The Art Of Telepathy

conceptual man and thought in the form of electric waves

There are many categories that fall under the heading of telepathy. Mind reading, being able to communicate with another person without speaking and even simply just being to feel or share emotions with someone else. It is the idea of being able to communicate with others while removing the standard physical attributes behind communication.

We as humans must never underestimate the abilities that can be unlocked through the understanding of our own mind. The human brain is one of the most powerful processors known to man, so why do we lack faith in our own thoughts?
There are numerous stories of twins having the ability to feel each others emotions and even think alike. Twins share a unique bond since before birth and have gained most of their life experiences together. They understand each other on an almost unnatural level and have been known to react quickly if the other is in trouble.

Stories of twins being able to detect if the other is in pain or danger are scattered throughout the world. It is almost if they constantly know exactly what the other one is thinking . One of the most commonly discussed and sought after abilities is mind reading, the ability to hear or sense someone else’s thoughts.
Have you ever wondered what a loved one is thinking? Mind reading may help in all social situations and aid in our natural instincts to understand others. How different would the world we live in today be if we all had the ability to listen to other peoples thoughts and take them into consideration before decision making? Many may fear this idea, due to the simple fact that your thoughts are not necessarily always your own.
There are multiple ways we relay thoughts and communicate with others without having to say a word. Body language is one of the most notable but can often be misinterpreted. Distance can be difficult for any relationship, more so if communication is unavailable. So what if you could relay your messages to someone without having to speak directly to them?

The ability to send and receive thoughts back and forth between you and someone else is the basics of telepathic communication. The user is able to open up a line of communication that may be heard clearly without the need to verbally speak to the receiver.
Intention is the first step to this process, if you want it your mind will grant it. Telepathy is a skill that most of us, if not all of us possess, yet we either fear to use it or do not understand how to.

So how do we begin to unlock this amazing power? Just as most skills require, through practice and patience.

You do not learn to speak another language in a day so do not expect to learn telepathy in a day, working hard with partners, slowly trying to judge their thoughts and see how they react is a start. You could even start with animals, we often connect deeply with our pets and this makes it easier for us to learn.

Begin practicing and its possible to unlock parts of your mind that you have only dreamed of. It will be a long process as well as an exciting journey, it just requires a little work.

Understanding Telepathic Communication


Telepathy is a form of communication which does not use the five general senses. Instead of getting your thoughts across through speech or visually, telepathic communication works through a direct mind-to-mind link. It’s a useful skill which every man and woman innately possesses and with practice, you too can communicate this way.

Whether you know it or not, you’ve already experienced telepathic communication. For example, when you start thinking of someone and you receive a call or letter from them right afterward.

These happenings are not mere coincidence. The person you were thinking of was thinking of you first, and you received this telepathic communication.

This person already meant to get in touch, and the telepathic link gave you notice that they were thinking of you and that they were going to contact you. Of course, this can work the other way around; which is why you may call someone you haven’t spoken with in a while and have them tell you that they had just been thinking about you.

Despite being very common, most people are doubtful of the existence of telepathy or that learning telepathy is something which they can do. A lot of us are held back by religious indoctrination which teaches us that these kinds of abilities are certainly the work of evil forces. Others are reserving judgment, doubting telepathy unless and until it is scientifically proven and accepted as fact.

Telepathy and speech complement each other and when used together, allow you to communicate exactly what you mean. Telepathy can’t always convey everything you want to say, but words can also prove inadequate. Using both of these natural communication abilities lets you be a perfect person and relate better to others.

Your practice sessions should be done with you at your home and your partner at theirs. This keeps you from picking up on facial expressions and other cues. Make sure that you’re both relaxed and free of stress before you begin; this will facilitate your communications.

One of you needs to go first and try to visualize clearly your partner. Visualize a connection between the two of you; many people find a beam of light to be a suitable image to concentrate on.

Next, visualize your thoughts being sent over this link to your partner. Choose something which won’t be easy for your partner to guess, but keep your transmissions simple at first.

Once you have made your telepathic transmission, call your partner to ask what if anything they have received, then switch places and try to receive a transmission from your partner.

