How To Develop Special Psychic Powers


Most people today don’t know that they can develop physic powers and they tend to ignore their intuition. Few of them can actually understand that they can perfect their psychic abilities if they want to, by paying more attention to their sixth sense. With a little more than inner peace and meditation, they can keep their spiritual skills strong. The following are some of the steps that people can apply in their lives, if they wish to improve their psychic abilities.

Create a Positive Attitude

People have to focus more on what make them feel happy and try to listen to their inner voice. This means that they have to find more time for themselves in finding out what can give them more joy or they can even find a hobby. It’s all about what makes them feel happy in their lives. Otherwise negativity and stress won’t let them focus to the supernatural and develop their spiritual powers. It is very important to let go of all the stress and bad vibes, in order to be able to move into a deeper state of consciousness.

Improve their Psychometry skills

They can actually do this by finding objects that will connect them with their past. For example, they can touch certain objects and concentrate on them until they can start feeling the history of the items. But in order to do this, they don’t have to force or put any kind of pressure on themselves, in order to get some kind of vibes. They just have to touch the objects and feel their way through this exercise. But they have to keep also in mind that this is not bound to happen always.

Expand their Imagination

This is very important psychic ability, that can give the people the power of imagining places they want to visit, without actually being there physically. In fact, they can imagine whatever they like; for instance, it can be a place or a store in their neighbourhood. Before they go to sleep, they can view in their minds these places and take good notes. For example, they can picture people, colours or objects and they can take a note of which ones match, when they actually go to this place and see around.

Strengthen Telepathy

They can learn how to be able to read others’ thoughts in complete silence. Even though this exercise can seem difficult at the beginning, they can start by guessing what other people are thinking whenever possible. They have to do this exercise daily, but without any help; they just have to guess. But they don’t have to be discouraged, because telepathy needs deep concentration in order to start developing and it may take years, but it becomes easier and more reliable with practice and time.

Keep on practising

People need to practice on a regular basis, in order to be able to develop -little by little- the psychic powers they want. Even if sometimes they feel they think they tried everything with little or no success, they have to keep working. Moreover, they need to remember that practising is a very important ‘tool’ for them, which will eventually give them the possibility to perfect their psychic skills. Above all, they need to believe that they will achieve their goal. After all, psychic abilities are given to those who deserve them.

How To Develop All Your Psychic Powers


We all have inborn psychic abilities but the society conditions us to hide them. We encourage the rational brain at the tragic expense of the intuitive brain. Regardless of the belief, there is nothing strange about psychic powers. Neither are they meant for the chosen few. Psychic abilities belong to those who can fine-tune their mind and just like other skills, they become astute with constant exercise. How do you fine-tune and develop your psychic powers?


Effectiveness in quieting the mind and sustaining a relaxed and comfortable state of mind and body is crucial for concentration. Your first step should be tuning your psychic ability to regular meditation. Psychic ability attunes the spirit. It’s essential that you learn to reach your core with ease for increased psychic connection to the universe. Start with a focal point, like a candle, to hold your attention and let go of mental wanderings. Breathe naturally and fluently without straining.

Have a sense of imagination

The sense of imagination lets you rehearse before taking action. It’s an effective way of solving unsolvable challenges. Acclaim childlike delight in creativity, fantasies and daydreams. Learn to visualize in an in-depth way to the very last detail. Place an object within your eyesight and examine its features, shadows, light and blemishes carefully. Close your eyes. How does it appear? Practice until the two images are fully identical.

Make use of your guides

In every experience and choice we encounter, our guides always offer assistance. They are always there; a single thought away. Building a conscious connection with them gives you power and efficacy in enhancing your abilities. This connection gets clearer and effortless with time. Don’t make the connection happen; simply allow it. All you have to do is ask.

Open up your chakras

It’s possible to elegantly design your future by developing a strong spiritual understanding to link you with your divine attributes. Developing your psychic ability requires you to open your energy centers. Every chakra is a different channel for psychic information and opening up the third eye is of extreme benefit. Your energy centers are always open and receiving psychic info, like the gut feeling about someone or something which just turns out true.

Perfect on your capacity to feel empathy

Some of us believe psychics are steeply tuned into the emotions, energy and pain of others. Such people have the ability to feel these in others like it were their own. Everyone is born with a certain degree of psychic empathy but it can be developed. Expert readers of body language can learn much about one’s inner feelings by reading their non-verbal cues. With psychic protection, you can shield yourself from other people’s negative energy.

