get- not what you desire! Hence, believing you will receive something will bring you to that thing.

Cosmic Ordering, in simple terms, is a technique of positive thinking in which one consciously chooses a desire, and then places an order to the Cosmos with a request to fulfill that desire.

The key to successfully receive your ” Cosmic Order” is to be clear in your thoughts about what you want to achieve/ attain. Then comes visualization- visualize that you have received what you desired, without the slightest bit of doubt. Doing this, places an order in the Cosmos and leads to the organization of situations and events in such a manner- that your desires are fulfilled. It is only this simple.

You will be flabbergasted to see how, in the most unique manner possible, the Cosmos has provided you with what you have desired! The Positive energy that you vibrate in the Universe organizes your life in such a manner that your dreams and desires are fulfilled just by placing the Cosmic Order. It is a straight-forward manifestation of your thoughts into reality.

Hence, it becomes imperative that you are sure that what you desire is something you sincerely want in life. You must be certain that what you are asking for will actually bring you happiness. When these desires appeal to your heart, you must visualize that your desires are already fulfilled. This will make your thoughts and emotions in tune with your desires. It is important to keep imagining that you have received what you asked for and feel great about it.

Once you have chosen your desires and visualized that they have already been manifested in your life, cease thinking about it. This will send a signal into the universe that you know what you want, you have imagined that it will be fulfilled, you have placed your order to the Cosmos and are now waiting for it to materialize. Wait and watch! The Cosmos will bring it to you in the most unexpected manner possible!

Benefits of Cosmic Ordering:

Cosmic Ordering brings a lot of benefits to your life. It keeps your focus intact. Research has shown that people are more likely to fulfill their desires if they’re noted down. Your confidence also gets boosted when you strongly believe that all your dreams will be fulfilled and goals, achieved.

Your life brims with positivity. When you vibrate feelings of happiness and positivity in the Universe, positive people and events are attracted into your life. This optimism in life will improve the quality of your life with the best of health and a stress-free mindset.

In order to fully process the Cosmic ordering, make sure you do the following things:

– Be sure of what you want, know your desires.
– Do not doubt, but keep immense faith that you will receive what you ask for.
– Write down all your desires and goals and create a clear picture of what you actually want.
– Make a visual picture that you have received what you want, with no sense of doubt involved.
– Keep visualizing and imagining that you are where you want to be!

This will certainly make your life beautiful and convert your dreams into reality!

What Exactly Is Cosmic Ordering?


What is cosmic ordering?

Desires, dreams and wants run in everyone’s life. Cosmic ordering is the course taken in identifying these wants in our lives and laying the order to the cosmos by asking for these desires. Cosmic ordering requires you to first envisage that which you desire, hold it lightly in mind without blending it with worry or attaching it to the outcome then releasing that thought to the cosmos. The cosmic ordering service ought to be left to fulfill your order in its own unique means.

How does cosmic ordering work?

Our thoughts are amazingly powerful and artistic and have the ability to link through the cosmic. At a certain level, we all are connected to each other by thought. It might be our personal creative thoughts; it might be an inborn power that ultimately manifests our wants. But in either way, our life desires continue to be of individual meaning and one of the intriguing mysteries that structure our lives. We get that which we desire, not by the supernatural, but through the manifestation of thoughts into what’s real.

Modern thesis of cosmic ordering

Scientific research has put forward a new-age cosmic ordering scientific theory. According to scientific theorists, our reality is under the influence of electro-magnetic signals. Every single thought released triggers electric charge while every strand of emotion releases magnetic signals. Doesn’t that reveal how incredible the extent of energy we posses is? This gives you the ability to have a hold over the universe and actualize the reality of your wishes… only if you can smoothly tune your emotions and thoughts when you have dominion over the power from the charge generated.

What’s the secret to effective cosmic orders?

The most essential aspect of the order is clarity of your desires and visualization of these desires as reality that’s already in your life. Your transparency on the emotional state in which the fulfillment of your wishes would leave you in should be flawless. It should be something that gladdens the heart; something that creates immense happiness.

Think of these desires as already attained and fulfilled. When this concept is cultivated, the emotions work concurrently with the thoughts to make it existent. Negativity, anxiety and blocked thinking entirely starve away the process. If these limitations are impeding a cosmic order process, some added effort would be necessary to clear these psychological barriers for the success of the process. The most convenient way is start with small inconsequential orders to enhance your confidence with time.

Benefits of cosmic ordering

Sharpens Focus – Once something is written down, it’s more likely to get achieved. This is mirrored by research.

Improves self confidence – With a solid belief in the possibility of anything, the subconscious has heightened awareness and becomes more alert for arrival of relevant opportunities. Since the individual has firm belief in this, the surge in self-confidence is notable.

Gives positive experiences – Sending out positive energy to the cosmos will by nature attract positive people towards you and erect impressive opportunities.

