Can Past Lives Heal Your Present Relationships?


Have you ever wondered why you may be experiencing conflict in your relationships, or why a situation plays itself out over and over in your life, without any resolution in sight? Or even, why you have certain behaviours you know you would prefer not to have, but cannot seem to stop them? Welcome to past lives!

Though some people do not believe in past lives, or are too frightened to “go there”, others have had experiences that confirm them to be very real. Past lives are not for the faint-hearted and a level of emotional and mental maturity is required in order to cope with what one may find.It calls for maturity and people who do not give up. It also requires persistence and working towards achieving that one goal that is hard to achieve. It is mandatory to be serious.

A friend of mine felt silenced by her husband. Each time she tried to voice her own opinion on a certain topic, he would walk out or refuse to listen to her. She would feel hatred and rage towards him and she kept feeling devalued. The same scenario kept being played out for several months with the same result.

One day, instead of carrying the rage and hatred around with her all day and trying to distract herself, she became curious as to why this pattern kept repeating itself and decided to sit with her feelings.

She allowed herself to expand the rage and hatred she was feeling and sincerely asked to be shown the real reason she was going through this experience in order to heal this issue.

She started seeing an image of herself in a closed coffin, being buried alive, and she then became aware that outside and a little further away, stood her husband in this lifetime, and he had been the one who had ordered her to be silenced by being buried alive!

Finally, she understood why she reacted with rage and hatred toward him every time he tried to silence her.

Her body was reliving this past life memory and now she had gotten to the bottom of it. Her lesson, that she had not learnt that lifetime, which is why this issue was playing out in her present life, was that she had not forgiven him and now it was time to do so.

A little more work was left to do before she could forgive him and as she asked to be shown why he had had her buried alive, she saw that he had his orders to do so and was just following through, because he knew no better.

Realising why he had acted as he did allowed her to forgive him and clear this issue between them, even without him realising it. He had actually helped her grow personally and spiritually through this by being the catalyst for her own healing.

Past lives can be very beneficial in relationships as a way to help each other heal and grow together. By reflecting back at what has happened and applying the same to move on.