Telepathy, Science, and the Future

Telepathy, a broad area which focuses on sending and receiving information from one mind to another, is something that most people do not think possible in our world. Even those who believe in the existence of metaphysical or supernatural beings may not always consider telepathy as an actual ability and instead think of it as a superpower or something which only occurs in worlds of fiction.

One of the main reasons for that may be the fact that the scientific community has tested telepathy as well as its subjects for centuries without finding any discernible evidence that it exists. At the same time, many fictional tales have discussed telepathy at length as individuals who can read other people’s minds have been a subject of fascination since the dawn of time. As such, the majority of the world might have linked telepathic communication to popular culture and fiction, often placing it in the same category as flying or superhuman strength.

Even so, one has to remember that science is not always the answer to everything. In truth, many of the things we take for granted today were once items of fiction or, even worse, items of ridicule even amongst scientists. As humans, we only ever witness certain parts of the world as our physical and mental prowess is limited by our very biology. For example, think of all the colors you see around you. While we may think that the world is made up from whatever the human eye can see, the truth is far more complex than that.

It is biologically impossible for the naked human eye to view X-Rays or infrared, for instance. If we consider the fact that our world may not be what it seems, that Earth itself is but a tiny part of the universe, and that our progress is only just starting, telepathy may well be a skill that humanity as a whole can develop in the future.

Alternatively, it might be a skill that humanity can actually create from scratch. Though it is now the work of science fiction, brain implants could be commonplace in future times. Then, humans might be able to communicate with one another using nothing but their thoughts and that could easily be considered as the first tangible form of telepathy known to mankind.

The implications and consequences of such a thing are tremendous though even the concept of telepathy through technology is too far away to worry about it right now.
Though not everyone is the same, it is true that we tend to have negative reactions to things we do not understand. Of course, it is quite scary to think that many aspects of the world that we perceive as real may actually be illusions.

However, nothing is set in stone and anything that we consider fundamental to the human experience can shift as the world around us changes. If, at some point, humanity advances and evolves beyond the current bounds of logic and reason, telepathy could be at the forefront as a newly found skill. After all, who knows what the future holds?