Enhances health – Positive thinking culminates in less stress which has a good impact on the general wellbeing. People who are positive-minded have a positive impact on their heath.

Cosmic ordering requires you to be fully clear about your wants and maintain positivity. This process of envisioning the reality of your dreams has an undoubted possibility of changing your life for the better. All you desire will come to you; only through firm and unconditional belief.

Re-Order Your Life With Cosmic Ordering

Re-Order Your Life With Cosmic Ordering


More individuals are searching for approaches to make the most of their lives and satisfy their wishes nowadays. They are attempting to accomplish their objectives furthermore fulfill their materialistic and different yearnings. In today’s reality there are more methods for getting the sort of life you need however nothing is as good as cosmic ordering.

Cosmic ordering can be basically portrayed as a different sort of profound practice which offers you to achieve all that you some assistance with wanting from the universe. It can be compared to an ordering administration where you arrange your heart’s yearning and you will get it. Nonetheless, however this is an otherworldly process, you don’t should be a holy person or be a finished altruist or something on a par with that to utilize it. Goodness does check and offer assistance. However this technique functions also for standard individuals.

Cosmic ordering helps in manifesting your objectives and dreams the profound way. You just need to arrange or approach the universe for whatever you need. You can request anything from changing your life totally or circumstances to satisfy your aspirations. The greater part of us have done this before however unwittingly and not understood it. There might have been a period when you craved something gravely or truly needed something and after that you got what you needed.

Expectation is only when our goals join with the force of our confidence. Cosmic ordering is about the expectation and its energy. If your goal is sufficiently capable and you really trust that you merit what you need, then you are certain to get it. The key here is that you need an exceptional longing for what you need and have confidence where it counts that you merit it. Individuals might express their longing for another auto or another salary increase. However nothing works till you trust that you are not commendable or you didn’t buckle down for getting them.

Consequently, individuals who are constantly frightened of losing their occupation might even see their apprehension working out one day. In this way simply think about the great things that you need. Try not to consider the terrible ones. Numerous individuals who have been caught in awful conditions believe that they don’t merit bliss or the great things of life don’t generally understand reality and subsequently. It is verging on alongside incomprehensible for them to figure out how to manifest the great things.

Numerous a times your profound established intuitive convictions can turn into your greatest hindrance in the manifestation of your goals. Fruitful Cosmic ordering can just happen when your subliminal personality can genuinely be adapted to comprehend and acknowledge the way that you are commendable and arranged to get all that you have ever needed.

To truly be effective in ordering what you require from the universe, you have to set up your intuitive personality to trust that you are deserving of being glad and getting what you need. It’s not an intense thing to change the convictions and deepest musings of your subliminal. There are different devices like reflection, attestations and mesmerizing which can change that. Individuals around the globe have utilized Cosmic ordering to make their life more euphoric and fun. In this way, you too arrange your heart’s yearnings and have an extraordinary life which is loaded with adoration and satisfaction.

Learn More About Cosmic Ordering

From a wish to a reality, learn more about Cosmic-Ordering


Each and every one of us have a few desires or wishes, cosmic ordering is the process through which these wishes are identified and an order is put to the universe/cosmos for their satisfaction. You have to put in a request to the cosmos without questions at the back of your mind.

Science has it that while our feelings release magnetic charges, thoughts/ brain release electric charges, and the signs from them if adjusted to the electro magnetic influxes of the cosmos, can accomplish everything that one wish for in life. In this way, cosmic ordering is about manifesting your wishes in making them a reality.

In cosmic ordering the advice is we should consider our needs in life, for instance, an advancement or the vehicle that you desire or anything which you wish, and after that you need to envision that you as of now have it. You should trust that you have the thing, owning it.

Therefore, the initial phase in the cosmic ordering is about getting that wish of your life that you need the most, your can be anything from something identified with your profession, your identity, some materialistic item that you seek, like the auto of your dreams or a world visit or anything at all.

The second step of cosmic ordering is trusting that you truly have gotten to be what you needed or you have truly got what you had craved for. You require the assistance of your creative impulses for this situation. Begin going about as though the thing has truly happened and let every one of the feelings in kind of fulfillment, satisfaction, higher esteem and obligations, energy, fervor and so forth come out of you, as it would have if it had happened without a doubt. If you pass by the cosmic ordering guide, the emotions and thoughts you produce will be adjusted will align with those of the universe and the same will be manifested into reality.

Cosmic ordering is a belief that imparts much closeness to another new age idea of Laws of Attraction. Both depend on the force of belief, positive thinking and confidence at the same time it gives us an approach to shape one’s own existence, showing us the way through which one’s longings in life are to be pulled in or ordered from the universe in order to manifest in all actuality. Although the laws of attraction and cosmic ordering the two have their differences.

