Really Understanding Remote Viewing


Remote viewing and other psychic abilities are not out of body experiences, either. Instead, you can take advantage of remote viewing as a power you already have and just don’t know about. You can see objects, people and places without physically being there, but by using remote viewing techniques.

Remote viewing is not the ability to be in two places at once, contrary to popular belief. It’s also not a sharp tool whereby you simply have the result of being able to spy on a place, person, etc.rather, remote survey tackles a type of ESP and your psychic personality capacities to see what you need to see when you need to see. What happens, basically, is that the item or individual comes to you, rather than you going to an individual or object. You can do this just by carefully preparing for what you want to achieve — which is, after all, remote viewing.

Remote viewing techniques teach you how to harness power you already have; you only have to access it to use it. Think about this for a moment. Experts have said that we only use 10% of our mind’s abilities, with the remaining 90% untouched, and dormant. Using some of that remaining 90% gives you the ability to use your incredible mind’s power. Properly using and controlling, at least, some of that other 90% will allow you to use remote viewing efficiently.If you’re wondering exactly how you can take advantage of these endless assets of your mind and make remote review work for you, here are some basic procedures that ought to offer anybody some assistance with becoming fruitful with tackling their mind power.Perhaps the best way to start is to go simply someplace quiet and sit or lie in a relaxing position. For example, sit cross-legged on the floor or lie comfortably on a bed. The place you do this should be quiet and free of distraction.

In this quiet place, tart to do some profound breathing activities, which will quiet and unwind you. Breathe in and breathe out profoundly, squeezing your tongue lightly against the roof of your mouth as you do so. Focus on breathing “in,” and then “out,” gradually clearing your mind of all thoughts.

Third, suspend all disbelief of any human limitations that you think you have. Belief is what is ultimately responsible for a successful remote viewing occurrence; you need to believe that you can see objects, people, and events which you are not physically able to view.

As a first work out, practice by review your body sitting or lying there as you do this activity. Only for a minute, genuinely permit yourself to trust that you can see yourself lying or sitting as you seem to be, unwinding. For instance, you might wind up over your recumbent body looking down, or you might be thinking back behind you at yourself, staying there, profoundly casual. It’s imperative that you give yourself a lot of time to do this activity and be effective at it, as it can be to some degree hard to accomplish at first.

After you’ve successfully seen yourself outside of your body with these remote viewing techniques, you can begin to try more difficult exercises, such as seeing familiar places or objects within your current house or apartment, but that that are remotely located. Starting with simple exercises and then moving on to more complex ones will help you begin to believe truly in your abilities, which will make it much easier to do more advanced remote viewing exercises as you progress.

These remote-viewing techniques can help you begin to harness this incredible ability you have, but that you may not yet use. Believe in yourself and your abilities, and you can use these remote big techniques to establish yourself successfully with this talent so that you can use it when you need it.

There are various resources available to help you to learn remote viewing. Online or offline, you can find various books to help you. Also, hypnosis recordings are a great help to retrain your subconscious mind.

Remote Viewing Methods Using Affirmations


There are many distinct remote viewing methods which may be used, all of which usually have a common goal: using your ability to ‘see’ something which is far much beyond the reach of your five senses.
The ability to do remote viewing is a natural and innate ability. Everyone has it, yet many of us forget that we ever could do this type of thing as time passes. What is remote viewing? It’s the ability to see or sense something that’s not in your immediate location.

While remote viewing and its methods of practice may seem so-called ‘new age’ in their presentation, in fact, it’s like many other so-called ‘paranormal’ skills, and these are older than time itself.

Remote viewing, in fact, can have different names. Clairvoyant is one such in which the person can receive messages without the presence of a sender on the other side. Telepathy, on the other hand, is a phenomenon where there is both a sender and a receiver.

However, there are still more widely accepted abilities of extrasensory perception, such as maternal instinct when a mother simply knows her child is in danger without having any other information available to her and needs help.
However the most important thing is to find out the best among all these techniques that will suit the person going through such a feat, and the latter will be able to develop this skill swiftly and without posing any harm to the brain. The training in visualizations and meditation can help to a great extent in growing this skill and thus in this way we can train ourselves in extra sensory perceptions.

