Secrets Of Astral Projection


In general, the majority of the population has heard of astral projection. They may have heard of it from a reading a book, watching a movie or from an enlightened friend. However, it seems very few know that astral projection is a genuine occurrence. It is something that we can all naturally do. You may have even projected and never realize that you did so. Many people do.

First, you need to know that astral projection is real and it the ability of any individual to depart their body. We all have this ability and it happens we are asleep during the night. When we are asleep, our body is at rest, our control is taken by subconscious mind a process called astral projecting, though most will not recall doing so. You can go wherever you want when your physical body is asleep. Your astral body travels.

This brings to mind the next question, what is the astral body? The astral body is the invisible duplicate of the body, commonly known as the ethereal body. It is the core of our feelings and desires. Why doesn’t the astral body leave and not come back? The astral body is tied to the physical body with a silver cord.

The silver cord first connects as the astral body fuses with the physical body. This is not exhausted until after death when the astral body leaves the physical body for the last time. The cord prevents the astral body from not returning.

You may wonder where you may go when you astral project. Astral body goes to the astral plane. It is the invisible double of the Earth. It has a faster vibration than the physical Earth and its vibrations penetrate to the center of the Earth. Some define it as another dimension of reality. However, the majority agree that there are many levels of the astral plane.

The key to astral projection include knowing what you are doing and where you want to go while doing it. You must have complete control of what your astral body may be doing, since your thoughts control your projection experiences.

If you prepare yourself properly beforehand you can find yourself able to astral project very quickly. There are a number of professionals in the field of astral projection that teach different techniques to help a person gain that control and have a better experience, though most prefer to astral project on their own at home.

For instance, you can create the right state of mind by listening to quality astral projection conscious recordings. It will assist you relax and moves you through the stages. This is beneficial since you can continue playing the recording repeatedly until your subconscious mind picks up the message that it is all right for you to leave your body.

You should not become frustrated when you are not successful at astral projection when you first begin. You must practice the art to perfect it. It is not something you must acquire, since we are all capable of doing it. However, you need to fine-tune your natural ability since you have forgotten it.

Are you still not so sure? Think about the last time you dreamt you were flying or felt as if you had fallen. It feels similar to flying when the astral body moves throughout the astral plane. When the astral body returns to the physical body the perception is much like falling and landing. Astral projection is naturally very real. We can all do it and find it beneficial in many ways. It does however; take time to fine-tune this natural ability.

Out Of Body Interpretation

According to Astral projection, the physical body is separate from the astral body that has the ability to travel without our physical bodies. The astral plane aids the astral body in mobility after being denoted from the physical body. Religion has a good account of astral travel where the spirit parts with the body to higher realms. Meditation and dreams are another way of experiencing astral travel. Doctors have reported that some patients explain such phenomenon after hypnotic and hallucinogenic experiences. There is no scientific backing for this situation apart from pseudoscientific.

There are various accounts of astral projection including those from India, Amazon, Inuit, China, Japan, the Bible, western and Ancient Egypt. These accounts are discussed below:

The Bible

The claim by Williams, Muldoon, Carrington and Peterson that physical and subtle body attachment is via psychic silver cord has Biblical backing. You can have a look at Ecclesiastes’ last chapter, the second letter of Paul to Corinthians. Scherman critiques the Ecclesiastes evidence but what Paul writes to Corinthians has a good acceptance.


Alchemical Taoist culture in China involves formation of an energetic body through breathing meditation. The drawn energy pearl is among the explanations of out-of-body experiences. The practice makes it possible for one to have two different bodies with the same facial appearance. The Chinese Daoist documentation has incidences whereby a sleeping Daoist can have two bodies that perform different functions such as sleeping and singing which later merge to form the original being.

Ancient Egypt

When you talk of religion it is hard for you to ignore Egyptians. Some traditional religions such as those in Ancient Egypt believe in soul travelling. Their teachings portray the ability of one’s spirit hovering out physical bodies in form of a subtle body.


The mythology in Japan has an ikiryo which is one’s soul manifestation outside his or her body. The traditional believes in Japan show the ability of ikiryo avenging on behalf of the real self. Your enemy can be dealt with in your absence by the travelling soul which also has the ability to announce a curse to their targets.