In Law of Attraction, just the object of craving is to be continually considered, envisioned and felt that it is coming to you. While honing Laws of Attraction you ought to think and trust that you will have your wish soon.

On the other hand cosmic ordering, you have to trust that you as of now you own what you need and desire. The more grounded your belief is, the same strength should be demonstrated in the alignment of the emotions and feelings to the cosmos, eventually bringing about real manifestation and thus providing a way to shaping our own fate.

Cosmic Ordering – Your Way To Happiness


Many times in our lifetime we are faced with a myriad of challenges that we must overcome. Navigating these challenges is an excruciating process that requires us to give our best. Disappointments may often lead to loss of self-belief and self-esteem. However, positive energy is all that is required to overcome everything and to get what you want in life. Cosmic ordering is a process that works in line with this principle.

Cosmic ordering is all about utilizing the power of positive energy that rests within us. It is also the realization of the potential in the universe and how it can work for our benefit. Cosmic ordering involves thinking about the things that you want to have and ordering them from the cosmos.

A combination of patience and surety is what transforms our thoughts into reality. Vivid imagination and focus on the goals in your mind helps make them reality.

Try to imagine the exact thing that you want to have or happen in your life. Imagine it being real and trust that you already have it. Feel it in your possession and let your possession of it make you happy. Let your imagination and thought merge and release this energy into the universe. When you do this, forget about it and wait for the result to manifest into reality and into your life. You will have let the universe know what you want and it will come to you in time.

It is important to be aware of the exact things that you want. Keeping a record of your goals and desires is vital. Putting down records is the proven effective way of keeping them in your mind and thus help you develop a vivid imagination of your desire.

There is always energy revolving around us and in the universe. Science has proven the existence of this energy. It exists in form of electromagnetic signals. It is what influences the things that happen around us and the ability to change them for the better by channeling the right energy. Cosmic ordering is a combination of personal positivity and the utilization of the power in the universe to realize our potential.

It is important to stay focused on the specific goals that you have put down, thinking about them for a few minutes daily will affirm them. It will help you develop clear imagination.

When you do this, you will soon start seeing your goals being manifested in your life. Cosmic ordering will help you also become more aware of yourself and improve your focus. When you achieve the results, you will be able to create more goals for yourself and change your life for the better.

Cosmic ordering is also as stress-relieving as any top medicine out there. It will greatly turn your life for the better and increase your quality of life. Expect good things to come when you channel your positive thoughts to the universe. The possibilities are limitless and it is all about taking the opportunities that come along.

Cosmic Ordering Explained


Everybody is looking for something more and better. Satisfaction is one of the objectives of pretty much every person. Cosmic ordering is a standout amongst the best approaches to see our dreams come true.

Cosmic ordering is a technique for approaching the Universe for what you need. You ask from the heart spiritually and the Universe sets up the arrangement for it to come into your life. It is one of those practices that you needn’t bother with years of preparing to figure out how to do. It’s truly simple, anybody can do it, however you should be clear about what you need and you should have the capacity to realize that you want and at the same time what you ought to request.

Cosmic ordering is about shortening the distance and time between what you need and when you get it. Spiritual reflection of what you long for and the accomplishment of your ardent objectives is what it’s all about.

One of the greatest difficulties for people is to trust you can have what you need and that you should have what you need. The majority of us have been adapted as kids not to wait to get all that we need.

In order for cosmic ordering to work in the course you need, not just do you need to trust that you can have what you need and you have a powerful urge to have it, you should truly accept deep inside that you deserve to have it.

You should be sufficiently specific about what you need. By just expressing that you need a better job is insufficient. Be as clear as possible in our case, what kind of job do you want. Condition your mind and convince yourself that your wish will indeed going to come true.

After you belief, which can pose a challenge, you will understand that the rest is easy. If you been having a negative mind and perception you could have already been causing some problems because cosmic ordering will order up precisely what you are contemplating, and in short order. It has most likely been working for some time now in the negative bearing.

Invest a greater amount of your energy concentrating on positive things, things that will bring you satisfaction. If you have been unhappy for a long time, understand that it can change. Put an effort to break the negativity cycle. You would be astounded what number of people feel unworthy, their self-esteem is in the storm cellar. If you are one of these kinds of people, you will discover manifesting what you need inconceivable until you perceive your own worth and be positive. Most of times this process is established in the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is like a recorder of all the tings that happens in your daily life, it doesn’t know the difference between what truly happened and what is envisioned. You can get your subconscious mind into recording new the new beliefs. One of the best and best routes is through perception. Envision what you truly need or where you want to be in life and do it repeatedly and truly your dreams will come true.

See your dreams come true by following these steps.

– Identify in details what you want and write it down.

– Believe you will get what you desire, visualize yourself having what you want.

– Be positive.