You can also use other helpful aids when you try to learn how to alter your consciousness state and increase your skills and psychic development with various types of media ‘help.’ For example, you can use books, sound technology tapes, or recordings like CDs that are useful to help you learn how to practice remote viewing.
At a certain time when we are taking this sort of training, we may find ourselves perceiving certain images that have no resemblance to anything that happened in our lives. At such times, we need to calm ourselves down and focus on the actual goal of enhancing our psychic abilities.

As with all forms of training, regardless of the field, it is helpful to start small and work your way through various steps needed to be successful. You can build on top of each lesson to arrive at a viable and useful conclusion.

While going through the training, we may select some images that we perceive in our mind. Then draw them or buy cards or snaps of these images.

It’s important that you be patient with yourself and the results you get while you’re practicing and learning how to become proficient in remote viewing methods and techniques.

As long as you stick to it and practice regularly, you’ll progressively improve, and soon you will be remote viewing with the best of them.Remote viewing can be the best if well practised.

New Remote Viewing Techniques


Within everyone, we have many amazing psychic talents that lie waiting to be developed. Remote Viewing is one of those potential abilities and here you can learn some of the best and also easiest remote viewing techniques!

Viewing remotely is all about the ability to see people, places, and things without actually being there! Once you have this ability, you will be able to see things that you are not near.

This skill is different to the likes of astral projection because both your physical and spiritual body stays together and in the same place.

Remote viewing is sometimes defined as being similar to dowsing in that you use your psychic powers of your mind to find the object you are seeking. It’s a form of ESP or extrasensory perception where you can view any place, thing or person, anywhere in the world.

To quote a well-known fact, we only use about 10% of our brains, and that is considered high – many out there hardly use half that.:) This leaves a staggering 90% of the brain that we do not use or even understand correctly. In this dormant 90% lies our psychic abilities and with some practice, they can be developed and used!

This is not the realm only of genesis’s as anyone can learn remote viewing techniques. Studies show that after people had reached the proper trance and deep brainwave state to spark this ability, they were able to succeed even if they had never manifested or shown any other sort of psychic ability previously!

You can use these methods to start developing your abilities:

Make sure you have no distractions and that you are sitting comfortably and efficiently in a peaceful, quiet place. Close your eyes.

Commence deep breathing. In through the nose and then exhale out through the mouth.

You must also attempt remote viewing with full belief and certainty. Your mind must believe that you can and, more importantly, will see the target. There are no half measure efforts when it comes to remote viewing.

Start off small! Attempt to see yourself from just a few feet away as if you were watching someone. That someone is you! Patience and focus will help you see yourself from a totally new perspective!

Once you have mastered this opening element, it is time to cast your private eye a little further afield. Think of and seek out a location you know well, the more detail, the better. The family home or some particular place will be fine. Do you notice anything not quite where it should be? Take a mental note and remember to call and verify your view later. This is a significant step in giving you confirmation of what your mind is capable of.

As you go through these and similar training sessions you will clearly notice the difference in the trance states you feel especially when you have had a successful viewing session. You will recognize the feelings you need to feel and be much better at getting yourself into the state. It is a condition similar to hypnosis even though you will be totally wide awake and conscious of what is going on; you will be accessing and using your subconscious mind.

Although our psychic powers are found in our subconscious, regular and focused training and the use of specialist remote viewing techniques will enable you to perform this skill at will.

Remote Viewing Dreams


Remote viewing is the ability to view a specific target in detail using only the power of the mind. It is somewhat similar to astral projection also known as O.B.E. or out-of-body experience. However, it is not in any way the same. While remote viewing, the viewer is in a state of fully conscious waking state of mind. There is no feeling of leaving the body or travelling. In addition, during the viewing process, the viewer receives the images and knowledge of the specific target they are trying to collect. If it is practiced frequently and for long periods, the remote viewer can become fatigued and / or tired. This can be easily avoided with proper pacing.

The key to learning remote viewing is to practice meditation on a regular basis. This will allow you to focus your mind in different ways and eventually to the practice and determination, you’ll find the right level of concentration required to receive remote images and information. It is also important that you want to succeed. You must have a strong desire to receive the information in your mind and believe that it is possible.

How are remote viewing dreams achieved?

The experienced astral traveler can simply initiate astral projection by meditating to achieve the optimal state of relaxation, and then sending their awareness out. But for the novice, it is not quite that simple. Actually, projecting ones awareness out to a remote place is not all that difficult. The hardest part is achieving the optimal mental state of the physical and astral being.