Yoga Vashishta-Maharamayana scriptures by ancient Hindu Valmiki have ideas like Lin’ga S’ari-ra. In modern India, Paramahansa Yoganada group holds this astral projection view from their experiences with Swami Prahabananda. We also have those who practice it like Osho. More so, astral travel is believed to be among the Siddhis achieved by practicing yoga.


Flying to consult cosmological beings for names, visiting mountains to the peccaries’ father, going underneath water and healing is possible via soul flight. This is a tradition among the Waiwai about the ability of the yaskomo.


Solution of problems among a few Inuit groups has been possible using out-of-body experiences. This is a special function of special people who sojourn mythological places to seek various answers.

In conclusion, astral travel is a phenomenon that has existed for ages. It was in the ancient religious societies; it is evident in Biblical writings and still exists in some modern societies in India, Japan among other regions. It is a situation that lacks scientific evidence but has enough historical backing.

Astral Travel and Projection


For ages, humans have wondered what happens to them after death and this forms the basis of many religions and general spirituality. The out-of-body experience (OOBE) is where an individual feels as if they are floating outside their body. During this phenomenon, the spirit (or soul or consciousness) is separated from a person’s physical body, and therefore they can see their physical body and the world from an outside perspective. The out-of-body experience is usually much more vivid than a dream and is therefore easily distinguishable.

Scientists have used the out of body experiences to try and gain an understanding man’s existence. Understanding the workings of the soul and its composition has been one of the biggest obstacles in this quest. Some of the scientists have claimed that they can manipulate the human brain to stimulate out of body experiences. Studies indicate that about one in ten people have had an out of body experience. Most people are however unable to explain how it happens since it is their first time.

While people can undergo this experience spontaneously, in others it may be correlated to issues like mental stress, dehydration or total overload in the brain. A surgery patient might observe his or her body being operated on. A person who is close to death may experience a type of OOBE called a near death experience (NDE).This a well-known phenomenon and it even has religious connotations. Other individuals may experience OOBE as they fall asleep.An OOBE can also induced by sustaining mental alertness even as a person enters in the paralysis state that sleep causes. In other words, this entails prolonging the stage between being awake and being asleep. This transitory stage is usually marked by vibratory sensations and sound. By making these vibrations go on for longer, this can be used to trigger an out-of-body experience .People who are knowledgeable with workings of the spirits have formulated methods to induce out of body experiences. These methods are mainly linked to meditation.

OOBE have similarities to astral travel or astral projection. This is a process through which a person leaves their physical body and takes on another form-the astral spiritual body. Astral travel basically means traveling outside one’s body. This is usually done through total silence while meditating. The Astral dimension is the other world where the astral traveler goes to. It is a different world; distinct from the world lived by the physical body.This astral dimension (also called the astral plane) has sometimes been associated with the afterlife. This is the life form that the living, particularly humans, take on after death. This dimension has also been linked to the stars and it is said that the universe supports the spirit of an astral traveler. The stars are also said to be the origin of the human psyche.

There are people who believe that OOBE confirms that the non-physical human form can live separately from the physical body even after the person dies. Nevertheless, whereas OOBE experiences seem as real and believable as normal events, they usually exceed what occurs in the normal, physical world. Because nothing really leaves a person’s body, these experiences may not be necessarily be paranormal and may hold little religious value. But they are still fascinating and worth pursuing.

Astral Projection – The Experience



Anecdotes from different people all over the world have been narrated about the conscious mind leaving the physical body especially in one’s death bed. These out-of-body experiences are called Astral Projections.

Astral projection has been a common theme for different forms of literature since this idea has rooted from ancient origins. The depiction of the soul traveling through a lucid dream is usually seen in films wherein the characters get the chance of viewing their loved ones crying over their unconscious body or drawing revenge among those who have caused them harm. The out-of-body experience gives them the chance to do what they were not able to do in their lifetime as well as to change what could be in the future.

This theme involving astral projection has become universal for claims of soul consciousness apart from the body reflect from different cultures and religions. The Westerns believe that the individual’s body is a “small world” called microcosm while the universe is a “great world” called macrocosm. They associate the astral projection in the attempt of these subtle bodies to traverse each realm.

In China, such phenomenon is attributed on the transfer of energy through meditation wherein energy is being circulated, thus, separating the soul from the body. They believe that this happens when a person goes to a sound sleep that sets off the soul from the physical self.