Hone how you see a person’s aura

Aura is the energy field a person emits. It varies in color and intensity with different people. By clearly sensing one’s aura, you can incredibly see their thoughts. Psychometry allows you to read a person’s energy by touching their personal possession. Practice this by touching stranger’s possessions and try sensing the impression of the owner. This is something you can implement incredibly fast; even you might be amazed at how fast you start receiving impressions.

To an extent, everyone is in possession of psychic abilities though with most us this potential is never realized. Psychic abilities give you the sense of a factor exceeding the realm of your own existence. Base your faith on your High Power, the Universe or the Collective Mind and trust that they will guide you in using your abilities with wisdom and fineness.

The Psychic Power In You

Human beings are naturally mystic beings. The day we were born, we already had our predestination, it could be understandable if we call it fate or destiny. We were already sculpted to become who we are meant to be and along with it is our gift.

Not all people are interested with the psychic aspect of their lives. However, what we often miss out to understand or acknowledge is that, this is inherent in us, some are strongly manifested while others lie deep down inside and needs to be developed.

The ability to see the future as a clairvoyant, or to feel and recognize the aura, emotions and personality as clairsentience and to hear sounds or spirit impressions through sounds as clairaudience are usually off-putting for most people. We are hindered by fear to give these gifts a chance to develop or bloom.

While there are some who are interested in traversing the other side and receive guidance from the unseen, through energy or vibe, have sought some help and assistance in empowering their gifts and allowing it to resurface into their beings. So how do you develop your psychic power?

To start, one should be in fine tune with him or her self and that can only be achieved by having a peaceful mind. To free your mind and allowing it to soar into other dimensions and receive messages, you must let go of the baggages that weigh it down, such as hate, fear and doubt. You must develop a strong and open mind that is ready to encounter new and other worldly discoveries. Hate will block your mind from receiving clear messages and signals, it will distract you from your focus.

Meditate. To begin honing your psychic powers, you must learn how to meditate. Meditation does not only tune our mind and body, it attunes us with our environment and the nature. Listen to the sounds of the birds, the running water, the wind and the swaying of leaves. Nature sends out the strongest signals, it is a gateway to the other dimension, and through attuning ourselves with nature, we are preparing ourselves to enter a different realm. This may feel odd, but you can only tell that something is changing if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Be feeling. Be sensitive to the other person, each one of us is surrounded snd glows with a distinct aura or energy. If you become sensitive to the person, you will recognize his or her aura. Learn to focus and concentrate too, you cannot see or perceive the aura if you are distracted and is not focused on your subject. Aura is difficult to perceive, it requires attention and concentration, blinking can make it disappear so you need to focus.

Developing psychic power is not done overnight, it takes time and dedication. The willingness that you invest in it will pay out well in the future, but you have to be fully committed to it. It is a gift, but if you cannot handle it well, it might be a curse. Psychic power should be used to connect our physical world with the metaphysical world, for these two coexist and we inhabit both of the worlds at the same time. To tap on our psychic power can guide us in our living and it should be used to help others and for the greater good.

Learning New Ways To Develop Psychic Powers


Psychic powers are fascinating powers which mostly allow a trained person to look beyond the things hidden in the other people. Everyone has some element of psychic power but still can be developed. Below we look at ways on how we can develop our psychic powers.

The first way is to learn how to relax. When you are relaxed, then you are much more aware of the things that are going on around you, and you will tune into your inner voice. Many people feel anxious or tense at most times, causing them to be unaware of their surroundings. As you begin to breathe slowly and make a rhythm out of your breathing technique, then your body will begin to relax, along with your thoughts. Relaxing is a form of meditation which allows you to focus and center yourself on the concept or task at hand. By training yourself how to meditate or learn from somebody else, you will begin to understand what it requires empowering your psychic reading.

To develop your psychic powers, you should first focus on being yourself and living a life that you can practice what you preach. You will have to begin developing the so-called “art of noticing” which means that you will have to learn how to observe and learn. What you notice will affect how you feel, and you will then be capable of reading into what is going on around you. When you learn to notice things, then you will begin to interpret those concepts and ideas, relating them to symbols that are relevant to the area of your “sixth sense.” Our behavior and the energy that we give off will affect others in ways that are tremendous, and the same will affect you.You will improve your psychic ability by being attentive to yourself and what things affect the way that you feel. Your spirit and your emotions will fluctuate depending on the way that people treat you and the way that you respond.