To prepare physically for remote viewing dreams it is recommended to use brain entrainment recordings. These recordings automatically allow a person to achieve an altered mental state that could otherwise take years of training to achieve meditation.

Then to prepare mentally, you must maintain the optimism that you can do astral discipline. If a person makes an attempt at a remote viewing experience with the intention to prove to themselves that astral projection dreams is impossible, then they will fail at remote viewing, but they will succeed in their negative goal. However, if your goal is actually to learn to learn remote viewing and other astral projection techniques, you can succeed. When you are ready to take the plunge into the astral remote viewing dreams, you just send your partial consciousness to the remote destination you want to see.

Whatever you do, do not let fear stop you from practicing remote viewing. This applies to your own fear and someone else’s fear. If it is something you really want to continue, then do it. Just know that as you practice remote viewing and to continue to improve, you’ll begin to see more clearly the truth of how things really are and you will probably experience some major changes in your basic beliefs about reality and how things work. If you ever start to reject the truth of what you see, you’ll begin to lose access to ability. It is for this reason that you should keep an open mind. If you remain open-minded, your ability to remote view will continue to grow and it will come to you very easily.

Remote Viewing Practise


Remote viewing as a practice of seeking impressions about unseen target has been used since the 70s. A remote viewer has been observed to possess the ability that can perceive a past or future target in the next building,in the next room and even around the world. In remote viewing space and time don’t make sense.What makes it stand out is the fact that it can be learned and practised by anyone.

For remote viewing to take place a subject, distant target, recorded subjects and a positive feedback must exist. A session can last one to two hours. When a remote viewers enter into a meditative state, they can access certain levels of consciousness and sense remote locations describing what they see there with accuracy which is an advantage when it comes to gathering of intelligence.

If you think of possibilities such as someone being able to develop remote viewing abilities, where he/she can be able to find car keys if lost, or find a child who has been abducted makes us believe that remote viewing might have other hidden abilities that might be accessible to humans. The power in our consciousness might be be greater than what we have been imagining all along.

People might confuse remote viewing with psychic. What makes remote viewers different from psychics is the knowledge and the willingness to abide by the stated scientific principles/rules. Psychics just learn the rules and try to follow them which makes them remote viewers. They use the term “remote viewing” as a description of certain kind of clairvoyance.

I believe it is important to make distinction between psychic work and remote viewing work. This will make sure mentalist,and all people pretending to be psychics cannot function in a way that is not approved in the protocol thereby locking them from accessing any source of information.

People who have experienced remote viewing say that it is the best method compared to mental martial art, however there is no guarantee that anyone who wants or feels like can be taught to be a good remote viewer. Persons can be taught by a psychic and practice until they the point they can have confidence in themselves and become better in obtaining information/data which will reveals how talented they are.

Some people have gone out and invented their own psychic methods which they tend to use independently from what is approved in remote viewing.

Well for those who have no idea where to start learning simple ways to acquire information is the best way to start and boost your confidence. Suppose you focus on the process and focus where your talent lies day by day you begin to believe in yourself and your ability to achieve it. Once you get comfortable in your skills you start to realize good results and start making the right decisions. It is also important to record your sessions to know what is working for you and what is not.

Remote viewing does not require some sought of natural special gift. Anyone who has a sound mind and good level of consciousness has a capacity to learn the technique and how to enjoy it.


Remote Viewing System


Remote viewing involves subjecting the unconscious mind to seek knowledge about some unseen or distant targets such as people, events or places. During the process, the person induced into remote viewing is expected to give information about any target that may either be away from direct physical view or separated by a distance between the viewer and the target. The target may be hidden from the viewer’s normal senses by distance, time or shielding from clear view. The beginning of the remote viewing session is characterized by defining the data being sought.


The development of remote viewing

The practice of remote viewing began as a government-sponsored research programme by a team of skilled psychics in the United States of America. After conducting an intensive research for many years, the psychics came up with a comprehensive training guide for remote viewing. The aim of the research was to study how the human mind can obtain information about a given subject using the unconscious mind. The study discovered a technique for data collection by the subconscious mind.

Scientists and psychics at the Stanford Research Institute developed the remote viewing protocol for defining distant targets. The protocol enhanced very high levels of precision, far beyond what the scientists initially thought. The system was then used for intensive intelligence and military operations by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the U.S military.


