Looking At The Best Way To Learn How to Meditate

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Looking At The Best Way To Learn How to Meditate

With all the hustle and bustle that comes with the modern life, stress is inevitable. It is common to often have this feeling that there isn’t enough time in a single day to get things done completely. It is this stress and tiredness that denies us happiness and makes us impatient and frustrated, even to the extent of affecting our health. That is where meditation comes in. Meditation provides more time for us by making our minds much calmer and more focused. There are many different types of meditation, each of which work differently, but help to achieve almost the same thing. With the right procedure, meditation helps in overcoming stress to find the inner peace and balance. Mantra meditation is one type of meditation that can make it easier for beginners to learn meditation techniques. The steps mentioned in this article provide a proper guide of how to learn to meditate with Mantra.

Choose Your Mantra

Mantra is a phrase or word that is silently repeated while meditating. You repeat a specific word to yourself to give you something to keep your attention on, other than your thoughts. The phrase or word can be anything, and should be chosen by the meditating individual. Words like “love” and “peace” are some of the commonly used word during meditation as a mantra. It is also convenient to use words that you aren’t familiar with, or from a different language that you might not understand, since this keeps your thoughts away from the common. So, your thoughts doesn’t have to wonder when you are meditating.

Choose a Peaceful Environment

Meditation works best in a calm and peaceful environment. This allows you to focus exclusively on your meditation, and avoid polluting your mind with the external stimuli in the process. Whether you are a beginner or not, this calmness and minimum disturbance is crucial to accomplish the task at hand. In any kind of disturbance will ruin the moment, and you will hardly achieve your meditation goals. Whether you intend to meditate for 5 minutes, or half an hour, make sure you aren’t interrupted for the entire duration of your meditation.

Deep Breaths with Eyes Closed

After you’ve taken the right position and in the right posture, begin with gently closing your eyes, then you take some deep breaths in in a uniform frequency. You can try the cleansing breaths, where you inhale slowly through the nose, then exhaling through the mouth. After this, you can continue with breathing at a normal relaxed pace through the nose, and with your mouth gently closed.

Silently Repeat Your Mantra

Sit still and slowly begin to repeat your mantra quietly to yourself without opening your lips. Repeat it gently until you feel calm and relaxed. Don’t force it, but instead just let it flow. The repetition of the mantra doesn’t have to correlate with your breath.

Don’t Wrestle with Your Thoughts

As the process continues, you might realize when you start drifting from the mantra. The mind will sometimes have to wander, but don’t try to empty your mind. If your mind tries to drift away, simply calm down and return to silently repeating your mantra.


After 20 or 30 minutes, you may stop repeating the mantra, but continue sitting with your eyes closed. You maintain your position, while staying calm for a few more minutes before you call it a day as far as meditation is concerned.




Tips On Meditation


Tips on how to meditate

Meditation can have many benefits in our lives. From peace of mind to improving our health to enhancing our concentration to managing stress in our lives, indeed, meditation can have wonders in our lives both physically and mentally. If we learn to practice it correctly, no doubt we will be able to overcome whatever hurdles in life.

However, like any other physical or mental exercise, we do not reap benefits if we do not practice and it well. Here are some tips for meditation to start with.

Set a time for your meditation that your body is not too tired. This will help keep you awake. You might get too tired or sleepy in evening. Although you can do it at any time of day, practicing it in the morning is recommended especially if you are just starting with this mind training. It will also help you start the new day with a calm mind.

If you are uncomfortable with the ideal lotus position or sitting cross-legged on the floor, you can start practicing it by sitting on a chair but not resting your back on the back of the chair to help keep your back straight. Occupy only half of the chair to ensure you maintain your back in an upright position.

Make meditation a habit. Just like any activity or exercise, you develop the skill in meditation if you practice it often. Make it a habit but do not pressure yourself to meditate for long hours. A ten to thirty-minute session may be enough and try to stick to a minimum duration. Always find time everyday or several days in a week to meditate. Wear something that is comfortable during meditation. Loose clothing would help you feel comfortable during the session.

If you start to close your eyes but there are just many things running on your mind, try to start with breathing meditation so help you clear you mind before going to a contemplative one. It will also help to set a motivation in mind to help you cast away any distractions that may come. In a case that you feel pain and numbness during the activity, especially if you are just starting with the activity and you are not used to the position, try to change position or standing up but do it in the same meditative state.

Be patient. It is probably one of the best tips for meditation if you are just starting with it. If you feel you can’t get yourself to meditate, or you have lots of things running on your mind that you can’t get rid of, or you are complaining about not getting results, be patient. Training your mind indeed needs patience. You cannot just eliminate all the bad habits you have accumulated in your lifetime in just one or two sessions. Just like any other sports or activity, nobody does it good without practice.

