Explaining The Out of Body Experience

Astral projection also called astral travel is an interpretation of out-of-body experience that assume that there is a separate body “astral body” that is outside the physical body that is capable of travelling outside it in an astral plane.

For example; dreaming is an unconscious astral projection. It is an example of astral projection because when you sleep, your soul leaves the physical body. The soul literally leaves the 3D physical body. How does this happen? This experience is caused by pineal gland, a very point part of the brain.

The idea of astral projection is also used in common religious accounts of afterlife, in which the soul’s journey is described as an out-of-body (OBE) experience. The spiritual traveller leaves the physical body to travel in “astral body” into high realms. It is associated with dreams and other forms of meditation.

Patients have reported cases of astral projections induced through various hypnotics and hallucinogens. There is no scientific evidence that one can consciously leave the body and make observations, these claims of astral travels are pseudo-scientific.

Astral projection is basically conscious sleep, for example when you start to fall asleep and you happen to wake up before it occurs you can literally feel your soul coming back into the physical body. At this point you feel like you are going to fall down. When you feel like your head is exploding that is the first step to starting an astral travel. You feel pressure in your brain, and your body starts to feel a stinging sensation. Then the whole body becomes flabby, your soul leaves the leaves the body after a short while, this will happen if only you are able to control it.

Through astral projection you can do a lot of things. In this state you can speak with friends that are long dead, people that are still alive, your spirit, beings from other dimensions, or can fly around the world like a superman.

Techniques of experiencing astral projection

This may sound crazy to some, but it’s real. There are hundreds of techniques of experiencing astral travel. Some may work, and some may not work for others. If one technique doesn’t work for you, I would advise you to try others. These two are the most effective.

The Monroe technique

It was invented by Dr. Monroe Robert. You follow the following steps; relax your body. Then try to get asleep, but make sure you don’t fall asleep. Start to clear you mind of the unwanted thoughts. Look through your eyelids at the blackness in front of you. Relax deeply. Induce vibrations throughout your body and make them intense. If you are able to control your body and intensify the vibrations further, the astral body will separate from the physical body.

The rope technique

A key ingredient to this technique is making the assumption of an invisible rope hanging from your ceiling. This rope will be used to generate a lot of pressure at a single point on you astral body to force its separation from the physical body. Reach out with your imaginary hands and pull yourself, pull the imaginary rope hand over hand.

You will start to feel a dizzy sensation; this feeling becomes intense when you keep on pulling the rope. Keep on climbing upwards and you will feel the vibrations start. You will feel the body get paralysed. Don’t stop pulling the rope. Next you will feel yourself coming out of your body moving into direction of the imaginary rope. That is when you experience astral projection.