Learning telepathy does take some practice, so be patient with yourself and your partner. Keep your transmission short; 15 minutes at the most when you’re beginning. If you don’t feel that you’re able to send your transmission in, this time, take a break and rest. Telepathy uses parts of your mind which are usually undeveloped, so overdoing it can tire you out.
Keep a positive outlook towards learning telepathy and practice regularly. You need to train your mind to use this skill, so be patient and before you know it, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of learning to use your natural telepathic abilities.

Looking At Telepathic Communication

Telepathy is simply mind to mind communication. With this kind of communication, one is able to hear sounds coming from a distance without having to use either symbols or sounds. There are however different ways in which telepathy is done. It can be done through telepathic impression which involves implanting a picture or an image into another person’s mind.

It can also be through mind reading which involves getting to know what is going on in another person’s mind without necessarily disrupting the mind’s activities. Another example of telepathic activity is mind control. This is where you use telepathy to control another person’s actions. Last but not least, there is mind communication which involves communicating with another person without use of any words. The communication is done through your mind.

Is there anything like telepathic powers? There are a lot of people who believe in the art of telepathy. Some people believe that it is possible to have telepathic powers and use them to control the actions of other people or simply implant images into other people’s minds. There are a number of people who have telepathic powers and have used them to help a lot of people. Telepathy is therefore something that is in existence.

There are people who have tried to explain telepathy with some of the events that take place in our day to day life. For instance, there are researchers who say that mothers have telepathic powers and this is why it is very easy to feel guilty when you do something that hurts or does not make your mother happy. This is one of the many proofs that telepathy is real. The reason you feel guilty when you hurt your mother is because you share a great bond with your mother and there is a mind to mind communication between the two of you.

Is psychic mind reading telepathy? Psychic reading is not always telepathy in action. There are a good number of people who would spend a lot of money to have a psychic read their minds. There is no such thing as psychic mind reading. No one can tell you what will happen in your life 10 years from now or even in the next minute. This is usually just a kind of art that a lot of crafty people have used to scam people of their money. People who have telepathic powers are however able to sense feelings and emotions that can be used to predict events.

There are no health dangers that can arise due to taking telepathy tests. However, it is very important for you to be cautious when you are seeking telepathic services to help you know certain things. This is because there are a good number of people who are simply out to scam people of their money and therefore pretend to have telepathic powers.

In conclusion, telepathy is a mystery to all and there is little evidence of it is existence. For this reason, it is important to do your research in order to know who really has telepathic powers before you decide to pay them for telepathic services or training.

What Is Telepathy


Telepathy is a term introduced by scholar Frederic W. H. Myers in 1882. It is a combination of two Greek words (tele; far away and patheia; to be affected by). Telepathy or telepathic communication, in common language, is a term used to describe the mind to mind connection. It may also be considered as the ability of a person to read another’s mind. Telepathic communication is a mode of communication which does not involve any of the five basic human senses. The art of telepathy provides a more efficient means of communicating.

Telepathy is not God gifted but rather exists in everyone and can happen to anyone. Generally, observations have revealed that people have telepathic tendencies but not all pay attention to these instincts and thus, they are left non-existent. However, telepathy is no magic that can spark up between strangers. Rather most commonly it has been seen that a telepathic communication establishes between people who are often sharing a close or intimate relationship. Though humans are automated to use words to communicate, we can also communicate with our thoughts. The problem is that we often block out our ability to sense the thoughts, feelings and views of others

In the modern world today, telepathic communication is seen as a very powerful psychic skill of a person. There is no scientific justification that can prove as telepathy being a genuine phenomenon. Lack of sentience, cynicism and societal views are often contributing factors in people locking out this special intuitive ability. People often confuse telepathy as being the ability to control another person’s mind. What needs to be clearly understood is that telepathy is not magic or any charm that makes another person spellbound. It is rather simply the non-verbal mode of communication that does not necessitate any sensory channels.

There are various techniques which are helpful in learning the wisdom of telepathy.

  • IF you wish to learn telepathy, you need to have a well-founded conviction and belief in its power.
  • Mediation is the key. It will allow you to relax your present state of mind and allow you to reach a higher mental level.
  • Disengage yourself from the physical surroundings.
  • BE patient. Telepathy is not magic and will not happen overnight. IT requires strong resolve and plentiful patience.
  • Focus on who is your receiver. It is important that you share a close and well-developed bond with this particular person.