There are different working tools that you can focus on; different working tools depend on what type of psychic telling you to want to produce. To develop psychic powers, you can focus on a tarot and think of blending images into a picture that is much larger. With the tarot, you will receive ideas and messages that are spiritual, and if you relax, then you have the means to add up all of the small pictures to determine the picture as a whole. When you put the effort into learning about the universe and adapting yourself to your universe, then you will receive important messages to the people and problems that are around you.

Timing is crucial when it comes to psychic abilities because it may take you time to understand how to use your psychic abilities and it will also take you time to learn how to relax. You will have to look at what you are comfortable with at the time that you are digging into the psychic realm; if you are not mentally or emotionally ready to interpret the meaning behind reading, then you shouldn’t force yourself. You will grow comfortable with each experience.
To develop psychic powers you will have to understand that you have to be strong in your body and state of mind to help others throughout their endeavors. Trust your instincts when you feel that you have been struck by something of significance because that is the purpose of intuition. The opportunities and the people that present them to you have a significance that cannot always be defined in the beginning. It isn’t until later on that you will see the quality that comes from a single encounter.

How To Develop Psychic Powers To Communicate


Most of us believe in the existence of psychics in this world who possess rare psychic abilities but the truth is that each and every human being, however weak or strong may he be, possesses this special ability to some extent within them. Though there are skeptics as well who claim that such psychic abilities are nothing but claptrap.Some seems to think psychic ability as something evil or devilish, a form of witchcraft may be. But chances are that you yourself communicate with a number of such psychic individuals in your day to day affairs.

There are various ways of confirming that you are psychic. One of them being dream interpretation. Have any of your dreams later turned out to be something that later happened in real life?Have you experienced an overwhelming sense of dj vu? You might be able to guess what is on the mind of another person every now and then without even asking them what they’re thinking about.Sensing certain energies or vibes is also another way to find out whether you have psychic abilities or not. If you can perceive the energy around you or through intuition you can know that something is not right, then it can be said that your psychic abilities are getting enhanced.

The reason why the psychic abilities do not come naturally or rather strongly to most of us are just because we are not aware of the fact that we possess them within. The first step you must take up is to accept yourself that you possess such psychic powers and thereafter generate and interest and desire to develop the same and take it to the next level.Since being psychic is not so socially acceptable, it is best to keep your abilities to yourself and not brag about them to others. This can bring on unwelcome feelings of being criticized by others who do not understand. It can cause others to laugh at you or talk about you behind your back. It is much better to focus on developing your abilities so you can use them to benefit yourself and others.

Expansion of your senses essentially starts from cleaning up all around you. That is, your home and your environment for a peaceful and relaxing surroundings. You must get rid of anything and everything that can conjure up negativity, since if you’re psychic within, things like these will hold you back.Your inner psychic alarm will go off to alert you when you come across these items. When you get rid of clutter you mind can more clearly focus and positive energy will surround you.You’ll have to create an area in your home that allows you to fully relax and get in touch with your inner self. Daily meditation and cleanliness is important to gaining emotional and mental peace.

Removing negative clutter from your life and living space is essential. You can better expand your senses, while ensuring a positive energy flow by driving away the negative.Choose a place in your home where you feel comfortable for meditation. Some of the most important factors to developing your senses are your feelings and emotions. If there’s even a trace of negativity surrounding you, your concentration will likely be affected.As you start your meditation, imagine yourself being in a really nice relaxing place like a beach or an island. Think only happy thoughts as this will help clear your mind and help you focus on what needs to be done.

When you free your self of negative physical, mental and emotional clutter, stay open to all the signs of positive energies. You may or may not experience such things as knowing the next song on the radio, or the next commercial on the broadcast, having visions whether past or future and sometimes both. You may know who is calling your number, knocking at the door or contacting you after years, months or weeks of no contact. Walking into your own dream scenes can occur. It all depends on your level of development.

Psychics very often have premonitions when they dream. It is important however that you do not attempt to force your dreams. Just let them flow naturally. Remain in a relaxed state and you will be able to focus on the visions in a normal way.You can keep your space open to positive energy flow by removing anything that blocks it with negative energy. Keep in mind to never absorb the negative energy you feel in and around others. You can do this while meditating. Draw in positive energy while driving out negative energy.Like many things in life to develop your psychic abilities you will need to practice. Be patient.After a while you will have more control in life using the energies that are around you. At all times trust your intuition and you will soon enjoy your powers!

How To Improve Psychic Powers


Psychic abilities is often developed and brought out by people who have the ability to connect their mind in some unusual way and unfortunately, most people are able to perform different psychic proficiencies but they fail to comprehend. Maybe it is because they are clouded by too much misperception or basically they do not know how to practice them. First, it is important to start with the inner-strengths that you already have so as to mend your skills; it’s easier and fun too.

