All About Past Lives


It is quite familiar to hear people talking about past lives. This is a phenomenon which depicts that human soul is immortal and passes on from one physical body to another. The concepts or rebirth and reincarnation are ancient as well as popular.

When you are talking about past lives it is to be taken into account that there may have been a number of past lives or births before the one that is present. What happens is that the soul is reborn in a completely different physical body which can be termed as reincarnation. The ancient civilizations and cultures who have much more spiritually advanced than the others have distinct beliefs about past lives and similar concepts.

The basis of the concept about past lives and reincarnation stands on the point that the human soul is immortal. When a person dies, his physical body ceases to exist but at the same time, the soul leaves the physical body and later comes back to the human world in the form of a newborn. The whole process of reincarnation is also termed as the transmigration of the soul.

There have been numerous research and experiments about past lives by ancient civilizations and religions that are spiritually advanced. The concept of rebirth has been the center point of religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism. Even the ancient Greek philosophy had serious researchers about past lives. But again major sects of Christianity and Islam have different views regarding the same. Let us have a look at what the Hindu philosophy says about past life.

The Hindus believe that the soul has to travel to a cycle of birth and rebirth which is called samsara. This continues till the soul attains nirvana or the highest level of spiritual wisdom. During the process of birth and rebirth the life it leads, the work it does are termed as karma.

His conditions and experiences in his next rebirth are mainly governed by the karma of his past lives. Through each rebirth, he gradually becomes spiritually wiser and finally when is able to realize the universal truth and his true potential, he is known to attain the state of moksha or nirvana. His soul is free and attains eternal peace and happiness.

Buddhism has separate beliefs about past lives. The religion does not lay much importance on the immortality of the soul but stresses in the process of reincarnation and thinks that it is a kind of evolvement of the consciousness. The supreme soul or the atman does not tie one life with the next rebirth. What the Buddhists believe is that with every birth the consciousness of the soul evolves and there emerges new personality from the same stream of consciousness.

The civilization of the western world in the past, however, did not have much belief in past lives. In modern western philosophies, a new wave of thought called theosophy has evolved which is much inspired by the Hindu line of thinking. The school of theosophy is perhaps the first institution to speak about past lives in the western world.

The doctrine of theosophy says that the soul is a formless, all-pervasive force. It comes down from the ghostly world to the human world and goes through a simple harmonic process of birth, death and rebirth. Thus, with every birth, it gains some experience and at death attains purity. Then it once again goes to the sublime planes to have itself cleansed and then waits in its formless and timeless self to be reincarnated again.

Past Lives – Who Were You?


Past life regression/reincarnation is a rebirth of a mental capacity, such as a soul, in a physical life form, such as body. Past life regression is practicing to explore potential past live through hypnosis, also known as hypnotic regression. Hypnosis helps people sightsee memories that are removed away from their earlier lives. The idea that our spirits reincarnate dates back at least three millenium ago. Discussion of the reincarnation subject can be found in primal traditions of Greece, India and Celtic druids. It alluring- belief that our spirits are not limited to the decades of our life on earth, but we might have lived before, and we might live again after death.

It is tantalizing to have the belief that; perhaps you were of a different race, gender or social-economic class there is also a belief that you could have been a different species- a fish, cow, hyena, gazelle or dog perhaps.


Hypnotherapists have discovered that many people will degenerate further than their current time in life. When a person experience regression, the experience can be too extraordinary. Some of us have experienced extraordinary memories, feelings and sensations that give a clue of truth of such experience. There are strong signs that some of us might have undergone reincarnation.


Signs that your soul has reincarnated

It is true that some of us have most likely reincarnated, some might have gone through regression cycle than others and experienced the following characteristics.


1. Precognition

This is known as the’ future sight’ or ‘second sight’. It is the ability to foresee the future. Precognition can be experienced through physical sensations, feelings or visions. Many people experience precognition through dreams. This is a very real experience that shows evolution of spirit energy.


2. Retro-cognition

This is the ability to obtain information about past events without referring to any source. The past events could be available in your lifetime, or in the distance past. Though retro cognition it is very hard to verify, there are some people who experience and can verify it. The ability to experience and verify recognition c could be a sign of soulful reincarnation.


3. Change of gender in reincarnation cases with insights on transgenderism, transexualism, homosexuality, lesbianism and gender identity disorders

10% of reincarnation cases show that a soul changes gender. This observation gives us insight why people are lesbians, homosexuals or have gender identity disorders. If a soul is used to incarnating as one gender and then reincarnates to live in the opposite gender, then the spirit/soul may still identify with the previous gender it was accustomed to. This supports the fact why we have transgender issues, homosexuality, lesbianism and transsexualism.


