Cosmic Ordering Possibilities


Ask, Believe, Receive; these are the basic principles of Cosmic Ordering. If you have never heard of Cosmic Ordering, you have probably come across the Law of Attraction. While somewhat similar, these two concepts differ in some sense.

If you have not only heard of Cosmic ordering but you have been putting the idea into practice and are failing miserably to achieve the results you so desire, you are not alone. There are a lot of people around the world for whom Cosmic Ordering has failed to deliver on the promises made by those persons that are constantly promoting the practice.

You might be surprised to learn how simple and straightforward Cosmic Ordering is; and the chances are quite high that, while you haven’t yet begun to receive the desires of your heart, it doesn’t take nearly as much work as you might presume to remedy your erroneous approach to cosmic ordering.

Most people that fail to make effective use of cosmic ordering often slip up in the smallest of places, failing in areas they probably haven’t given much thought to but which are crucial to their success, some considerations, and factors you must keep in mind in order to make effective use of cosmic ordering including the following:

-You need to know that you deserve the things you desire. If you are not making any headway with cosmic ordering, it might be because you are harboring dangerous ideas about how you do not deserve any of the things you wish for. You cannot afford to send confusing messages to the universe. Maintain the right mindset.

-Try to focus on the positive. Cosmic ordering, when used right, should help you get what you want. As such, ask for what you want rather than dwelling on what you do not want to happen.

-Do not get caught up in the details. While you are encouraged to ask for what you want, give the Universe an opportunity to fill in the details. For instance, while you can ask for money to make the purchases you want, realize that there are many ways through which a desire such as this can be achieved, ways you haven’t even thought about.

Do not worry too much about the details.

-Do not nurture doubt. Doubt is the enemy of cosmic ordering. It will debilitate all your hard work, and if it doesn’t prevent you from getting the things you want, it might slow down the process. If you do not want to wait for so long before receiving that which you desire, find a way of removing the doubt from your heart.

-DO not use cosmic ordering in a way that interferes with the free will of others. You are wasting your time. Orders that relate to other people are unlikely to deliver results. So, do not bother asking for specific people to fall in love with you.

Try to remember; cosmic ordering cannot substitute action. If you want something, take the necessary steps to try and acquire it. Do not simply sit back and relax, presuming that everything will fall into your lap just because you put out an order. Get off your backside and take action.