How the system works

The theory of remote viewing takes into account the existence of everything in the universe as a given pattern of information within the subconscious mind. The pattern of information existing in the subconscious is then translated into the conscious mind. In order to allow the subconscious to perform its role effectively, the remote viewer is encouraged to get rid of any rational thoughts during the remote viewing process.

During the viewing, the viewing protocol instructs and trains the subconscious to provide information about the target being focused. The viewer writes down the data obtained on the target and brings it closer to the conscious mind. Once perceived in the conscious mind, the information is put down in the form of drawing, sketch or three-dimensional models. Verbal techniques are also used.


The science-based remote viewing protocol

The viewer should attempt to perceive the identity or the nature of the target being focused until the session is complete.

The possibility that the knowledge of the target would leak to the viewer is avoided by all means. The viewer should not receive any hint about the target except information that is exclusively considered psychic.

The data for remote viewing is recorded to help in verifying the accuracy of the process.

The remote viewing experiment involves the provision for feedback.

Remote viewing is conducted within a well-planned project or well-defined target object, event or place. It is not a spontaneous activity.


Prospective students of remote viewing

Remote viewing lessons are conducted to any interested persons, regardless of age or background. No previous experience or special gift is required to successfully undertake the course. Real results, however, depend on the effectiveness of the training course and the instructor.


Application of remote viewing

Remote viewing is applied and used in everyday life situations such as stock market and futures trading, political and religious situations, studying upcoming catastrophic events, locating missing objects and persons, problem-solving, finding information regarding the past, present and future occurrences among other uses.


Remote viewing is a scientific skill that can deliver up to 80% of accuracy on any data. The session gives the subconscious mind the ability to find information on any subject under study.

General Insights On Remote Viewing


Remote viewing can be described as a structured discipline. It utilizes the unconscious mind in gaining knowledge on targets which cannot be accessed. The targets can be things, people, places and events which are past, current or yet to come. Do not confuse it with astral travelling. The session usually begins with a question that defines whatever data you seek. This question might involve anything from an unfortunate catastrophe yet to occur or simply finding your misplaced watch. Sometime back remote viewing was associated with the armed forces, however today it’s classified as a scientific mind study which assists in data collection. The levels of accurate projections which are realized from remote viewing today are unbelievable.

How Is Remote Viewing Applied?

Using the laid out protocol, your unconscious mind is trained to extract a sequence of data from a specific target. As you note whatever data you obtain, a certain connection is achieved with the target that provides more detailed information. Later on the information is expressed through drawings and sketches. In the remote viewing theory, the entire universal existence is just one big information pattern within your subconscious mind. At times it’s referred to as a matrix. Remote viewing allows you to merge with this pattern and extract certain threads into your consciousness. Sometimes remote viewing can be likened to quantum physics as it heavily challenges our understanding. Nevertheless those who undergo this form of training achieve their targets with high levels of accuracy.

Methods of Remote Viewing

Two main methods stand out during remote viewing.

  1. Extended Remote Viewing (ERV)

Here the remote viewer engages with a partner. They both lay down in a dark room and shift their minds into theta mode. Once in this state they describe to their partner what they visualize from focusing on the target. The partner is tasked with noting down everything. He can also relay questions. On completion of the ERV session he viewer is to write down anything left out while in session.

  1. Controlled Remote Viewing

It has a lot to do with writing and sketching down information obtained through vigorous protocols. During the CRV the viewer should be fully alert. There are about six concurrent stages on which CRV is built upon. By going through them your scope of view expands.

Remote Viewing Test

Anyone can test their remote viewing capabilities by looking into places, people and things which are highly familiar so you can later on confirm your results. Before carrying out the review test set your mind into a trance-like state where communication with your sub-consciousness is possible. To achieve this you must go into a total state of relaxation. Try to imagine a highly familiar location such as your workplace or the kitchen. Scour for anything which might be out of place such as unwashed dishes or an unemptied dustbin. Call the residence or office which you just pictured and inquire if any of the items you just identified were where you imagined them to be. This is a simple way of testing of your remote views are accurate enough.

What Is Remote Viewing?


Remote viewing can be described as a mental process that enables a viewer to provide details about a target that would normally be unreachable to ordinary senses because of time or distance or due to the fact that it is hidden. For example, the remote viewer can be required to give a description about a far off place that they have never been to or give details about an object hidden in a sealed container or describe a past event. In all these cases, the viewer is not given details about the target. It allows for the transfer of perceptual information through space and time.

