Past Lives – Who Were You?


Past life regression/reincarnation is a rebirth of a mental capacity, such as a soul, in a physical life form, such as body. Past life regression is practicing to explore potential past live through hypnosis, also known as hypnotic regression. Hypnosis helps people sightsee memories that are removed away from their earlier lives. The idea that our spirits reincarnate dates back at least three millenium ago. Discussion of the reincarnation subject can be found in primal traditions of Greece, India and Celtic druids. It alluring- belief that our spirits are not limited to the decades of our life on earth, but we might have lived before, and we might live again after death.

It is tantalizing to have the belief that; perhaps you were of a different race, gender or social-economic class there is also a belief that you could have been a different species- a fish, cow, hyena, gazelle or dog perhaps.


Hypnotherapists have discovered that many people will degenerate further than their current time in life. When a person experience regression, the experience can be too extraordinary. Some of us have experienced extraordinary memories, feelings and sensations that give a clue of truth of such experience. There are strong signs that some of us might have undergone reincarnation.


Signs that your soul has reincarnated

It is true that some of us have most likely reincarnated, some might have gone through regression cycle than others and experienced the following characteristics.


1. Precognition

This is known as the’ future sight’ or ‘second sight’. It is the ability to foresee the future. Precognition can be experienced through physical sensations, feelings or visions. Many people experience precognition through dreams. This is a very real experience that shows evolution of spirit energy.


2. Retro-cognition

This is the ability to obtain information about past events without referring to any source. The past events could be available in your lifetime, or in the distance past. Though retro cognition it is very hard to verify, there are some people who experience and can verify it. The ability to experience and verify recognition c could be a sign of soulful reincarnation.


3. Change of gender in reincarnation cases with insights on transgenderism, transexualism, homosexuality, lesbianism and gender identity disorders

10% of reincarnation cases show that a soul changes gender. This observation gives us insight why people are lesbians, homosexuals or have gender identity disorders. If a soul is used to incarnating as one gender and then reincarnates to live in the opposite gender, then the spirit/soul may still identify with the previous gender it was accustomed to. This supports the fact why we have transgender issues, homosexuality, lesbianism and transsexualism.


4. You have great affinity for certain culture/environments/time period

Having great attraction for certain places, cultures or time period is a kind of past life experience of a place or culture that your soul was used to in past lives. For example you may have unexplainable attraction for Asian culture, African culture, Celtic artifacts, or the 18th century.


5. Recurring dreams and nightmares

Recurring dreams and nightmares are believed to be memories or clues of past lives. Many people have experienced dreams of locations with specific details that crop up their dreams several times, yet they are places they have never been to in the current life.

An insight of recurring dreams of places you have never been to in the current life suggests you have been to the place in the past life.


6. Dejavu

Have you ever had an abrupt surprising feeling that an event you are going through in the current life occurred exactly the same way before? You enter a cave in a forest you have never visited before. Yet every detail of that place is familiar. You know what’s in the dark corner and the old lion sleeping over there. You have the vast feeling you visited the place before. This is a strong evidence that you visited the place in your past life- did you?