Cosmic Ordering- Ask and You Shall Receive!


Life would be so beautiful if what we “desired” for was given to us, wouldn’t it? What if you have consistently received in your life what you have “asked” the Cosmos, the Universe for ! Hard to believe, right? It is true though.

The new age theorists have postulated a scientific theory as to how this happens based on Quantum Physics. Everything in this world is made of atoms. According to the theorists, everything that we experience in life is controlled by electro-magnetic signals emitted by these atoms. Our brain itself emits electric charge through our thoughts and magnetic charge through our emotions. If a person is able to attune his thoughts and emotions to an electric charge and emit a frequency or vibration to the Universe, the entire Cosmos, which is also made up of such electro-magnetic signals organizes itself to help you achieve your dreams.

Knowingly as well as unknowingly we have emitted vibrations into our universe, and our life has become what it is, today! The Cosmos gives you what you truly, undeniably believe you will get- not what you desire! Hence, believing you will receive something will bring you to that thing.

Cosmic Ordering, in simple terms, is a technique of positive thinking in which one consciously chooses a desire, and then places an order to the Cosmos with a request to fulfill that desire.

The key to successfully receive your ” Cosmic Order” is to be clear in your thoughts about what you want to achieve/ attain. Then comes visualization- visualize that you have received what you desired, without the slightest bit of doubt. Doing this, places an order in the Cosmos and leads to the organization of situations and events in such a manner- that your desires are fulfilled. It is only this simple.

You will be flabbergasted to see how, in the most unique manner possible, the Cosmos has provided you with what you have desired! The Positive energy that you vibrate in the Universe organizes your life in such a manner that your dreams and desires are fulfilled just by placing the Cosmic Order. It is a straight-forward manifestation of your thoughts into reality.

Hence, it becomes imperative that you are sure that what you desire is something you sincerely want in life. You must be certain that what you are asking for will actually bring you happiness. When these desires appeal to your heart, you must visualize that your desires are already fulfilled. This will make your thoughts and emotions in tune with your desires. It is important to keep imagining that you have received what you asked for and feel great about it.

Once you have chosen your desires and visualized that they have already been manifested in your life, cease thinking about it. This will send a signal into the universe that you know what you want, you have imagined that it will be fulfilled, you have placed your order to the Cosmos and are now waiting for it to materialize. Wait and watch! The Cosmos will bring it to you in the most unexpected manner possible!

Benefits of Cosmic Ordering:

Cosmic Ordering brings a lot of benefits to your life. It keeps your focus intact. Research has shown that people are more likely to fulfill their desires if they’re noted down. Your confidence also gets boosted when you strongly believe that all your dreams will be fulfilled and goals, achieved.

Your life brims with positivity. When you vibrate feelings of happiness and positivity in the Universe, positive people and events are attracted into your life. This optimism in life will improve the quality of your life with the best of health and a stress-free mindset.

In order to fully process the Cosmic ordering, make sure you do the following things:

– Be sure of what you want, know your desires.
– Do not doubt, but keep immense faith that you will receive what you ask for.
– Write down all your desires and goals and create a clear picture of what you actually want.
– Make a visual picture that you have received what you want, with no sense of doubt involved.
– Keep visualizing and imagining that you are where you want to be!

This will certainly make your life beautiful and convert your dreams into reality!