There is an indication to suggest that mothers and newborns experience a telepathic link. Some experiments suggest that their heart beat synchronize and even when separated if the mother experiences a shock and her heartbeat increases, then the baby’s heart rate will increase too.

Telepathy is a form of communication on a deep level of our being. Exploring your own Telepathic abilities is an incredible journey. Although it will be fun and exciting, developing a strong foundation will take time and patience. When you connect with other beings, you are able to relate to them at a higher level; a greater understanding is created.

The Best Telepathic Communication

Telepathy is a highly purported transmission of information and highly reliable powerful psychic abilities in human beings. It seeks to focus on passion, feelings, perception and affliction. It is believed to transmit information from one to another person without the use of any recognized sensory channels or any other type of physical interaction. This is an earlier term that was developed earlier in 1882 by Frederic Myers a classical scholar and the founder of The Society for the Psychical Research. It is a highly powerful psychic ability that is still believed to the present day. It is highly referred as the most powerful mind-to-mind way of communication that involves the exchange of feelings between the sender to the receiver and vice versa.

This is a sure concept that calls for perfect believe and you must put it in your mind in order to believe. The concept is so real as long as you are sure with what you want to practice and that you are very sure with the concept. It does not call for any doubts and the secret is to believe in your quest and take your focus in a way that is deemed to give you the best results. The second important thing that you need to put in mind is mediation.

You must meditate a few times and minutes then put it into reality. A message will work well if you are sure with what you want to try and that you do not doubt anything. It has a powerful connection to your belief system. Most people think that this approach works excellently by professionals who have mustered human behavior. This is, however, not the truth and it can always be applied by the most novice of people and it will work excellently. However, proponents of these concepts believe that not all who put it into practice will be highly successful in getting the best telepathy results.

This form of practice does not have any of scientific evidence that can indicate that it is indeed a real phenomenon. Most of its critics have been able to raise a lot of evidence and arguments that show it does not really work well. Most of it studies have proved that it does not have replicable results that can be controlled by experiments.

Reading other people’s minds can happen in many ways and critics believe that it is based on a perfect guess. It does not show any clairvoyant and has some indisputable evidence. There is a lot that can be researched on this topic, but the good news is that if only you have a strong believes in your heart. It will work excellently and offer extrasensory perception that seeks to focus on mental exercises. It has the best abilities that give it excellence and high degree of focus and believe.

If you want to exercise this concept, you can start by sitting across from your partner then decide who will be the receiver and the sender and then sit as you face each other from a perfect upright position. The secret it to make sure that your body is straightly facing each other then close your eyes. You then spend few minutes to settler in your position and clear your mind from any doubts.

The Phenomenon Of Telepathy


Telepathy can be described as s psychic phenomenon involving communication between two minds, without using extra tools such as body language or is the transfer of emotions or thoughts from one mind to another. It enables a person to perceive hidden things using just the mind and it is fundamentally a form of divination, or extrasensory perception. But telepathy can be put to much more use, and skilled telepaths can concentrate and apply their powers of the mind to various practical uses.

Telepathy is frequently associated with several types of paranormal phenomena such as clairvoyance, empathy or precognition.Nostradamus, the famous French prophet, is widely considered a powerful telepath since he was able to perceive and predict future historic occurrences. This type of telepathy is termed as precognition (extrasensory perception of the future).

The term ‘telepathy’ was coined by Fredric W.H Meyers, combining the Greek word ‘tele’ (distant) and ‘patheia’ (feeling). In 1882, The Society for Psychical Research (S.P.R) was established in England. Its mandate was to study and investigate psychic phenomena, including telepathy and its different forms. However, much if the research done by the Society was flawed, conducted under poor conditions and full of false evidence and cheating. Several decades later, US researchers, when conducting research on psychic phenomena, improved on the telepathy tests done by S.P.R and published a book detailing their results and conclusions in 1940.