4. You have great affinity for certain culture/environments/time period

Having great attraction for certain places, cultures or time period is a kind of past life experience of a place or culture that your soul was used to in past lives. For example you may have unexplainable attraction for Asian culture, African culture, Celtic artifacts, or the 18th century.


5. Recurring dreams and nightmares

Recurring dreams and nightmares are believed to be memories or clues of past lives. Many people have experienced dreams of locations with specific details that crop up their dreams several times, yet they are places they have never been to in the current life.

An insight of recurring dreams of places you have never been to in the current life suggests you have been to the place in the past life.


6. Dejavu

Have you ever had an abrupt surprising feeling that an event you are going through in the current life occurred exactly the same way before? You enter a cave in a forest you have never visited before. Yet every detail of that place is familiar. You know what’s in the dark corner and the old lion sleeping over there. You have the vast feeling you visited the place before. This is a strong evidence that you visited the place in your past life- did you?

Can Past Lives Heal Your Present Relationships?


Have you ever wondered why you may be experiencing conflict in your relationships, or why a situation plays itself out over and over in your life, without any resolution in sight? Or even, why you have certain behaviours you know you would prefer not to have, but cannot seem to stop them? Welcome to past lives!

Though some people do not believe in past lives, or are too frightened to “go there”, others have had experiences that confirm them to be very real. Past lives are not for the faint-hearted and a level of emotional and mental maturity is required in order to cope with what one may find.It calls for maturity and people who do not give up. It also requires persistence and working towards achieving that one goal that is hard to achieve. It is mandatory to be serious.

A friend of mine felt silenced by her husband. Each time she tried to voice her own opinion on a certain topic, he would walk out or refuse to listen to her. She would feel hatred and rage towards him and she kept feeling devalued. The same scenario kept being played out for several months with the same result.

One day, instead of carrying the rage and hatred around with her all day and trying to distract herself, she became curious as to why this pattern kept repeating itself and decided to sit with her feelings.

She allowed herself to expand the rage and hatred she was feeling and sincerely asked to be shown the real reason she was going through this experience in order to heal this issue.

She started seeing an image of herself in a closed coffin, being buried alive, and she then became aware that outside and a little further away, stood her husband in this lifetime, and he had been the one who had ordered her to be silenced by being buried alive!

Finally, she understood why she reacted with rage and hatred toward him every time he tried to silence her.

Her body was reliving this past life memory and now she had gotten to the bottom of it. Her lesson, that she had not learnt that lifetime, which is why this issue was playing out in her present life, was that she had not forgiven him and now it was time to do so.

A little more work was left to do before she could forgive him and as she asked to be shown why he had had her buried alive, she saw that he had his orders to do so and was just following through, because he knew no better.

Realising why he had acted as he did allowed her to forgive him and clear this issue between them, even without him realising it. He had actually helped her grow personally and spiritually through this by being the catalyst for her own healing.

Past lives can be very beneficial in relationships as a way to help each other heal and grow together. By reflecting back at what has happened and applying the same to move on.

Changing Our Life Path Through Past Life Regression


I was recently asked what would happen if a person were to regress to a past life, and through that experience, make radical alterations that may prevent you from being born into that past life or that family.

I have experienced many sessions with clients where, during a past life regression, they influenced the life so strongly through a change in attitude or decisions, that the outcome of the life was completely different. We can only speculate on what actually happens in these cases. Yet there are some science principles that we can refer to in order to more fully understand these potential alterations in our past lives.

The way that I visualize it is that in each moment we have perhaps an infinite number of paths we can take based on decisions that we make, consciously or unconsciously. All the decisions in the past have led you to this exact position in time and space.

When we go back and alter some of the decisions – typically by presenting a new perspective so that the actual character of the person is quite different – then it must require that the person is moving from one path to another. Whenever we learn or experience something new, we cannot go back to being the person we were previously. Even if we block that experience from our conscious recollection, we are changed. So, even the mere experience of viewing a past life has already changed who you are in the moment that you perceive it. You have new knowledge and have expanded the awareness of yourself.

In Quantum Physics, scientists have shown that observation affects reality. We can apply that concept to memories and past lives as well. We know that observing the past life changes us. But now we can understand that observing the past life can also change that part of you that experienced that past life. In the way that I do past life regression work, the present person can have conversations with the past life person, exchange wisdom and advice, and influence each other in rather remarkable ways.