Remote viewing is related to parapsychological phenomena like clairvoyance, telepathy and ESP in that it involves psychic ability (or psi).However, unlike ESP (extrasensory perception), it uses particular techniques which can be learned. By utilizing a set of technical rules (protocols), a remote viewer can observe an object, person or event which is far away in terms if space and time. In remote viewing, the concepts of time and space are rendered meaningless.

The term ‘remote viewing’ was first used in 1971 in an experiment done by a team of members of the American Society for Psychical Research led by Ingo Swann. Later in 1973, Ingo used remote viewing to correctly determine that the planet Jupiter had rings around it. This would later be confirmed by space probes. The team outlined five necessary conditions required for remote viewing to occur. These are: the remote viewer, ESP capability, a far-off target, the recorded perceptions of the remote viewer and a positive confirmed feedback.

Throughout the cold war, the CIA and the US military carried out various research programs to help deepen knowledge about remote viewing. Some of these programs include those code-named Sun Streak and Star Gate .These were recently declassified and made available for public viewing. By studying them,it is apparent how successful they were. For example one remote viewer was able to provide highly detailed and precise descriptions of Soviet Union military facilities. It is claimed that the programs still go on in secret and some remote viewers say they have been approached by the US government to help in anti-terrorist efforts.

Remote viewing is thought to work when trained viewers scientifically tap into what is called the universal mind. Through this process, the unconscious can be brought into the conscious. The universal mind is an extensive store of information about all things, without taking into account space and time. The remote viewer needs to enter into what is referred to as a hyper-conscious state where he or she concentrates on particular targets. These targets are part of the universal consciousness which covers all humans and all things. A typical remote viewing session can run for around one hour.

While there are skeptics who scoff at remote viewing, it has been proved that it works-but not all the time. A skilled and trained remote viewer may get results close to 100% accuracy but this may not happen every time. There are other factors that may come into play and affect the process. Additionally, targets may differ in terms of accessibility and complexity of description.

Potential of Remote Viewing


Imagine yourself being able to see people, objects and events that are far away without you having to be physically there. It is not about the use of the advanced modern technology; it is not about skype or other technological innovations. It is about the power inherent in the human mind. This is what remote viewing is all about. To spice it up, the distance between you and what you are remotely viewing is irrelevant. There is split opinion about the practical application and implications of remote viewing. On one hand there are those who strongly believe in the ability of the human mind to effectively and successfully engage in what many people consider to be fantasy. On the other hand there are those who think this is impossible.


Studies into remote viewing can be traced back to early spiritualist and occult literature. At that time this phenomenon was perceived as belonging to the supernatural realm. Some of the notable early researchers in this field include Rufus O. Mason, Alfred Russell Wallace and Michael Faraday who focused on determining the authenticity of these experiences. Though there were recorded cases of successful tests, they were however met with a lot of skepticism from the scientific fraternity. Thanks to advances in scientific study that has seen the advancement of quantum physics. Through this line of study remote viewing has been established as a reality that cannot be challenged. It has been proven beyond doubt that information can be transferred instantaneously across great distances at speeds faster than the speed of light.

Credibility of remote viewing

As if to dispel any doubt on the authenticity of this skill, governments have adopted this approach to gather intelligence for military and law enforcement purposes. Of course we know governments cannot consult shamans and spiritualists for their operations rather they are guided by objective and proven strategies in all their undertakings. In any case, though the kind of technology that the government agencies have been using has been treated as secret, it is now in the public domain.

Training for remote viewing

You too can now also access the remote viewing training methods without fear. However, you need to appreciate that there are numerous methods of doing these, what you need to do is determine the method or methods that work harmoniously with your lifestyle. The ability to remote view is not a preserve of any special category of people; it is with everyone. You just need to unlock your subconscious mind but are some do’s for this. Hence proper training is absolutely crucial.

Training materials

Remote viewing is not a trivial skill or experience; rather it is indeed a complex phenomenon. The same can safely be said about its training. However, this should not be a deterrent to anyone who wants to master this skill. There are numerous training materials available to guide you in effectively mastering remote viewing.

Using the right training you too can enjoy this wonderful innate ability to positively enrich the quality of your life and that of humanity in general.