Telepathy is not a just another staple of comic books, science-fiction movies or TV shows. It is a genuine psychic discipline, and it has been comprehensively studied by scientific bodies, doctors and even government agencies for various uses. Whereas skepticism follows every research, interest in telepathy has gained traction over the years. It gained significant interest in the First Word War, when grieving families attempted to use telepathy and spiritualism to talk to their friends and loved ones who had died in the war.

In today’s world, telepaths provide different forms of psychic communication. Some apply their abilities to divination like Nostradamus. Others say they can read minds or put their thoughts into another individual’s mind. There others still who claim they can tap into the cognitive feelings of others or even speak to the dead.

Other kinds of telepathic communication involve the connection of minds between family members and twins. People in love may share an extremely strong emotional bond and experience some telepathic linkage. A lot of people may probably experience some temporary occurrences of telepathy in course of their lives. They may have abrupt and inexplicable moments of impulsive or instinctive behavior which can be ascribed to clairvoyance or precognition.

Individuals who are able to enhance their telepathic capabilities feel more open to the emotions and thoughts of those people in their vicinity. They also experience elevated senses and instincts. Nevertheless those telepaths who find themselves unable to control their telepathic ability find it a big burden or even a curse. There are some people who speculate that the voices heard by schizophrenics are in fact a torrent of mental information or telepathic transmission which the schizophrenic person cannot process.

Even though many scientific experiments focusing on telepathy continue to be conducted even by prestigious universities, telepathy is still unacceptable to many scientists. Some parapsychological research studies have shown favorable outcomes. Examples include card guessing exercises using a specialized deck of 5 sets of 5 cards. The exercise involves one person (the agent) thinking of a random sequence of the card symbols while the telepath (percipient) attempts to use telepathy to discern the sequence which the agent is focusing on.

A Trick Or A Treat For Your Mind


Have you ever tried to send a telepathic message to your room-mate, asking him to pick up bread on his way home? Or have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk a mile in somebody else’s shoes?

Telepathy makes it possible.

What is Telepathy?

Telepathy is when there is a communication that occurs between two minds. It includes thoughts, ideas, feelings, sensations and mental images. To put it simply, it is a psychic phenomenon of mind-to-mind communication. Even scientists from Harvard University had conducted an experiment recently according to which the theory of mental telepathy has been proved.

What are the different kinds of telepathy?

  • Superconscious Telepathy

This is getting into the deepest level which is the superconscious, to tap into the collective wisdom that enhances knowledge of the humans.

  • Latent Telepathy

This is when, between sending and receiving, there is a transfer of information with an obvious time-lag.

  • Intuitive, Retro-cognitive and Precognitive Telepathy

To put it in simpler words, this is when there is a transfer of information about the past, present or future state of one mind to the other.

  • Emotive Telepathy

This is also called the remote influence or emotional transfer. It involves the transfer of kinaesthetic sensations through the changed states.

How is it evolving these days?

Nowadays, even universities and the militaries are trying to harness the power of mental telepathy. Telepathy can also be used to further strengthen the bonds of interpersonal communication and intimacy.

The idea of sharing someone else’s thoughts and experiences itself is extremely powerful.

It is also believed that telepathic unions will signify the next phase of not just social interactions and human communications, but of sexual intimacy and personal communication as well.

How do you know you are psychic?

Usually the abilities start showing from a very young age. Some of them are stated below.

  • You may be extremely aware of your surroundings, often knowing the proximity of an area without even looking.
  • Or you may remember details that usually other people forget.
  • Having an out of body experience can be one of the abilities.
  • For you material things may start becoming less important.
  • You may also dream of unusual places that can’t easily be explained.
  • Without talking to the people around you, you might also have the ability to feel the emotions of them
  • Hearing voices is considered an ability and patient seems to hear sound which does not exist.
  • feel more in tune with nature
  • You might have unusual strong feelings when you meet somebody for the first time and these feelings might come true later on.

To sum it up, no matter what the science fiction says, it is not possible to exchange thoughts with other people, or influence their minds, without using both senses and technology. Unless you wear the helmets on, no matter with whom you want to communicate – thousands of miles away or with somebody sitting in the next room , the communication will remain a fantasy.

There is enough evidence to reasonably substantiate that the phenomena exists. But, in order to quantify it, seems to be a different matter all together.


