Our Many Different Lives


The thought that the soul moves in a circle just as the planets orbit the sun is a way of life to some. There is the water cycle, the rock cycle and the way that day turns to night and then back to day in a never ending dance. The seasons change from Winter to Spring to Fall and then back to Winter, always coming back around. Reincarnation is the belief that when you die your soul does not transcend into Heaven or any other dimension, instead your soul is reborn through the death of your current vessel and into birth of your new vessel. Your soul is on this cyclical existence. Your body is viewed as a vessel or vehicle that carries your soul as a cosmic passenger. Although you can break this cycle it is not done easily, only after you have reached what is known as enlightenment may you break the chains of reincarnation. To reach enlightenment you must become completely centered and live a life full of love in every way, giving all you have while only taking what you need.

Known history shows the belief of reincarnation beginning around 500 B.C.E. in India and originating from the religion or belief system, Hinduism. Although reincarnation has been around before 500 B.C.E. there is no known documentation to prove this.Hinduism believes that the way in which you live your current life and the deeds you do has a direct correlation to the type of life you will have in your next life. If you are a good person and go out of your way to help people, then you will be rewarded and the other is true if you are a bad person and go out of your way to hurt people. Karma is the belief that what you do has a profound effect, not only on the individual or being that you are effecting but on you as well. The idea of Karma is tied into the belief of being reborn. When you perform good deeds then you are blessed with good Karma but when you do deeds of evil the you receive bad Karma.Karma is a derivative of the Sanskrit word “sri” meaning “action”. Some believe in Fate and others believe in Karma and the difference is quite large. With Fate you are saying that is has already been decided whereas with Karma you have the ability to influence the outcome of your life.

Throughout Eastern societies, reincarnation is accepted much more than any other region. The belief that the soul either transcends to heaven or is thrown into hell is more a Western ideology. The idea that your behavior in this life effects your next is a constant with Hinduism, Buddhism Christianity, Muslims, and Jews. The common theme is that your behavior is the key to what door is opened now each religion or belief system has its own idea on what is good and bad behavior. No matter where you go people are going to have different opinions but one thing remains the same, everything boils down to good vs. evil. Which side do you have you chosen to be on?