Learn meditation with someone who knows it. If you want to practice it, it is often said that the best way to learn it is to study it with an expert. It is important that you know how to do it right from the start. Training the mind indeed can be a lot easier if you know exactly what you are doing.

These are just some tips for meditation to work out. You can actually find more as you keep on doing it. Keep them in mind and start meditating now.

Essential Ways On How To Meditate


Essential Ways On How To Meditate

Meditation is a practice of concentrated focus upon the breath, movement, sound, and attention. It is a practice where an individual trains the mind. Meditation has a lot of essential benefits that include increasing awareness, promoting relaxation, enhancing personal and spiritual growth.

With meditation, your physiology will undergo drastic changes that will result in streams of peace, joy, and enthusiasm. With regular practice of meditation your mind will be refreshed, delicate and beautiful. Here are essential ways on how to meditate.

Sit for few minutes

Meditation will seem ridiculously easy when you just sit for about two minutes. You are recommended to do this each and every day for a week.If this become well, increase and do that for a week. Increasing time will bring you surprising results.

Look for a Free Distraction Area

Clearing your environment out of distraction is very paramount. Close your windows, doors, and turn off radio and TV. Ensure the place is quiet for the duration of your meditation exercise. Furthermore turn off or dim the lights to help you concentrate. To increase reflection, a bouquet of flower and scented candle can be great little touches for you.


Breathing is the difference between feeling relaxed and anxious. Add few rounds of your routine daily breath.Inhale for four counts, retain another for four counts and exhale for eight. Close your eyes and be slow. Repeat the process regularly.

Meditate everyday

Meditation should be your first thing each and every morning. Set a reminder for meditation every morning when you get up and put a note so that you will not forget.

Never worry about clearing the mind

Just try to practice meditation and focusing your attention and practice much when your mind wanders. Meditation is not all about clearing or stopping your thoughts. Brains are thoughts factories, and we cannot shut them down.


Write a bit about your day, shopping list and ensure there is nothing left out to write. Take a deep breath during meditation and allow mindfulness to permeate. Go deeper and deeper and you will be writing with complete presence as if another voice is writing for you. Do this each and every morning, as you try to spill out a page of junk that is been on your mind.

Think of What You Want To Achieve

Meditation is all about relaxing and refusing to be caught up in everyday anxieties. If your main objective is to spend few minutes every day without worrying about everything you have to do, then that is enough to meditate. Many people tend to meditate for a wide range of reasons.Thinking about what you just want to achieve with your meditation is sufficient.

Smile when you are done

After finishing meditation smiles that you had that time for yourself to meditate. Be grateful that you have stuck with your commitment, and you are trustworthy and where you took the time to get to know yourself. Make friendship with yourself.


Meditation is like a seed when cultivated well it blossoms. meditation help you to develop qualities of emotional positivity as well as calmness which plays a significant role in enriching yourself.

How a Beginner Can Meditate Effectively


How to meditate effectively

Meditation is the gateway to relieving stress, enhancing better physical help, fight chronic diseases, sleep better and generally feel happier in life. Meditation on the other side can also feature deeper understanding of the person that you are.

It is normally alleged that when you meditate, you get to know the true picture of yourself and get rid of all the worries that are nagging you. Perhaps, if you try meditating, you will notice how your mind is unruly. Your mind is likely to be all over the place wondering and the memories that you keep well hidden jostle up with mundane.

When you are meditating: if feels like you are in a real cinema, only that the cinema in this case involves your mind and the things that are stressing you. If you are about to try out mediation to get rid of stress or to understand yourself better, then you can follow the following steps. It might not work at the first time but it will after trying for a couple of times.

You should know that meditation is a natural thing and you do not need to force yourself. After going through the steps, in time you will learn to control the barrage of thoughts and soon you will find peaceful and calmness that you are looking for.

Your body posture is the first step on how to start meditating; you should keep your body in an upright posture. The posture determines the mind position and how you will control the thoughts in your head. If you make the mistake of tilting your head then you are likely to experience tiredness.

The eye gaze should at all times be left open; it allows you to be present at the time but if you can do with your eyes closed the better, but you should make sure that you lower your gaze softly and in between meditating, but make sure not to drift away in thoughts. All in all, you can try both ways to see the one that you are comfortable with.

Focus in meditation opens the mind to the other world that your body and thoughts will travel in. Focus in this sense means that you shut the present world and rely on your breath to take your thoughts away. This is a skill that you will learn over time. During focus, you should not try regulate your breath, just let nature take its course.

The place that you decide to meditate ought to be silent to allow your thoughts to settle and to avoid your mind drifting away. You can meditate until the time that you feel your mind can, but do not force yourself into hours and hours.