Telepathy, Science, and the Future

Telepathy, a broad area which focuses on sending and receiving information from one mind to another, is something that most people do not think possible in our world. Even those who believe in the existence of metaphysical or supernatural beings may not always consider telepathy as an actual ability and instead think of it as a superpower or something which only occurs in worlds of fiction.

One of the main reasons for that may be the fact that the scientific community has tested telepathy as well as its subjects for centuries without finding any discernible evidence that it exists. At the same time, many fictional tales have discussed telepathy at length as individuals who can read other people’s minds have been a subject of fascination since the dawn of time. As such, the majority of the world might have linked telepathic communication to popular culture and fiction, often placing it in the same category as flying or superhuman strength.

Even so, one has to remember that science is not always the answer to everything. In truth, many of the things we take for granted today were once items of fiction or, even worse, items of ridicule even amongst scientists. As humans, we only ever witness certain parts of the world as our physical and mental prowess is limited by our very biology. For example, think of all the colors you see around you. While we may think that the world is made up from whatever the human eye can see, the truth is far more complex than that.

It is biologically impossible for the naked human eye to view X-Rays or infrared, for instance. If we consider the fact that our world may not be what it seems, that Earth itself is but a tiny part of the universe, and that our progress is only just starting, telepathy may well be a skill that humanity as a whole can develop in the future.

Alternatively, it might be a skill that humanity can actually create from scratch. Though it is now the work of science fiction, brain implants could be commonplace in future times. Then, humans might be able to communicate with one another using nothing but their thoughts and that could easily be considered as the first tangible form of telepathy known to mankind.

The implications and consequences of such a thing are tremendous though even the concept of telepathy through technology is too far away to worry about it right now.
Though not everyone is the same, it is true that we tend to have negative reactions to things we do not understand. Of course, it is quite scary to think that many aspects of the world that we perceive as real may actually be illusions.

However, nothing is set in stone and anything that we consider fundamental to the human experience can shift as the world around us changes. If, at some point, humanity advances and evolves beyond the current bounds of logic and reason, telepathy could be at the forefront as a newly found skill. After all, who knows what the future holds?

Telepathy Communication

Telepathy is the communication between two minds, where one person is able to receive a thought or feelings from another person in a different location through mind contact without using the five known senses of the body such as sight, sound, touch, taste or smell senses. To make contact via Telepathy communication, one does not require the use of sensory perceptions or any other modes of communication and this makes it possible to pass information with anyone.

Nevertheless, most people think that this a rare ability gifted only to a few individuals but actually the reason why they do not make use of it is due to lack of awareness of the ability that lies within them and lack of proper training. What I mean to say here is that telepathy is an ability that can easily be learn by everyone.

The ability to achieve mind contact comes natural to human beings and with close evaluation you may realize that many times you have experienced telepathy. For instance, maybe you were thinking of a friend or a family member and they eventually turns up at your doorstep or could be you were thinking of someone whom you have not talked to in months and you suddenly get a call from them. Sometimes it also happens that people who are together may say the same thing at the same time. All these undermentioned facts are excellent examples of telepathy.

Everyone is born with the ability to communicate via the power of mind but lack of awareness and training prevent many from being able to communicate in this way. However, today there have been a great advance on the level of usage of telepathic communication with more people opening their minds and rediscovering this natural ability.

Some of the major techniques that you require to establish and achieve telepathy is a relaxed mind and concentration. A relaxed mind greatly increases telegraphic power and makes you receptive to receiving and sending telepathic communications. A relaxed mind also helps you to easily go into a trance like state when establishing a telepathic connection with another person.

Once you are able to achieve that trance like state, then you are able to think about the other person on the receiving end to whom you are making the contact and this enables you to start sending positive thoughts to them. You need also to have a strong belief and confidence that the other person is receiving your message.

The art of telepathy is a more efficient means of communicating as its environmentally friendly, location of either party does not hinder transfer of message and it’s instantaneous. But Like learning any other skill, perfection of these skills may take some times and thus ones need to be patient in order to achieve the goal, instant results may not be evident but with more practice one is able to improve their talent.Knowing that this means of communication works is the key thing regardless of your telepathic or psychic powers that you have at the moment.