Below are some steps that can help you improve your psychic abilities

Relax your mind

Meditation is considered to be fine-tuning for your brain groundswell patterns. It clears your mind to decrease the relieve tension and the metabolic rate contained in your body. When you practice meditation, allow your mind to concentrate on nothing else as you breathe slowly to fall into a state of relaxation. Meditation also improves your heart rate and boosts the energy level to cure hypertension which consents for a better mental performance.

Overcome your fears and maintain a positive attitude

Take a time out once per while to have a leisure pursuit or anything you find comforting to do away with any negativity or stress in order to keep you focused to your paranormal abilities. Fear and negativity deters the abilities more than anything. You need to overcome fear by being resilient as always because you will get to experience or hear new things when you are least expecting it and try to interconnect with your spiritual side so that you can be able face any magnitudes that comes your way. Do anything it takes to bring out self-reliance on your life. Feel spiritually and mentally free before you can start refining your abilities.

Believe in yourself

No matter how long your psychic abilities will take, never lose faith and remain upbeat this will help you meet your objectives in finding inspiration wherever you can. Involve yourself in reading various stories about others with similar abilities and seek for ways that will help you mend and trust your skills. Do away with skeptics or anything nominal towards your natural power because doubt will keep you from attaining your spiritual ventures.

Learn how to recognize intuition

Intuition is a gut feeling that rise above your logic. Everyone has intuition but for some people, they are able to progress intuition more than others. Trust your gut feelings more than anything and try to make your motivations pure and free up the psychic inclinations as you try to concentrate more on your random feelings and thoughts.



It will take determination and hard work in order to perfect you skills and even if they won’t develop for months or years always keep your head up and never lose focus. Believe that one day they will eventually come to pass. Practice anytime you are free make reference and follow any piece of guidance you come across with and keep in mind that anything worth your time and attention is worth earing so always work hard.

Important Tips on How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities


Psychics are individuals who have the gift that allows them to tap into the subconscious mind. Unfortunately, the majority of them may either have lots of clutter around them or have not come to understand how to improve or use them. As such, many people think that learning how to develop psychic abilities is such a difficult task. However, that is not the case and you will be surprised to realize that it is easier than you may imagine. As a matter of fact, practicing how to develop these abilities can be both fun and stress free. You only need to avoid putting too much pressure on yourself in order to master everything at once. With proper knowledge, it is possible to refine, bring out and develop these abilities.

There are some simple exercises you can do to improve your psychic abilities. To increase your psychic aptitudes, a little practice and patience are a must. For starters, it is advisable to begin with the strengths which you know you have. The following steps will be very helpful:

  1. Have someone bring you some little objects to begin practicing with

Ensure that these objects fit in your hands. For instance, things such as jewelry and keys are most ideal because metal is very good for holding energy. A piece of jewelry like a wedding ring will have more energy on it than one that is just used occasionally. Although an unwashed clothing material can be used, a small metal object is best for those who are just starting to learn how to improve their psychic abilities.

  1. Start by getting seated comfortably before taking a few deep breaths. The next thing to do is rub your hands together several times in order to allow the energy to start circulating. As such, you are likely to feel a tickling sensation in your hands. At this point, take the metal (or other object in your hands before closing your eyes. Relax, and be conscious of the feeling that comes over your body. Find out if you can feel, see or hear anything. Don’t worry In case you are not. Don’t think you have done something wrong here.
  2. Jot down all that you see, hear or feel. This may seem silly, but it is important. This exercise is meant to help you get familiar with receiving energetic impressions so avoid filtering anything. It is important to share your experience with a partner in case you are not working alone.
  3. After you are through, have the person who gave you the object you were using to give you his or her opinion. They should be able to confirm anything you felt, saw or heard. Please note that it is not a must to have a partner as this is a good exercise to practice while learning how to enhance your psychic abilities. It is very helpful particularly when it comes to sensing and reading energy.

According to the experts, objects such as vintage family photos or family heirlooms are interesting to practice on. You just can never tell what you might learn about your grandmother.

Tips on How to Develop Your Psychic Powers


We are in a cruel world full of people laden with dark secrets and intentions. You may not know if your friend is backstabbing you, that the person next to you is about to kill you, or that your child or spouse is lying to you. Simply put, the world is full of negativities which are getting more powerful each day. But, what if you could perceive everything happening without relying on direct evidence or reasoning? This is what we call having a psychic power, an extra sensory perception.