New physics concepts are now telling us that all time exists simultaneously. All the possible paths are in existence, waiting to be chosen. Of those, there are paths more likely to be chosen – our probabilities.

As in hypnosis, where we are rewiring the way that our brains function in order to alter behaviors and perceptions, in advanced methods of past life regression we can rewire the way our consciousness remembers our life experiences and the pathways that we followed to get to where we are today.

I have experienced many sessions with clients where they did something radical such as is proposed here. A decision was made or an attitude was changed strongly enough that the outcome of the life was completely different. We can only speculate on what actually happens in these cases. The way that I visualize it is that in each moment we have perhaps an infinite number of paths we can take based on decisions that we make, consciously or unconsciously. All the decisions in the past have lead you to this exact position in time and space.

As a visual aid, imagine laying several strings side by side on a table. One string represents the line between the original past life and the present moment, before viewing the past life. The other strings represent all the other pathways that were available as life choices. One of those strings may represent a pathway that occurs when the past life is viewed and altered. It lies close to the original string, and is not so different because it is simply being observed.

When healing work is applied to the past life that radically changes the character and behavior of the past life person, that pathway is represented by a string more removed from the original string. It still may touch it at some point further back in time/space, but a “leap” is accomplished that puts the soul onto another pathway that is radically altered from the original probability.

Our Many Different Lives


The thought that the soul moves in a circle just as the planets orbit the sun is a way of life to some. There is the water cycle, the rock cycle and the way that day turns to night and then back to day in a never ending dance. The seasons change from Winter to Spring to Fall and then back to Winter, always coming back around. Reincarnation is the belief that when you die your soul does not transcend into Heaven or any other dimension, instead your soul is reborn through the death of your current vessel and into birth of your new vessel. Your soul is on this cyclical existence. Your body is viewed as a vessel or vehicle that carries your soul as a cosmic passenger. Although you can break this cycle it is not done easily, only after you have reached what is known as enlightenment may you break the chains of reincarnation. To reach enlightenment you must become completely centered and live a life full of love in every way, giving all you have while only taking what you need.

Known history shows the belief of reincarnation beginning around 500 B.C.E. in India and originating from the religion or belief system, Hinduism. Although reincarnation has been around before 500 B.C.E. there is no known documentation to prove this.Hinduism believes that the way in which you live your current life and the deeds you do has a direct correlation to the type of life you will have in your next life. If you are a good person and go out of your way to help people, then you will be rewarded and the other is true if you are a bad person and go out of your way to hurt people. Karma is the belief that what you do has a profound effect, not only on the individual or being that you are effecting but on you as well. The idea of Karma is tied into the belief of being reborn. When you perform good deeds then you are blessed with good Karma but when you do deeds of evil the you receive bad Karma.Karma is a derivative of the Sanskrit word “sri” meaning “action”. Some believe in Fate and others believe in Karma and the difference is quite large. With Fate you are saying that is has already been decided whereas with Karma you have the ability to influence the outcome of your life.

Throughout Eastern societies, reincarnation is accepted much more than any other region. The belief that the soul either transcends to heaven or is thrown into hell is more a Western ideology. The idea that your behavior in this life effects your next is a constant with Hinduism, Buddhism Christianity, Muslims, and Jews. The common theme is that your behavior is the key to what door is opened now each religion or belief system has its own idea on what is good and bad behavior. No matter where you go people are going to have different opinions but one thing remains the same, everything boils down to good vs. evil. Which side do you have you chosen to be on?

Reincarnation Is A Rational Concept


Reincarnation is a very interesting concept. Many people may be uncomfortable with it because they feel that it lessens the importance of this particular life. The debate can rage on though. The truth of the matter is that you want to be able to educate yourself and consider different points of view. A Buddhist is going to have a unique point of view when it comes to reincarnation. A practioner of Hinduism is going to make you look at reincarnation in a unique way. If the process is something that everyone goes through, then what is the overall danger? Life gives you the chance to explore things that society may consider weird. Do what makes you happy, look for things and ideas that make you smile.


