Past Life Mysteries


Past life is that the belief that a soul never dies and is born multiple times into new life forms. In several religions it’s believed that a soul travels on a continual path living in one body for a time, dying, and then coming into a brand new body to measure once more.

Too many individuals in our Western civilization, past life regression will appear far-fetched. I perceive this. Growing up, we have a tendency to do speak abundant regarding reincarnation, abundant less regarding past life regression. the aim of this text is to elucidate the method in a very approach that creates a lot of sense, not just for those whom the thought of reincarnation is new, however conjointly for those that area unit considering doing a past life regression sometime. this text is even for those that have already experienced it, as a result of anyone who has ever gone deep into a past life regression is aware of that its extraordinarily troublesome, if not possible, to totally describe it in words — and there’s an honest reason for that.

The body is free and you transition to a better vibration state, then you finally come back to a unique body to continue your soul’s mission (usually). Maybe the strongest proof of this is often the multitude of cases within which individuals bear in mind labyrinthine, personal details of past lives then later verify them. Another way to mention this is often to expertise the data that involves you by sensing and feeling it together with your body knowledge. As you are doing therefore, a slow unraveling of knowledge relating to that life can drop into awareness piece by piece within the variety of mental photos, emotions or intuitive insights because the journey of that life becomes more and more clearer. the data might alternately come back to you from the third-person or first-person purpose of read. The life might take sudden turns, however eventually you’ll get a control of the tip of that past life. this is often the purpose wherever you start to slowly determine with the lighter dimension of your soul-being that experiences a spread of lives for its own journey of growth, evolution and rousing.

Keep in mind that we have a tendency to area unit three-d beings. therefore past life regression is ultimately AN exercise in calibration into the non secular side of self that’s moving at a quicker rate, a rate that enables you to maneuver nearer in resonance with the non secular dimension of guides and departed admired ones, similarly as accessing data that may alter you to grow, evolve and awaken.

Imagination is that the entrance-way to the soul.” this is often true for past life regression. Your imagination launches this inner journey. The past life data then starts coming back to you slowly and appears like you’re creating it up. However, analysis shows that it’s going to be AN actual past life, a metaphor, or a mix of each. To the degree that you simply target no matter impressions your intuitive steerage shows you while not analytical mind comment, is to the degree that you’ll move deeper into the expertise. Roughly 10 minutes once the primary past life pictures begin to return, the session kicks into a “higher gear” and knowledge begins to drop into your awareness in this “telepathic download” of pictures in addition to “intuitive knowing” represented higher than. It later begins to feel “more real” as emotions might suddenly emerge out of obscurity, followed by the explanations behind the emotions 5 to thirty seconds later.


Paradoxically, even supposing the session begins by feeling like you’re creating it up, it always ends at A level of consciousness that feels a lot of “awake” and “aware” than your standard, everyday level of consciousness.

Getting deeper into past life

Trying to explain this state creates a brain-teaser. However does one describe a state of awareness that creates your traditional, everyday level of waking consciousness want it’s asleep? What goes together with the method of calibration in deeper together with your soul self is turning into more and more anchored within the present? As this happens, it becomes a lot of apparent that our standard states of waking consciousness seldom encompass being fully present; we’re typically lost within the world of our minds, subtly force into the long run or past, together with the mind’s endless comment, that per sages is strictly wherever all of the suffering resides. once you area unit free and become independent from all of the mind’s negative self speak, limiting beliefs, continual chatter, etc., a vast, calm clarity replaces it, together with a “knowing” on the far side words that you simply area unit ne’er become independent from this clear, awake, peaceful awareness.