Understanding Telepathic Communication


Telepathy is a form of communication which does not use the five general senses. Instead of getting your thoughts across through speech or visually, telepathic communication works through a direct mind-to-mind link. It’s a useful skill which every man and woman innately possesses and with practice, you too can communicate this way.

Whether you know it or not, you’ve already experienced telepathic communication. For example, when you start thinking of someone and you receive a call or letter from them right afterward.

These happenings are not mere coincidence. The person you were thinking of was thinking of you first, and you received this telepathic communication.

This person already meant to get in touch, and the telepathic link gave you notice that they were thinking of you and that they were going to contact you. Of course, this can work the other way around; which is why you may call someone you haven’t spoken with in a while and have them tell you that they had just been thinking about you.

Despite being very common, most people are doubtful of the existence of telepathy or that learning telepathy is something which they can do. A lot of us are held back by religious indoctrination which teaches us that these kinds of abilities are certainly the work of evil forces. Others are reserving judgment, doubting telepathy unless and until it is scientifically proven and accepted as fact.

Telepathy and speech complement each other and when used together, allow you to communicate exactly what you mean. Telepathy can’t always convey everything you want to say, but words can also prove inadequate. Using both of these natural communication abilities lets you be a perfect person and relate better to others.

Your practice sessions should be done with you at your home and your partner at theirs. This keeps you from picking up on facial expressions and other cues. Make sure that you’re both relaxed and free of stress before you begin; this will facilitate your communications.

One of you needs to go first and try to visualize clearly your partner. Visualize a connection between the two of you; many people find a beam of light to be a suitable image to concentrate on.

Next, visualize your thoughts being sent over this link to your partner. Choose something which won’t be easy for your partner to guess, but keep your transmissions simple at first.

Once you have made your telepathic transmission, call your partner to ask what if anything they have received, then switch places and try to receive a transmission from your partner.

Learning telepathy does take some practice, so be patient with yourself and your partner. Keep your transmission short; 15 minutes at the most when you’re beginning. If you don’t feel that you’re able to send your transmission in, this time, take a break and rest. Telepathy uses parts of your mind which are usually undeveloped, so overdoing it can tire you out.
Keep a positive outlook towards learning telepathy and practice regularly. You need to train your mind to use this skill, so be patient and before you know it, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of learning to use your natural telepathic abilities.