People like to speculate who they may have been in the past. You may have spent your current life as a scientist, but you actually have a passion for cattle and farming. This might mean that you might have been a cattle rancher in a past life. You have a right to learn how you died in a past life, if people start making fun of you because you start talking about different things that happened in a past life, then they are not looking at the whole picture. There is no need to be rude to someone who is considering learning more about the concept of reincarnation. Even if you do not believe in the concept of reincarnation, look at someone else’s exploration of the concept as a healthy academic exercise. The speculation is healthy, the speculation can help people be more honest about the concepts of life and death.


It does not make you soft, weak or morbid to think about the concept of reincarnation . An individual that makes those arguments against the concept are not really making a sensible argument. If you study the scriptures, you will also notice that reincarnation does not go against the tenets of Christianity. If you believe that you may have been a race car driver in a past life, do your research. There may be names tied to this idea.


You may be able to find a way to remember different names of people that you men when you were working as a race car driver. You have to be able to remember people that worked in garages, worked as crew members and find a way to verify this information, that is the way to gain credibility amongst people that may not believe in reincarnation. If people are constantly criticizing the information that you come up with, don’t worry about what they think about reincarnation. This is about making a personal journey and having some personal satisfaction out of the process. You have to be able to celebrate spirituality from time to time. The concept of celebrating spirituality can be cleansing for the soul. People that spread rumors about you being crazy for exploring reincarnation are just jealous. Some of the biggest critics just don’t have the same thirst for intellectual curiosity

Benefits of Past Life Regression


Past Life Regression is valuable and the only source for clearing/healing traumatic experiences in prior lifetimes, which otherwise holds us back from full actualization in this life, and/or is causing distress. Additional benefits are activating creativity or a valuable talent that was actively expressed before but has remained latent or unrecognized in this life.

Past Life Regression can be the sole center of a spellbinding session or it can be started inside of the setting of a catalytic hypnotherapy session. A session might incorporate different encounters notwithstanding going by a past-life, for example, a regression to the past of this life, etheric plane correspondence, internal aide work, and/or life between lives work. The strategies habitually cover – both EPC and Reframing can happen in either this life or a past life. Inward Guides can be reached amid any of alternate systems.

Catalytic hypnotherapy’s name comes from speculative chemistry – for the most part considered as the science or craft of changing base metals into gold- – however the antiquated chemists were essentially worried with changing the human soul (with the façade of “science” serving to shield them from mistreatment), and reaching past lives was fundamental to their procedure. A key part of the procedure is adoring, tolerating, or making peace with things as they seem to be (or as they were in the past life), therefore liberating the vitality of change.

The advantages of Past Life Regression incorporate the accompanying:

Clearing/recuperating injury: This is the most widely recognized part of mending in past life regression. At the point when injury is experienced, choices incorporate running and changing, saving the past-life self (PLS) and presenting to him/her forward to the present, or review the injury and the life all in all from the viewpoint of the Higher Self.

Recuperating clear acts (the past-life self as the culprit as opposed to the casualty): Healing includes the PLS encountering regret (helped by one of a few techniques as required), either accepting the absolution of the victim(s) or performing a proper expiation, and acquiring pardoning of the present-life self for the plain act(s).

Reaching imagination: Most of us have had an assortment of gifts and attractive qualities at various focuses in our numerous past lives. We can excursion to one or more lifetimes (with or without first naming an ability or ascribe we might want to contact) and present either the characteristic itself or the PLS (who gets to be in actuality an Inner Guide).

Modifying past-life contracts: Part of our karma including someone else might come from a guarantee or assention made in a past life with that individual, for example, “I’ll never abandon you.” After reaching the lifetime where the agreement began, the past life professional, together with an Inner Guide of the customer (more often than not the Higher Self) learns whether there exists any extraordinary obligation or commitment, if so performing a suitable expiation, and after that reconsidering the agreement in a way most steady of the customer’s available needs.

Establishing/Affirming: While this advantage of Past Life Regression appears to be irrelevant – it is the most significant and huge explanation behind taking part all the while. Numerous customers subsequent to having finished a few Past Life Regressions state they feel more grounded in who they are; currently they comprehend why they have certain attributes, interests, wants, values, abilities, concerns, and so on and can utilize the data to carry on a more content and more healthy lifestyle in the now.

The Astounding Idea Of Past Lives Regression


From multiple points of view, past life regression treatment can contribute positively to your brain and soul. There are numerous past life regression therapists around who treat extreme mental issue to phobias. Many individuals claim that past life regression treatment with the guide of expert specialists are best

Practitioners argue that regression therapy is most effective to people who troubled by obsessive fears and suppressed mind conditions. To recover from trauma, a past life therapist help is essential.