In Japan, the astral projection serves as an evil eye. The phenomenon provides an opportunity for the person to exact revenge to those who harmed them. This is in contrast with the Inuit belief that the phenomenon serves as a special ability enabling them to foresee and to warn the community for any forthcoming bad luck or misfortune.

Astral projection is said to be done through meditation or lucid dreaming. Both claim that a person who undergoes this process is totally aware of his or her environment. The spirit has its own way of separating from the physical body to move in another dimension where the concepts of death and after-life are associated. The normal attributes of a human being are not given to astral bodies such as floating, flying, and passing through concrete walls. This is where the idea of ghosts springs from. It is even believed that the feeling of like falling or walking though quicksand while dreaming is already a manifestation of astral projection. Thus, it reflects the various ongoing mental activities even while sleeping.

While most people claim this phenomenon during sleep or hypnosis, some takes this activity by merely relaxing. Through concentration, they tend to deviate their spirit from the physical world. Theories claim that these people still find their way back to reality through a metaphorical silver cord connecting the traveling consciousness to its physical body.

At present, science cannot still provide an objective explanation on this phenomenon. Hence, the awakening of one’s consciousness is quite fascinating giving us the opportunity to travel, to discover the after-life, to deal with invisibility, and to explore the power of the mind.

My Scary OBE

An out of body experience, or an astral projection is defined as a phenomenon where a person’s consciousness is detached from his physical body, and travels or exists outside of the body. I had personally never heard or read about out-of-body experiences until I experienced one firsthand. Underneath I explain the event as it happened to the best of my memory.

It was around 3:00 pm, on a lazy friday afternoon. I had just come home from college, and decided to doze off for a while. I stretched out across my bed, stole a last glance at my phone, and then closed my eyes in the hopes of drifting off to a soothing afternoon slumber.

What I experienced next wasn’t soothing in the least, in fact, it scared the living shit out of me. I felt as if I was being lifted off my bed, like you feel when you go up in an elevator. My stomach felt jittery. Everything was pitch black but I was completely lucid and could hear the neighbour’s dog barking outside. This feeling of rising seemed to go on and on – in my mind I thought two things; either I’m having a heart attack or I’m dreaming. I tried opening my eyes, moving my hands and legs but I couldn’t. My entire body was paralyzed, but my mind was active, active like it is right now.

Finally, after tremendous effort, I managed to open my eyes a little. What I saw, horrified me. My face was just two inches from the ceiling. My lifeless body was levitating in thin air. I could still hear the neighbour’s dog barking. I wanted to scream. It was then, I felt my body descend downwards, the elevator feeling was back. Finally, I was back on the bed and had broken free from my paralysis. I looked back at the ceiling and caught a fleeting glimpse of a vague human like facial appearance. It had long hair and a mourful face. I felt as if I had seen it before. It startled me to the core, so I rushed downstairs to my mother’s room. I did not tell her what happened, but I checked my blood pressure, my pulse was over 100.

A few weeks later, I shared this incidence with my friend’s dad who is a yoga teacher. He conveniently explained to me, that what I experienced is actually quite common. Some people can even deliberately induce an astral projection. As a matter of fact, Dronacharya, from the Indian epic Mahabharta, leaves his physical body temporarily and travels in his astral form to go see if his son is alive.

Science says “One in ten people have an OBE once, or several times in their lives”, but I haven’t met a single person who has had an experience similar to mine. I have tried inducing an OBE deliberately. I have tried using the point shift approach, the interrupted sleep approach etc, but haven’t had much success so far. I wish to experience an out of body experience on more time.

Projection – OBE


The astral projection/out of body experience/OBE as most people recognize it to be called, has been around for centuries. You may have seen TV shows that highlight someone who has had an Out of Body Experience due to dying for a few minutes then leaving their bodies only to return back.

An astral projection/out of body experience/OBE can be defined as a paranormal phenomenon in which consciousness or spirit or soul separates from the physical body and observe the physical body and the physical world outside. An Out of Body Experience can be mistaken for a dream or daydream. However, an Out of Body Experience is much clearer than a dream and cannot be mistaken for one.

Most OBEs are spontaneous, that is, people are not consciously. Spontaneous OBEs occur when people are in a traumatic situation, ill or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or near death.

Some induce OBE for a number of reasons. They could simply be curious about the experience and might want to know more about it. Or they might want to have an OBE just to know if it is true. They might want the power or knowledge or they might want to help someone or they just want to have fun.

