The Phenomenon Of Telepathy


Telepathy can be described as s psychic phenomenon involving communication between two minds, without using extra tools such as body language or is the transfer of emotions or thoughts from one mind to another. It enables a person to perceive hidden things using just the mind and it is fundamentally a form of divination, or extrasensory perception. But telepathy can be put to much more use, and skilled telepaths can concentrate and apply their powers of the mind to various practical uses.

Telepathy is frequently associated with several types of paranormal phenomena such as clairvoyance, empathy or precognition.Nostradamus, the famous French prophet, is widely considered a powerful telepath since he was able to perceive and predict future historic occurrences. This type of telepathy is termed as precognition (extrasensory perception of the future).

The term ‘telepathy’ was coined by Fredric W.H Meyers, combining the Greek word ‘tele’ (distant) and ‘patheia’ (feeling). In 1882, The Society for Psychical Research (S.P.R) was established in England. Its mandate was to study and investigate psychic phenomena, including telepathy and its different forms. However, much if the research done by the Society was flawed, conducted under poor conditions and full of false evidence and cheating. Several decades later, US researchers, when conducting research on psychic phenomena, improved on the telepathy tests done by S.P.R and published a book detailing their results and conclusions in 1940.

Telepathy is not a just another staple of comic books, science-fiction movies or TV shows. It is a genuine psychic discipline, and it has been comprehensively studied by scientific bodies, doctors and even government agencies for various uses. Whereas skepticism follows every research, interest in telepathy has gained traction over the years. It gained significant interest in the First Word War, when grieving families attempted to use telepathy and spiritualism to talk to their friends and loved ones who had died in the war.

In today’s world, telepaths provide different forms of psychic communication. Some apply their abilities to divination like Nostradamus. Others say they can read minds or put their thoughts into another individual’s mind. There others still who claim they can tap into the cognitive feelings of others or even speak to the dead.

Other kinds of telepathic communication involve the connection of minds between family members and twins. People in love may share an extremely strong emotional bond and experience some telepathic linkage. A lot of people may probably experience some temporary occurrences of telepathy in course of their lives. They may have abrupt and inexplicable moments of impulsive or instinctive behavior which can be ascribed to clairvoyance or precognition.

Individuals who are able to enhance their telepathic capabilities feel more open to the emotions and thoughts of those people in their vicinity. They also experience elevated senses and instincts. Nevertheless those telepaths who find themselves unable to control their telepathic ability find it a big burden or even a curse. There are some people who speculate that the voices heard by schizophrenics are in fact a torrent of mental information or telepathic transmission which the schizophrenic person cannot process.

Even though many scientific experiments focusing on telepathy continue to be conducted even by prestigious universities, telepathy is still unacceptable to many scientists. Some parapsychological research studies have shown favorable outcomes. Examples include card guessing exercises using a specialized deck of 5 sets of 5 cards. The exercise involves one person (the agent) thinking of a random sequence of the card symbols while the telepath (percipient) attempts to use telepathy to discern the sequence which the agent is focusing on.