Our day to day activities are subjected to impacts on our previous lives Karma and connected to the subconscious mind. If you can find out and pinpoint roots of bad karma in your subconscious minds that are committed in your past lives, it is very easy to identify your thinking style and incidents occur around you. These are the sole principles of past life regression therapy.

Simple information is given to you about your past life by a psychic informs, on the other hand, a past life regression therapist carries hypnosis on you. Different individuals have reported different impact through this therapy, and there are chances of getting emotional when memories are recalled during the therapy sessions.

For those who believe in past lives may find answers to their concern about the present life emotional turmoil. There are quite numerous challenges that we are faced with in our present lives. These challenges have a connection with the emotional turmoil of the past lives which have remained unresolved. And this unresolved turmoil gives rise to mysterious doubts, illnesses, etc. It is with the help of a Past Life Regression Therapy carried out by a past life regression therapist who helps to enduringly counteract, resolve and let go the effects of the past life on the current life.

The therapy induces a state of trance and posts these past life experiences unfold. The technique that is used then is the questioning, inquiring technique which supports in bringing out these experiences. Once experiences are learnt about, recommendations are provided.

Hypnosis is one of the ways to induce state of trance; one can even make use of guided meditation for the same. There are different stages that one goes back to during this therapy, beginning with childhood memories, womb life and after this to the past life where there were different kinds of experiences and finally to life among life state.

Some professional regression therapists record your performance in PLT sessions. You may watch and listen to your moves and talks once you are done with the therapy so that you can analyze where you went wrong in your past lives and where to improve and what to erase in your present lives.

Memories that are recalled in the past life regression therapy can vary from harmless to in fact rising misery in the patient or the concerned families. There are vivid memories experienced as those which have a base on proceedings experienced in one’s life. It is not possible to distinguish from factual memories of real events. This can even lead to a damage be tough to undo. Hence, it is all the more important to go to a certified and experienced therapist for this therapy to be conducted.

Life Is Just A Long Wait For Death..


Life is just a long wait for death….and death a gateway to life.

Reincarnation has been a popular word throughout history, across many regions of the world. Ancient India was the first civilization to study reincarnation in details. According to the Vedas, not only do humans reincarnate but gods appear on earth as avatars through reincarnation. The very physical body is seen as a secondary part of life, as a cloth one wears. The real essence of life according to the Hindu faith lies in the soul or the atman.

The Bhagavad Gita, part of Mahabharata is a series of conversations as a long poem, between Arjuna and Krishna. A little synopsis is needed to understand the complexity of these discussions.

Arjuna is sitting in his chariot which Krishna is driving. The chariot is tied to 5 horses and they are at the heart of the battlefield of Kurukshetra, where Arjuna is fighting his own brother and teachers. The battle is about to start when Arjuna loses all hopes and asks Krishna for help.

It is here that a philosophical dialogue takes place where Krishna explains the meaning of life through the prism of karma to Arjuna. He explains that even if he slays his own brothers and teachers in battle, their souls could never be hurt. Krishna insists that by the very nature of the soul it is indestructible, like energy it can neither be created nor destroyed, it is the ultimate form of everything. Krishna explains that the realm of the body is different than the realm of the soul. It is karma that links the two together. Karma is the force which pulls the soul down from the heaven to the earth.

The soul is like water, it takes the form and shape of anything “vessel” which contains it. It becomes one with the body for a short time and attains the karma of the body. A body is just chemicals without a soul. When life ends the soul simply leaves in search of a new body. Here the restless souls which have unfulfilled desires or karma in its past find another body to express itself. Souls of great men are liberated from this cycle as they lack desire. In Hindu faith, it is a sagely advice to leave all forms of desires during the last part of one’s life which is known as Vanaprastha. Often, the 5 horses in this scene are seen as the five senses and Krishna is the soul that drives and Arjuna is the body that enjoys and suffers the fruits and poisons of the senses.

Then as the religious beliefs expanded in ancient India it gave birth to another great religion– Buddhism. It also extendedly talked of reincarnation and the nature of the soul.

In Buddhism, the various lives that the soul enters are connected by their shared consciousness. Deep meditation can connect lives across the temporal span of each life the soul visited. The consciousness that Gautama Buddha achieved is known as what the west calls heaven. Anyone who mediates reaches this abode of The Buddha where one’s soul merges with that of the Great Banyan Tree under which the Buddha meditated. The soul can travel across space and time and is can become both a particle and a wave like light does and this finds ample mention in these ancient texts.