OOBEs tend to move people deeply. You cannot have an OBE and brush a side experience. The OOBE will transform your life in one way or another. The experience might bother you, move or transform you completely.

These three tips below are good to recall when searching for tips for having an out of body experience.

Be Determined – The first of the three tips for having out of body is experience that you ought to recollect is that you should not think you are going to fall flat. When you are agonized that you are going to fail, you will find that you have problems.

Know your desires and beliefs – The second of three tips for having an OBE is to realize what your beliefs and desires are. You might find that you are eager at to begin with, however there might be questions you hiding under the surface. When you discuss what you’re anxious about with individuals who have astral projection, you can know what it truly is. If you are anxious or if you doubt that you can do it, then you will find that you can’t do as such.

Practice – The third of three tips to have an OBE is to practice all the time. You ought to invest some time every day to work on your astral projection techniques, and you should to attempt to do the same time every day. Make sure you are not too bothered, because it is difficult to completely relax if you are afraid that a pet or your child will enter the room at any time.

Many individuals decide that their best time to work is before going to sleep, as this is when most people are generally relaxed. The only downside to this is that you can fall asleep.

Out of Body – OBE


What is Astral Projection?

Astral projection also called astral travel is an experience that involves a feeling of floating outside one’s body and is usually perceived as an out of body experience. The OBE (Out Of Body Experience) is based on the assumption that, there exists an Astral Body which is unconnected from the physical body and can travel outside it.

The Out of body experience can also be defined as an experience of leaving the physical body in astral body form and observing the world from a position where you can see the physical body.

Astral Projection Techniques

. The Rope Technique

This method was formulated by Robert Bruce and it entails an imaginary, invisible rope which is hanging from a ceiling. The imaginary rope is used to employ dynamic pressure at one point of the astral body to force separation from the physical body.

One has to reach out the imaginary hands and pull him or herself up the imaginary invisible rope. Slight dizziness will be felt as you do this and the feeling will intensify as you pull on the rope. The feeling of coming free of the body will be noted and one can exit the body in the direction of the imaginary rope hence hovering above the body.

. Out Of Body Experience from lucid dreams

A lucid dream is a dream whereby the dreamer is conscious that he is dreaming. A person is already out of the body in a lucid dream.

. Watch yourself going to sleep

One has to lie down on his back facing the roof, relax the body, and clear the mind of unwanted thoughts. You should tell yourself that in the act of sleeping you will watch yourself. You are going to sleep with your mind alert and the body asleep. Consciousness should be retained even when the body is going into complete trance.

When relaxed completely, a rather strange, distinctive sensation will be felt as the body moves into sleep state. One must conscious as this unfolds and at a particular point, the feeling that the body is heavy and numb will felt.

. Displaced-awareness technique

In this technique one has to close the eyes and enter into trance state. Feel yourself just over your shoulders, sense the room and what is going on all around.

Then assume that the astral body is rotating slowly by 180 degrees such that when finished the astral head should be in the position of the physical feet. The goal to this is to forget where you really are and depose your sense of direction.

Imagine yourself floating and rising towards the roof and make it as real as possible. You will eventually find yourself out of the physical body.


Why should we Astral Project?

Astral projection experience helps people to realize that they are more than just the physical body. This realization helps people be more at peace with the many changes that affect their physical being over time. Plenty of things will still affect people, but those who astral project will not be deeply affected as they know that they are more than just their physical bodies.

The experience also makes people learn about the vast universe and the inner dimensions of the universe within them that they are unaware of when they are conscious.

Astral Projection Vs Science


Astral projection (or astral travel) often called an out-of-body experience (OBE) that assumes the presence of an “astral body” separate from the physical body. The Astral body is capable to move out of the physical body. The thought that people can leave their bodies amid dream states is an antiquated one. Many philosophers, around the globe, trust that it is conceivable to take a mind trip with inestimable insight through visions and distinctive dreams experienced amid astral projection, otherwise called out-of-body experiences.

However, science believes in evidences. Astral projection might be a significant affair, yet the central issue is that there’s truly no real way to experimentally measure the hypothesis whether a man’s soul “leaves” or “enters” the body. The least difficult and best clarification for out-of-body encounters is that the individual is simply fantasizing and imagining.

Since there is no exploratory proof that the spirit exists — or, so far as that is concerned that cognizance can exist outside of the mind — the hypothesis behind astral projection is rejected by research scientists.

