Mind And Its Power


Mind and Power – How to Guide yourself to be more Successful?

Our brain has the ability to collect huge number of information so we are going on collecting it without thinking of a means to make use of it. Knowing is important, but utilizing what you know by converting them into actions plays a bigger role.

While our brain discovers new things every day, let’s find out how many of such concepts we do apply in our daily life? Several brain researches help us develop both our personal and professional lives in a better and healthy way possible.

How to use visualization to master a new skill?

If we are trying to train ourselves with a certain skill, imagining it can itself strengthen our neural networks that are connected to that action. With the help of neuroplasticity, the brain can continuously keep creating several new neural pathways. So when a skill is being repeated, the brain does not know whether the act is being performed or visualized. Now as you know this fact, you can take time to visualize more and more and be the best at what you are training yourself at.

Why to keep shut while you strive to achieve a goal?

Psychology tests have verified that if a person tells someone of his or her goal, then the goal becomes less likely to be achieved. The social talking mistakes your brain into a feeling that the aim has been accomplished already. This realization of the brain makes you feel satisfied and eliminates the amount of motivation and excitement that would have taken to make it work out. Therefore to keep the fire of your goal alive, keep the information just to yourself.

How can a smile improve your overall mood?

A study of facial feedback hypothesis shows that certain facial expressions such as a smile can uplift your bad mood too. The brain cannot differentiate between a fake and a genuine smile, so it will either way elicit the same happiness and positive emotion that your facial muscles will make. So start working out on your facial expression to hide or manipulate your actual emotions.

How does physiology of emotional pain work?

Our brain cannot understand the difference between physical and mental pain as it involves the same brain networks that gets triggered during any kind of pain. While physical pain is said to be just one time, mental pain can keep coming back. Hurting anybody is equal to breaking a bone in the body. So try to make everyone happy and spread compassion and happiness.

How can low stress level manage your thoughts?

Excessive amount of thoughts can increase your stress level. To keep your brain calm and free from fears, take a deep breath and stop imagining way too much. Control yourself by distracting yourself with several tricks and ways to say no to stress and relive the present moment.

Well, there cannot be any further discoveries that are greater than the human mind. The greatest force that can be ever known to mankind is the force of mind power. Anything and everything that you wish to achieve, an aim or an idea, everything is held within the mind.

Developing Your Psychic Mind


Your psychic mind is alive, well and much more active than you may realize. Your psychic mind exhibits telepathy when you sense someone looking at you, even when they are beyond the range of your five physical senses.

Your psychic mind is at work when you get a feeling about who might be calling you on the telephone.
Your psychic mind is also at work when you are aware what an individual is going to utter before they do it.

We have all experienced these phenomenon or variations of it. So you know what we are talking about. The question is where is your psychic mind and how do you control or enhance it?
Controlling and enhancing psychic powers. One of the things you should realize is that psychic powers are rarely controllable. When one has been on a streak at picking the right answer on a psychic test, it is difficult to repeat that success.

Why is that? I believe that it is just the nature of the beast. Psychic power is fluid and transitory. It is like trying to capture lighting in a bottle. However, developing your psychic mind is possible. Your mind is like a muscle. And like any muscle, it can be developed.

The first thing you need to do to develop your psychic mind is to be open to the possibility that it can happen. You need to believe that your psychic mind is something that can be developed.

It requires a looser form of control than other skills. I hate to say it, but it is like trying to master what they called The Force in Star Wars. You need to loosen up in order to direct them. It is a very counter intuitive thing. For instance, you have to master the art of relaxation before you can develop this power.

There are many avenues you can travel to to develop your psychic mind. You can use dreams, meditation, hypnosis and a variety of other techniques to capture this elusive skill.

A widely shared feeling is that the best path to your psychic power is through your subconscious mind.

By using techniques such as hypnosis, meditation, yoga, and even running, you can get into a trance-like state, where you are semi-conscious, and able to feel your way through the psychic world. By experiencing and appreciating and experimenting with a trance-like state, you can then direct your energy and desires, wherever you want them to go.

Sometimes hypnotists use this trance state to help one quit smoking. Or someone who is meditating can use their trance state to do problem solving. The key is to keep the balance between the conscious and unconscious states and direct the action to wherever you want it to go.

If you wish to communicate with spirits, channel someone or otherwise use and develop a psychic skill, do it while in a trance like state. Keep trying, and do not expect your psychic mind to always be on. Have patience with them, and practice a lot. Practicing a lot will enable you to call upon these developable skills