Lastly if you find that you are thoughts are drifting; you can try counting your breath up to a number that you feel that your mind is calming down. If you also notice that you have strong emotions of anger on that day, you should not meditate; you will have no effect but your mind will come up with all sorts of stories.

The Best Way To Meditate


So many celebrities and athletes are getting hooked up with practising yoga and meditation lately. Certainly, meditation is a great way to improve body performance, stability and total health. From celebrities to athletes and physicians, many have already experienced the amazing benefits of meditation.

Learning how to meditate properly can lead a person to success, happiness and enjoying inner peace. Over the decades, doctors and research experts have been studying meditation benefits. Meditating can improve your body’s overall health. It also allows more oxygen to reach the blood which leads to more energy.

Most importantly, meditation can improve a person’s ability to concentrate. Your ability to focus is improved and strengthened especially if you perform it regularly. After several of learning how to meditate for beginners, you will notice an improvement in your concentration on work and other tasks.
Definitely, learning how to meditate and committing to it have many perks that can affect your health and your career.

Steps to follow :

First thing that you should do when meditating as a beginner is to find a peaceful and quite environment. Find the best location where you think you can concentrate. Ideally, you ought to have a room which you can solely use to meditate. On the off chance you have a small space, this may prove to be impossible. However, you can utilize a small area in your room , preferably a corner which is free.

Afterwards, try to relax. Turn off your brain. You really don’t have to force anything special so as to achieve this. Just don’t think of anything as you meditate. Then, relax your muscles slowly and drain all the tensions away from your muscles. As you relax,be cautious of the present and release all other thoughts. So in order to succeed in this step, you should select a period which is very convenient to you and which you know you won’t be bothered by anyone inside the household.

Next is to get in the right kind of posture. It is a very crucial part when it comes to meditating and the best kind of posture for meditating is to sit with the back being straight and cross your legs. You can do lying position but it may induce sleepiness.

Silencing the mind is the next step after posture and proves to be the most challenging part in meditating. The mind is often used to incessantly getting and processing information. When ones mind’s completely silent then he or she can start to move deep into the soul and find your true self.


Meditation is advantageous when it is properly done. But bear in mind that it is never easy to learn to meditate properly. Bypassing your challenges is part of the lessons you will learn on meditation.

You should not in jest heavy meals before meditation. Eating full meals makes you to feel very sleepy and become lethargic. If it’s a must that you eat, light snacks such as fruit salad is enough. The more comfortable one is, the easier and faster it is for him or her to learn meditation properly.

How to Meditate Properly the Easy Way

Silhouette of a woman doing yoga on the beach at sunset

How to Meditate Properly the Easy Way.

So many celebrities and athletes are getting hooked up with practicing yoga and meditation lately. Certainly, meditation is a great way to improve body performance, stability, and total health.

How to meditate is not a matter of how easy the site is or how expensive you pay for a meditation course. In fact, anywhere you go, you could do meditation. This could appear shocking for some people because we now have frequently connected meditation to imagining a Buddhist monk towards the top of a mountain that seemed far from society and can only hear the sounds of nature.

Well, as we find meditation back in history this may be preferably what has happened simply because meditation is truly the procedure of achieving an advanced level of attention. But in this modern period, meditation is becoming tougher given the fact that most places have now grown to be well-established cities and not all of us have the luxury to climb the top of the mountain just to meditate.

For many who are merely beginning to learn how to meditate, doing the work is a challenge, and this is normal but for anyone who has been doing it for quite some time yet still am uncertain if they’re meditating, maybe you might want to change a method or two.

To begin with, when performing meditation, we have to look at the mind in a good perception. Meditation is considered to be the yoga of the brain, and that means enabling the mind to accomplish its total perspective which is to achieve that level of awareness we don’t usually end up in.

One of the difficulties in doing meditation is how you would empty it in order just to free the mind of ideas. The brain is very active even if resting and as easy it may sound, releasing the mind of thoughts and leaving it blank can be difficult because it’s likely that in a short while you’ll be thinking of something or thoughts can come fluttering in. The best ways to avoid interruptions is to think of something that can represent peacefulness, nature, etc. anything that is optimistic.

Say for example you chose a candle. All you have to do is place your thoughts on that particular candle and stick to it. If you are at it, the next thing you focus on is your breathing. Make long, strong inhales and gradually exhale the air out. This will help make you feel relaxed though not tired. Enable all the worries and thoughts to only disappear from your mind and when you would like, state an optimistic chant while carrying it out.

Meditation may vary based on what intention you are doing it for, but most people utilize it to release pressure and stress. You’ll observe that when you are conducting meditation, you feel lighter, relaxed and positive. You can learn how to meditate for as short as a few minutes to just take a pause or do it as long as an hour or so if you would like. You can do this where you go which gives you space and comfort that you need.