The scientists continuously contradict the authenticity of astral projections because there’s no confirmation that those individuals who leave their bodies are really going anyplace — and positively not any place on Earth. One in number bit of confirmation that the “travel” happens in the psyche is that the individuals who come back from out-of-body encounters can’t give irrefutable points of interest or data about the spots they’ve been or what they’ve seen during their mind trip.

Researchers contend that if consciousnesses can fly, experience dividers, and circle the globe, it ought to have been a basic matter for astral projection groups to give feasible answers to the worldwide issues, for example, terrorism or can give energizing developments as far as space disclosure.
Researchers say that these out-of-body encounters are a sort of mental trip activated by some neurological system. It is additionally conceivable that some out-of-body encounters are the after-effect of imagining amid what is called “micro – sleep” — nodding off for any place from a small amount of a second to a large portion of a moment, and not understanding it.

This is regular when individuals are drained, unwinding, or doing repetitive exercises, for example, whole deal trucking. At times the individual might trust they have been out of their bodies for a considerable length of time or even hours when truth be told they essentially experienced micro – sleep.
To conclude, we can regard astral projection as a controversial subject. Although, science proposes that there’s no such thing as an existence in the wake of death, the reality is many individuals still believe in such psychological activities. Thus, all you can do is stay liberal to both conceivable outcomes.

You control your decisions, and you control your inward clear dream encounters. It’s the main way you’ll have the capacity to feel safe in an out-of-body experience. Astral projection is a stimulating and safe leisure activity that can appear to be significant, and now and again even groundbreaking. In any case, there’s no investigative proof that out-of-body-encounters happen outside the body rather than inside the mind, if science is to be believed.

Explaining The Out of Body Experience

Astral projection also called astral travel is an interpretation of out-of-body experience that assume that there is a separate body “astral body” that is outside the physical body that is capable of travelling outside it in an astral plane.

For example; dreaming is an unconscious astral projection. It is an example of astral projection because when you sleep, your soul leaves the physical body. The soul literally leaves the 3D physical body. How does this happen? This experience is caused by pineal gland, a very point part of the brain.

The idea of astral projection is also used in common religious accounts of afterlife, in which the soul’s journey is described as an out-of-body (OBE) experience. The spiritual traveller leaves the physical body to travel in “astral body” into high realms. It is associated with dreams and other forms of meditation.

Patients have reported cases of astral projections induced through various hypnotics and hallucinogens. There is no scientific evidence that one can consciously leave the body and make observations, these claims of astral travels are pseudo-scientific.

Astral projection is basically conscious sleep, for example when you start to fall asleep and you happen to wake up before it occurs you can literally feel your soul coming back into the physical body. At this point you feel like you are going to fall down. When you feel like your head is exploding that is the first step to starting an astral travel. You feel pressure in your brain, and your body starts to feel a stinging sensation. Then the whole body becomes flabby, your soul leaves the leaves the body after a short while, this will happen if only you are able to control it.

Through astral projection you can do a lot of things. In this state you can speak with friends that are long dead, people that are still alive, your spirit, beings from other dimensions, or can fly around the world like a superman.

Techniques of experiencing astral projection

This may sound crazy to some, but it’s real. There are hundreds of techniques of experiencing astral travel. Some may work, and some may not work for others. If one technique doesn’t work for you, I would advise you to try others. These two are the most effective.

The Monroe technique

It was invented by Dr. Monroe Robert. You follow the following steps; relax your body. Then try to get asleep, but make sure you don’t fall asleep. Start to clear you mind of the unwanted thoughts. Look through your eyelids at the blackness in front of you. Relax deeply. Induce vibrations throughout your body and make them intense. If you are able to control your body and intensify the vibrations further, the astral body will separate from the physical body.

The rope technique

A key ingredient to this technique is making the assumption of an invisible rope hanging from your ceiling. This rope will be used to generate a lot of pressure at a single point on you astral body to force its separation from the physical body. Reach out with your imaginary hands and pull yourself, pull the imaginary rope hand over hand.

You will start to feel a dizzy sensation; this feeling becomes intense when you keep on pulling the rope. Keep on climbing upwards and you will feel the vibrations start. You will feel the body get paralysed. Don’t stop pulling the rope. Next you will feel yourself coming out of your body moving into direction of the imaginary rope. That is when you experience astral projection.