Several people in the world could have psychic powers, you could be one of them. Maybe they are just dead asleep deep within you begging to be awakened and used in the world around you. In this post, we are going to show you simple ways you could use to develop your psychic powers.


Meditation is a vital tool that allows you to tune in and turn off when you want. To attain psychic levels through meditation, you need to consider some few tweaks. Wear loose clothes to make you comfortable. Be in a private room far away from any form of distraction and sit in comfortably. With your eyes closed, take continuous but slow breath and focus on the third eye. Your imagination will begin to take you through a wonderland consisting of both amazing and horrible things. Talk with them, if they are bad, fight them. If they are good, embrace and cherish them. Practice this art on a daily basis.

Enhance Your Concentration Levels

Amp up your concentration levels. A good concentration makes a powerful psychic. A very simple way of achieving concentration is to sit in a very quiet room, get a white chart with a black dot at the center and hang it on a wall. Take your time and completely focus on the black dot. Doing this repeatedly will enhance your concentration levels tremendously.

Sharpen and Purify the Five Senses

For you to develop the Psychics’ sixth sense, you need to work on the existing five senses. Stay away from negative stimuli that can drag the purification process of your senses. For instance, avoid listening to negative things, eating bad food or watching bad things. Learn on how to become more sensitive. With time, your senses will become sharper and purer.

Discipline Yourself

A Disciplined lifestyle is a vital requirement for developing psychic powers. When you have self-discipline within you, it will become very simple to do thing such as meditation, eating good food, and taking time to enhance your concentration. Self -discipline instils happiness and the strength to connect with the universe. These are all good for psychic strength developed through an organized mind and a disciplined lifestyle.

Cultivate the Ability to see the Past, Present, and the Future

Seeing the past involves being able to unveil and comprehend the past journey of another person. To see somebody’s past life, you need to have a good memory. If you can’t remember what happened five hours ago, you won’t be able to see the past of other people.

To see the present, you need to cultivate a clear of mind and self-discipline. Seeing the present involves having a clear understanding of the present situation, how things are progressing and how the forces of dharma and karma interact.

To see the future, you need to cleanse your consciousness. Seeing the future involves having the ability to make precise predictions.

Seek Guidance

Seeking guidance involves finding a spiritual guru. With someone by your side to guide you, you will be on the right track to becoming a good psychic. The person guiding you must be a real psychic himself, humble and practicing what they tell you.

How to Develop Your Psychic Powers


You must have heard that it is possible to open your third eye, sixth sense. But the question is how. We all have the sixth sense but in some it is naturally developed while in others it is not. If you are one of those few blessed psychics whose sixth power is already functioning then you must have observed its power. But for those who are yet to develop their sixth sense, a new world is waiting for them.

Psychic powers can be developed through various methods and therapies. If you are keen to develop your psychic powers then this is the right place for you. Here we will tell you one method which is very easy to implement and will surely benefit you.

With psychic powers your life will change tremendously. Consult those who already have these psychic powers and ask them how this power helps them to heal their soul and become more focused in their life. After you will discover your psychic powers, you will find the way to your inner soul which will guide you throughout your life. You will be able to handle your life in a more balanced way and hence make the most out of it. May be in the beginning you find it quite hard to handle but slowly you will realize its power and will adjust well with it.

The psychic mediums can be divided into two types or dimensions. These are mental and physical. Both of these are different from each and the way they act is also different. A person using the physical medium has to use various objects, sounds or instruments. Chanting is also required. No objects or chanting are required in the mental mediums as these are totally different from the physical mediums. These can be of three types which are again different from each other. These three types are called clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience respectively.

Let us now develop our psychic powers:

1. Comfort yourself in a room with dim light and quiet ambience. Make sure you are comfortable and relaxed. Look straight, your back should be straight and you should find a posture which is the most comfortable.

2. Now concentrate on your breathing. Exhale longer and then inhale. Just focus on your breathing and just make your entire body calm.

3. Now begin your meditation and set up alarm for 15 minutes. When you realize that you have stable breathing then concentrate on your third eye. Through mediation you must locate your third eye which is in between your eyebrows.

4. Even after your alarm starts buzzing you must not open your eyes instead shut the alarm with closed eyes.

You should practice this everyday and you will soon develop your psychic powers. There are many such exercises and methods that can be used to develop such abilities in you. There is no person that can claim to help you get all these power without any effort of your own. But you can activate these if you are willing to follow the expert instructions.